What to Do with Old Bike Chain

Let me guess, the old chain you unmounted from the bike is still dangling on your garage wall. It must have been bugging you for a while now.

Mine was stuffed in a storage drawer for months, and I could not get it out of my mind. So, what to do with old bike chain links that will not disappoint us in the future?

How about I suggest some crafty tricks that will make you wonder – I did not know I could do that with an old bike chain!

Yes, there are many nifty craft ideas for you to choose from. Let’s dive into them right away.

10 Ways to Reuse Old Bike Chain

Do you believe it is much of a fuss to create something out of recycled old bike chains (if you own more than one)? Just take a peek at these options and see each tip’s elementary level!

1. Coasters

A rugged coaster on a coffee table that speaks your articulate mind – ever thought of that? It is a simple and perfect way to make use of a single old bike chain.

2. Cuff Links

Do you have a dinner party at a bicycle club? Who says bike chain cuff links are not a terrific way to make an entrance? 

3. Photo Frame

If you want to stick to the easy tricks, making a photo frame of your desired shape is always the best option. You can use it to frame your bike riding moment – two birds with a stone!

4. Bottle Opener

Even I never came up with such a clever idea. The grunge look of the bottle opener gets more impressive as you snap open the cap.

5. Bracelets

A little heavy to wear, but the overall look after degreasing the chain and creating a lovely pattern will make that chain bracelet a unique collection. Consider it as your lucky charm when riding.

6. Display/Fruit Bowl

You will need more than one old chain here. Still, once you craft this bowl, it will guarantee a tough and athletic appearance in your living room.

7. Candle Holders

Perhaps sticking to the easy experiments is a good idea if you do not want to waste chain links on the first try. But the candle holder made from an old bike chain is clever!

8. Jewelry Box

It is another mid-level difficulty craft that you can gift your loved one. The idea is to let the person in on your interests while presenting a useful box at the same time. You might need a couple of gear clogs for the base and lid.

9. A Star

Hanging a star as a Christmas ornament is a simple gesture, but it is about how devoted you are to make it look remarkable.

10. Belt Buckle

Are you a motorcycle or a bicycle fan? A belt buckle with an old bike chain will show the world how cool you are at crafting and wearing it!  

Moreover, if the heart seeks intricate sculptured artworks, gather more bike chains and set to work.

Various artists have recycled the item and transformed them into wonderful objects, for instance, miniature Harley Davison bike wheels, heavily armored chandeliers, rocking chairs, mini table lamps, coat hooks, mini scorpions, etc.

White lithium grease is a popular choice for use on bike chains because it is able to penetrate into the chain links and provide a superior lubrication. It is also able to maintain the chain links in good condition by reducing wear and corrosion.

Can You Weld a Bike Chain?

Welding a bike chain is a relatively easy task if you have the right tools and knowledge. It requires a few simple steps; first, you need to place the chain in a vise and cut off any excess links with an angle grinder.

Once the chain is cut to size, you need to clean it thoroughly and make sure it is free of dirt and debris. Then, you need to use a MIG welder to weld the links together. It is important to ensure that the joint is strong and the weld is even.

Finally, you need to use a file or grind the chain to smooth out any rough edges; this will ensure that the chain is durable and won’t be prone to breakage. With the right tools and knowledge, welding a bike chain is something anyone can do.

While welding a bike chain, it is important to make sure that the metal is clean and free of dirt or debris; otherwise, the chain could break easily. It is also important to ensure that the weld is even and strong, and that the joint is smooth.

Additionally, it is important to file or grind the chain after welding to make sure it is durable and will last for a long time.

Tools You Might Need to Create Most Projects

Of course, tools are necessary to make the project flawless. You will not need much here, though.

  • Rubber gloves (to handle greasy chains and solvents)
  • Chain breaker (a tool that separates chain links)
  • Super glue (you will need it a lot!)
  • Pliers or hammers (so that you can reassemble chains)
  • Paint (optional, or you can always aim for the raw look)

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Final Words

The next time you wonder what to do with old bike chain, open this article and go wild!

Just remember that the chain links will be greasy and dirty. Soak them in a solvent for some time to degrease the links. The cleaner the bike chain is, the better the raw finish will be. Wear gloves when doing this procedure.

Plus, if you have other ideas, feel free to put them into fantastic showpieces and post pictures!

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