Who Makes Northwoods Bikes?

I have a soft spot for Northwoods Bikes for its unyielding stability in production. The purposeful integrity with which the bikes are made makes it one of the favorite brands to look forward to.

Plus, the products are budget-friendly and offer versatile ranges to pick from. However, most people are unaware of who makes Northwoods bikes. It makes them hesitant about investing their pocket money in something completely unknown.

This is why I have decided to put your mind at peace by sharing a few details about the brand. Let us hope it changes your mind and encourages you to take the leap.

Lew – the Founder of Northwoods Bikes

Edward Lewis Boxall, aka Lew, bought a plot in Pinner Road in 1924 and built the shop with his father and brother’s assistance. He was the first generation founder of the Northwood Cycle Depot.

While it is the official name all over the country, the locals called it the Boxalls. It is still known as such for being the oldest bike store that stands on the same plot.

Lew initiated the shop sales by selling paraffin, motorbikes, and bicycles. The shop began to flex its retailing products as customers poured in for other items like Car accessories, toys, and mopeds.

Nevertheless, the only consistent item, like the northern star, that never went out of sight was the bicycles/bikes.

To this day, bikes of various models and years still stand proudly in the showroom.

Other Team Members Over the Years

David is Boxall’s second-generation member who managed the store and continued the business with a sheer sense of positivity. He began the classic collection of bikes that started as a hobby.

While he has partially retired himself from Northwoods Bikes Depot (often seen running the back office), Andy and Tom made sure the vintage bike lines remain an integral part of the store identity.

Andy is the third generation Boxall known for his knowledgeable mind regarding cycle trade. He commenced looking after the shop in 1979.

Meanwhile, Tom, the youngest and fourth generation Boxall member, started working at Northwoods Bikes due to his passion for bicycling (among other adventurous activities).

The company also welcomed two other members with similar appetites for bicycling, hiking, etc. Sam joined the team in 2014, whereas Ernest is still the newest member.

Are fs Elite Bikes and Northwoods Bikes made by the same company?

The connection between fs Elite Bikes and Northwoods Bikes remains unknown. While fs elite bikes: manufacturers unveiled do exist, it is unclear if they are associated with Northwoods Bikes. Further research is required to determine if these two brands share a common parent company.

Northwoods Bikes Lineup

The types of bikes it sells offer a vast range. You can categorize them as gender-base, age-base, or riding purpose.

Below is a rough list of bike types in Northwoods containing various series.

  1. Electric Bikes

Just because the brand is old does not mean the selling targets are not current with trends. But the only problem is that some of these bike series models have higher price tags.

  • Hybrid
  • Full Suspension
  • Hardtail
  • 29″ Wheel
  • 27″ Wheel
  1. Mountain Bikes

This oldest bike lineup delivers high-end mountain bikes to take out on rough terrains. Here is the list of the series.

  • 2021 ORBEA
  • 2021 Merida
  • 29″ Wheel
  • 27″ Wheel
  • E-Bikes
  • Full suspension
  • Hardtail
  1. Road Bikes

Being an urban commuter who dislikes four-wheeled vehicles, on-road bikes are essential to life. If you are like me, check out these options.

  • Scultura
  • Gravel
  1. Hybrid Bikes

Maybe you are a bit of both – adventurous and a commuter. A hybrid bike is a must-have to fulfill your daily undertakings.

  • E-Bikes
  • City Bikes
  • Gravel
  • Speeder
  • Cross-Over Hybrids
  1. Children’s Bikes

If it is time for your kid to learn how to ride a bike, you must invest in the best right?

  • 24″ Wheel (Age 7-9)
  • 20″ Wheel (Age 5-7)
  • 12″ to 18″ (age 2-5)
  • Balance Bikes
  • Frog Bikes
  1. Old/Used Collection

Of course, you can opt for the classic look by checking out the collection dating back to 1924. If you are more into used bicycles, for the time being, Northwoods Bikes also has that option open for you!


As you can see, the fourth-generation family-run business is still right where Lew first established it. Many similar brands often cease over time or go out of sight after facing difficulties in the business.

But this one is different. The Boxall family worked hard together to blend classic and modernity to feed today’s demands a client puts.

Since you now know who makes Northwoods bikes, it is a relief of some sort as the brand rarely disappoints its customers

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