Troy Lee A1 vs. A2 – What’s the Difference?

Wearing a helmet when you are cycling is always recommended. Without that, you will put yourself in a risk of having some serious injury if any accidents do happen.

Troy Lee A1 vs. A2

And when you are riding in the busy traffic roads in the city, the possibilities of an accident occurring do stay extremely high.

With that being said, one of the helmet manufacturers that is a go-to option for many bikers is Troy Lee.

And most of the bikers do get bewildered in between the A1 and A2. While being in that predicament, they put Troy Lee A1 vs. A2.

Are you finding yourself in the same situation? Well, you will not have to worry about that anymore because we are going to provide you in-depth details about both of them.

Troy Lee A1 vs. A2 – Comparison 2021

Troy Lee A1

Troy Lee A1

While some of the helmets that are in the market will be able to offer you adequate protection, wearing them for a prolonged time can be a bit unformattable. Well, Troy fixed that with the A1.

To begin with, it comes with eight pressurized intakes on the front. These intakes will let the cool air pass through the helmet, which will ensure that the inside does not get uncomfortably hot.

Apart from that, there are eight vacuum vortex outlets. They are located at the rear of the helmet.

These outlets will ensure that the cool air that the intakes are letting in gets dispersed to the internals efficiently. That means it will draw the heat out of the head area.

The manufacturer did not take the comfort factor lightly. Apart from all the vents, they also included an ultra-plus, single-piece liner.

The liner is of anti-microbial wicking material. It will suck up all the moisture from the inside and keep your head dry. You will be able to remove it and wash it when it gets too dirty.

Other than just keeping your head cool, it did not skimp one bit in the overall protection.

It comes with a shell that is in-mold polycarbonate. The shell is accompanied by impact foam that is of EPS.

These will be able to ensure that you do not get seriously injured if any accidents do happen on the road.

Lastly, the race-inspired design that it features — makes it look sleek and modern.


  • Features eight intakes on the front for cool air
  • Eight rear vents for pushing warm air out
  • Comes with a moisture-wicking liner
  • Liner is removable and washable
  • Has a durable polycarbonate shell


  • Some helmets ships with messed up velcro pads
  • Liner loses its moisture-wicking efficiency over time

Troy Lee A2

Troy Lee A2

Even though keeping the insides dry and cool is what most of the helmets will be able to do, but ensuring a perfect fit is what most of them lack. Well, in that case, the A2 from Troy is something that you should look into.

Unlike some of the helmets that are out in the market, this one comes with adjustable straps.

These semi-adjustable straps will allow you to get the perfect fit on your head.

You will not have to worry about the helmet falling out of your head while you are riding your bike.

Apart from that, the low-profile and lightweight design will also play its part in the overall fit.

The helmet did not skimp one bit in the overall protection too. It comes with an additional 16 percent more of the EPS + EPP on the front area. These will be able to cover the most common impact zone of your head.

Besides that, the unit comes with an innovative visor. This break-away visor will screw into the helmet.

With that on, you will reduce the overall possibilities of the helmet snagging away if any accidents do occur.

Apart from that, the cooling factor is not skimped for this model too. The airflow vents that it comes with a relatively wider than most of the helmets.

It also comes with an X-static liner on the inside that will keep your head dry and will lower the odor.

Lastly, there are twelve different colors that you will be able to choose from.


  • Features an innovative visor
  • 16 percent more EPP + EPS on the front area
  • Has wider airflow vents
  • Comes with semi-adjustable straps
  • Integrates an efficient X-static liner


  • Ratchet sizing knob is a bit finicky
  • Comfort level is not that praiseworthy

Troy Lee A1 or Troy Lee A2?

Troy Lee A1 or Troy Lee A2

Even though both the A1 and the A2 are from the same manufacturer, there are some notable differences between them. They are:


In the case of overall comfort, A1 is far ahead of the A2. It comes with EPS impact foam on the inside.

This foam will make it extremely comfortable to wear the helmet for a prolonged time.

Aside from that, the foam is accompanied by an ultra-plush liner that will increase the overall comfort even further.

You will be able to go for long riding sessions wearing this helmet and will not have to worry about the comfort that much.


Even though the comfort that the A1 is offering is better than A2, the area where it lags a bit behind is the overall fit.

The A1 comes with Velcro straps that are not that adjustable. You will have to make do with what you can with the straps.

On the other hand, the A2 comes with semi-adjustable straps. These straps will make sure that you have a secure fit of the helmet.

You will not have to worry about them coming loose when you are treading through bumpy roads.

Cooling Efficiency

Both the helmets come with an adequate amount of cooling vents that will be able to keep your head dry and the area cool when you are riding.

However, the efficiency of the vents of the A2 is better than the A1.
The A2 comes with larger vents for the cooling mechanism.

These vents will allow 25 percent more airflow to pass through, which will make sure that the inside is dry and cool.


Even though both the helmets feature modern, sleek outlooks, the color option of the A1 is extremely limited.

You will not have that much of color option for that. In comparison, the A2 comes in twelve different colors.

You will be able to get the one that matches the most with your bike and the outfit that you plan to wear during the riding session.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it illegal to ride a bike without wearing a helmet?

In some of the states, it might be illegal to ride a bicycle without wearing any helmet.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eThe riders can also get fined for riding a bike on public roads without wearing a helmet.

Do cycle helmets really work?

If we are talking about providing adequate protection to the rider, they do really work.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eThey will lower the possibilities of getting serious injuries in case of any accidents do occur.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eHowever, you will not be able to get that sort of protection. The ones that come with sturdy construction and has an adequate amount of foaming inside will only be able to provide that protection.

What is the largest bike helmet available in the market?

There are differently-sized helmets in the market. Usually, the ones that are for riders that are under 18 will be relatively smaller.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eApart from that, the largest one that is in the market will be somewhere around 26 inches, which is 66 centimeters.

Are road bike helmets different from mountain bike helmets?

There is a little bit of difference between a road bike helmet and a mountain bike helmet.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eMountain bike helmets will usually come with a visor on the front, which is there to protect the rider from the dirt and debris that usually floats around in the air in mountain trails.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eHowever, you will be able to use a mountain bike helmet for general road bike riding.

Can I use a bike helmet for motorcycle riding?

No, you will not be able to use a bike helmet for motorcycle riding.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eMotor cycle demands helmets that are sturdier and thicker.


We would like to conclude our take on the topic Troy Lee A1 vs. A2 by wishing you good luck and hoping that we were successfully able to take you out of the dilemma that you once were in.

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