Trail Vs. All-Mountain Bike – Which One Should I Go For?

You can spend your leisure time having fun while being active by riding a bike.

People would always find this activity as one of those happy memories which is why they make it a big deal to choose the right bike for them.

Trail Vs. All-Mountain Bike

However, choosing which is which could get a little tiring especially when there is a wide variety of bike types and brands in the market today.

Trail bikes vs. all-mountain bikes vary in terms of designs and purposes. It would depend on how you mean to use them.

If you are still confused about how different they are from each other, then you’ve come to the right place.

We will discuss each bike type and will compare and contrast them at the end. We will also provide some recommended bike models that you could buy.

Trail Vs. All-Mountain – Comparison in 2023

If you are still scratching your head for being indecisive on what type of bike will you get, we will compare the two to help you arrive at a sound decision.

As I have said, these two bikes are very much alike but have minimal yet significant differences.


Trail bikes are built with heavy-duty suspension for it to handle jumps. Usually ranging from 120mm-160mm of the travel both in front and rear.

But then all-mountain bikes have a little more suspension travel than that of the trail bikes. It would range from 140mm up to 180mm.


The wheels of the two types of bikes are usually of the same size. Typically, they would come with a 27.5-inch or 29-inch wheels.

However, the tires have a little difference. For the trail bikes, the tires are a combination of rolling efficiency, traction, and durability.

On the other hand, all-mountain bike tires possess aggressive knobs for traction and cornering.

Because this bike is used for gravity-assisted rides. In most cases, this bike type has slightly wider tires than a trail bike.


The geometry of trail bikes comes in a variety of angles to fit different kinds of riding styles.

But it is common for a trail bike to have a neutralized head of 66-degree or 68-degree angle.

An all-mountain bike is angled specifically for steep climbs. The geometry would also allow comfortable descending from a climb with its head angle ranging from 65 degrees up to 67 degrees.

Trail Bike

Recommended Trail Bikes to Buy

Commonly, the trail bikes are used for a little more adventurous biking activities.

It can handle bumps, forest paths, rocks, rough roads, or anything away from the smooth city roads.

It will enable riders to speed uphill and will pump their adrenaline downhill.

This is the most versatile type of bike that could play a variety of positions depending on its travel.

Trail bikes are designed to handle almost everything though some are designed for specific purposes.

A trail bike’s rear suspension is ranging from 120mm to 160mm travel. They are designed to beat rocky and technical terrain at excellent speeds. This is perfect for people who are directed towards rough stuff.

Recommended Trail Bikes to Buy

Now that you have already read about trail bikes, do you think this mountain bike fits your style and ability?

If so, then here are some of the best trail bikes that you could go for.

Huffy Hardtail Mountain Trail Bike

If you are looking forward to a speedy and smooth ride, then I suggest that you go for this hardtail mountain trail bike.

It is built by Huffy Bicycle Company to deliver not just performance but also the combination of fun and style as you go.

Since 1892, Huffy has been introducing fresh ideas and styles in the biking industry.

Some of their innovations include radio bikes, convertible bikes with training wheels for kids, comfortable frames, and many more. Now, they have introduced this trail bike with a lot of excellent features.

Specifically, it is equipped with a hardtail frame made out of aluminum. As we all know, aluminum is much lighter compared to steel.

Thus, using this as a material of the frame makes this bike ultra-lightweight. Aside from that, it also guarantees you of its quality, so there’s nothing more that you should ask for in a bike.

Despite the road conditions, you will experience a smooth ride with 21 different speeds since this bike is equipped with an all-Shimano drivetrain.

No hassle on shifting into another speed, you could do it precisely with just a click of your thumb or index finger.

The responsiveness of the bike is enhanced through its front suspension fork. In whatever terrain, you are sure to enjoy the ride.

Why so? It is also equipped with knobby tires that could grip gravel and dirt paths easily. More so, even in wet conditions, you could ace off-road.

Given that the wheel rims and the linear-pull brakes are made by machined alloy, you’re sure that they work together to deliver a smooth and powerful pullover.

To provide more strength, they placed a forged crown in the front-load stem.

Aside from that, they stitched and padded the ATB saddle for a more comfortable and softer seat.

To further increase riding comfort, Huffy angled the handlebar into a slight-rise position.

It allows upright riding so you can avoid straining your shoulders and back. More so, they equipped this trail bike with Kraton grips and ATB-type pedals.

With all of these features, there’s no doubt why it is included in our list as one of the best.


  • Ideal for young cyclists aging 12 to 19 years old
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • The front suspension is responsive in any terrain
  • Has comfortable pedals, saddle, and grips


  • Some components are not durable

Mongoose Men’s Bike for a Path, Trail & Mountains

Are you planning for fun adventures while strengthening your muscles? Then, you need a bike to accompany you, and here is a multi-purpose bike manufactured by Mongoose.

With this, you are sure to conquer the trail, path, mountain, or hills in speed.

This men’s bike features 21 speeds which can deliver precise and smooth shifting through its Shimano rear derailleur and twist shifters.

With the use of your thumb and finger, you can easily and quickly accelerate into different speeds.

It has a full-suspension aluminum frame making it lightweight. The bike is also built with a front suspension fork that can withstand all types of road conditions.

Moreover, it has durable alloy rims and three pieces of cranks, thereby allowing you to speed over the hills or mountains.

The Mongoose bike also features liner brakes in front and back wheels. With this, you can stop safely and easily.

Assembling it is also simple, although it may take some time. You have to check and ensure the alignment of the brake pads. After this, you’ll be safe to go.

With these qualities, having this product is definitely worth investing in!


  • It is a multi-use bike
  • Has 21-speed twist shifter
  • Can be assembled easily and quickly
  • Available at a low price
  • Comes with a responsive suspension


  • Handlebars and seat are uncomfortable on long rides
  • More time are needed to align the brake pads during assembly

Mongoose Switchback Adult Mountain Bike

Introducing a highly durable and lightweight mountain bike which is also built by Mongoose – a brand that you can surely trust.

It has a lot of excellent features that attract more buyers. Let’s find out why!
This mountain bike for adults features a tectonic T1 frame made of aluminum making it lightweight and durable.

Well, it is much lighter compared to other bikes that are made of steel. So, you can speed up to the hills and wander off the other side.

Even if you plan on going for a long ride, it is certain to keep you comfortable with its MTB saddle.

The front part comes with a suspension thereby allowing a smooth and responsive performance off-road.

With its 27.5 inches tires, it can surely provide a more stable and smoother ride as you go.

More so, it is designed to have the quick-release ability. This makes it convenient for you should the tires get flat in the middle of the road, which is admittedly inevitable.

Furthermore, you can expect a clean and neat look since internal cabling routes are used therein.

It is also designed that way to provide cables with added protection. Also, in whatever riding conditions, you can rely on the ultimate stopping power of the disc brakes.

Considering these specifications, this trail bike is a must-have!


  • Comfortable on longer rides
  • Internal cabling is used
  • A durable and lightweight frame
  • Has responsive front suspension
  • The bike looks good and stylish


  • Does not come with a kickstand
  • Additional costs will be incurred for upgrades

All-Mountain Bike

Recommended All-Mountain Bikes to Buy

The all-mountain bike has a lot of similarities to trail bike, however, they too have significant differences.

Typically, it has more suspension travel making it great for more complicated and steeper trails.

This is recommended to anyone who plans to go to technical types of the trail because this bike could go through hard obstacles.

Moreover, they have wide tires that are intentionally designed for extra grip. It is also common for all-mountain bikes to have heavier and stronger frames.

Usually, bikers would climb the mountain but would head straight home after. Once they are done, it would be harder to pedal up again on another mountain.

When people are quite unsure about which type of mountain bike they should get, they usually resort to buying an all-mountain bike.

If you can’t still decide what type of bike you need or want, this is probably the best option for you.

Recommended All-Mountain Bikes to Buy

A lot of brands stand out in providing quality bikes. Here are some all-mountain bikes that you should get.

We will individually discuss their features below to help you with your purchase.

Schwinn High Timber Youth and Adult Bike

This bike from Schwinn makes sure that it can deliver both performance and quality.

Well, it is a combination of speed, style, and durability, making this product great for mountain biking.

Wherever you plan to go, may it be on terrains or pavements, it can certainly accompany you.

For sure, it can satisfy you by giving the exact experience that you are looking for. Then, it can give you thrill and excitement as you pedal on.

The mountain-style frame is made of steel and aluminum. This is not as light as the other bikes mentioned but you can still lift it without too much effort.

Aside from that, the frame is designed that way for durability together with its suspension fork. With this bike, you can get a responsive performance in any kind of terrain.

Moreover, this all-mountain bike features Shimano twist shifters. So, you are allowed to accelerate into 21 different speeds.

The rear derailleur, which is also from Shimano, enables precision in changing gears and smooth shifting on the trail. And this can be performed not just on a flat surface but also on inclined ones.

The stopping power is precise and smooth as well as it also features linear-pull brakes made of alloy. Both the front and rear brakes are controllable for easier on and off.

Since this all-mountain bike has lightweight and durable wheels, your riding experience will surely be remarkable. The rims are made of alloy and its tires are suitable for all terrains.

It also has a steady gearing because Schwinn intentionally built the cranks to be durable.

These cranks also require less maintenance so not much cost will be incurred having this at hand.


  • Provides responsive experience
  • Equipped with a 7-speed Shimano shifters
  • Precise stopping power
  • Durable frame and cranks
  • Affordable mountain bike


  • The seat could get uncomfortable on long rides

Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Men’s Mountain Bike

You could climb hills with ease if you are riding this fat tire mountain bike. Mongoose specially designed this for riders who are seeking for thrilling riding experience.

For sure, you can get comfort, speed, and smooth performance – all in one, with this pedal-driven vehicle.

It has a high-tensile steel frame and knobby tires which sets it apart from other bikes in this guide.

The fat and plump tires have a thickness of up to 4 inches. It provides a cushiony ride making it great to all terrains providing ease as you go. You can certainly conquer any trail with a Mongoose Dolomite.

Most people think that the bike is heavy because it has supersized tires. However, that is not the case with Dolomite.

Well, it has lightweight rims made of an alloy that is keeping the weight down. More so, this material adds up to its performance and speed.

Since it has a seven-speed Shimano rear derailleur, using that can allow you to face any hill.

You can also change gears smoothly and easily with its twist shifters. A simple click using your finger will let you speed up the hill.

On the other side, you could control your speed with its rear and front brakes.

The bike also comes with a comfortable pair of beach cruiser pedals, handlebar, and seat that are needed to be attached.

After the assembly, you could start the fun in dirt, mud, snow, or wherever you want to be.


  • The fat tires could conquer all terrains
  • Has a durable steel frame
  • Shimano allows smooth gear shifting
  • Perfect for cycling and other outdoor lifestyle routines
  • You could get this at an affordable price


  • It comes with a plastic chain guard
  • Heavier compared to other bikes

Schwinn Traxion Mountain Bike, Full Dual Suspension

Schwinn, the most trusted bicycle brand of America, built Traxion with a dedication to providing riders with quality and innovative bikes.

With its dual suspension feature and knobby tires, you can surely beat all those trails.

This mountain bike can help you ace up the hills or on difficult trails. It has a dual suspension feature that can provide you a one of a kind riding experience.

The aluminum frame and the powerful fork is durable enough to withstand thumps and bumps.

In whatever condition, the bike can keep up with your eagerness to move further. You can shift into 24 speeds through its Shimano EZ fire.

The trigger shifters, together with its rear and front derailleurs, make the gear shifting smooth and easy.

For a safer and quicker stop, mechanical disc brakes are installed in both front and rear wheels.

The alloy rims are made to be extra wide and assembled to have double walls to ensure its durability.

It also comes with 2.25-inch knobby tires that are specially designed for bumpy rides.

Moreover, Schwinn used durable alloy for the cranks to ensure steadiness of the gears. Also, these cranks require only less maintenance, which means lesser cost.

Given all of these features, having this all-mounting bike is certainly a good idea!


  • Quality is guaranteed
  • Comes with durable cranks and frame
  • Equipped with reliable mechanical disc brakes
  • Shimano allows smooth gear shifting
  • Can be used at 24 speeds


  • Some parts are not durable


In the end, what matters most is your personal trail option and riding style. Before swiping your card, you have to make sure that you know what kind of riding experience you are looking for. This way, you could certainly get a bike that fits your needs and wants.

Hopefully, you have singled out the unique features and specs of the trail and all-mountain bikes. We wish you luck in your adventures!

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