Top-Rated EDH Planeswalkers to Dominate the Battlefield

Edh Planeswalker: Finding the Right Ally for Your Deck

Within the intricate workings of Commander EDH, finding the ideal planeswalker is akin to unearthing a hidden treasure. However, amidst the abundance of options, discerning the truly exceptional from the merely adequate can be daunting. Many planeswalkers suffer from narrow utility, lack of versatility, or suffer from crippling mana costs. These limitations can hamstring your deck’s potential, leaving you vulnerable to defeat. Fortunately, there exists a solution. By meticulously analyzing stats, scrutinizing abilities, and considering gameplay experience, we have identified the ultimate planeswalker for EDH. Get ready to witness your deck’s prowess soar to unprecedented heights.

Spindown d10 Dice (8 Pack) – Perfect for Magic: The Gathering and Beyond!


Elevate your Magic: The Gathering experience with the Spindown d10 Dice (8 Pack)! These versatile dice are ideal for tracking life, energy, delirium, planeswalker loyalty, and much more in EDH/Commander and beyond. With their unique design and convenient spin-down mechanism, you can easily keep track of your vital stats without interrupting the flow of the game.

Key Features

  • Spin-down mechanism: Conveniently track numbers by simply spinning the dice to the desired number.
  • Durable polyhedral design: Built to withstand repeated handling and gaming sessions.
  • Clear and legible numbers: Easy-to-read numbers ensure you can quickly track your progress.
  • Multipurpose design: Perfect for various tabletop games and RPGs.


  • Saves space on the table compared to traditional counters.
  • More visually engaging than using tokens or counters.
  • Adds a unique and fun element to gameplay.


  • May require some practice to get the hang of the spin-down mechanism.
  • Not suitable for very small numbers.


1. What are the numbers on the dice?

The dice feature numbers from 0 to 10.

2. Are the dice compatible with other games?

The Spindown d10 Dice are perfect for various tabletop games and RPGs.

3. How do I use the spin-down mechanism?

Simply spin the dice to the desired number and stop it on the desired number.


  • Material: Polyhedral Resin
  • Size: Approximately 18mm
  • Number of Dice: 8
  • Number Range: 0-10

Order your set of Spindown d10 Dice today and enhance your Magic: The Gathering gameplay experience!

Magic The Gathering: Dominaria Planeswalker Deck – Teferi, Timebender


Prepare to unravel the secrets of time itself with the Magic The Gathering: Dominaria Planeswalker Deck – Teferi, Timebender! This preconstructed 60-card deck features the cunning Temporal Archmage Teferi, alongside a collection of powerful spells and creatures designed to dominate the battlefield. With two Dominaria Booster Packs included, you’ll have even more opportunities to expand your deck and unleash Teferi’s temporal might.

Key Features

  • Preconstructed Deck: Ready to play right out of the box with no assembly required.
  • Powerful Planeswalker: Teferi, Timebender’s time manipulation abilities will bend your opponents’ realities.
  • Balanced Deck: Optimized for competitive play with a variety of spells and creature types.
  • Dominaria Booster Packs: Discover new cards and enhance your deck’s potential.


  • Convenient and easy to jump into gameplay.
  • Ideal for beginners and seasoned players alike.
  • Offers a unique and competitive Planeswalker experience.


  • Contains some common cards that may not be desirable for competitive play.
  • May not be suitable for players who prefer more aggressive decks.


1. What is the power level of the deck?

The Teferi, Timebender Planeswalker Deck is designed for competitive play, with a power level suitable for casual and intermediate players.

2. What are the Dominaria Booster Packs like?

The included packs contain a mix of common, uncommon, and rare cards from the Dominaria expansion set.

3. What are the main strategies of the deck?

The Teferi, Timebender Deck focuses on controlling the board with Teferi’s abilities, using time manipulation to create advantageous situations and dominate your opponents.


  • Number of cards: 60
  • Deck theme: Time manipulation
  • Planeswalker: Teferi, Timebender
  • Booster packs: 2 Dominaria Booster Packs

Additional Notes:

  • For optimal gameplay experience, it’s recommended to use the deck with the Dominaria expansion set.
  • This product is officially licensed by Wizards of the Coast.

Core Set 2019 Planeswalker Deck: Tezzeret


Step into the shoes of the cunning Planeswalker Tezzeret and dominate your opponents with his potent combination of intrigue, manipulation, and raw power. The Core Set 2019 Planeswalker Deck: Tezzeret is a ready-to-play 60-card deck featuring Tezzeret’s unique strategies and cards from the Core Set 2019 expansion.

Key Features

  • Strategic Gameplay: Tezzeret’s deck revolves around his ability to control the board, manipulate opponents’ actions, and unleash devastating attacks.
  • Powerful Planeswalker: Tezzeret himself is a formidable Planeswalker with a variety of abilities to influence the game.
  • Balanced Deck: Includes a mix of commons, uncommons, and rares, ensuring a diverse and engaging gameplay experience.
  • Ready to Play: Simply assemble the deck and start playing!


  • Highly competitive and strategic gameplay experience.
  • Ideal for new and experienced players alike.
  • Includes all the cards you need to play right out of the box.
  • Perfect for collecting and trading.


  • Some cards may be outdated by the time of purchase.
  • May not be suitable for competitive tournaments.


1. What is the power level of the deck?

The Core Set 2019 Planeswalker Deck: Tezzeret is designed to be competitive and enjoyable for players of all skill levels.

2. What cards are included in the deck?

The deck includes a 60-card deck list featuring Tezzeret’s signature cards and other powerful spells from the Core Set 2019 expansion.

3. Is assembly required?

No assembly is required. The deck is ready to play right out of the box.


  • Deck Size: 60 cards
  • Expansion: Core Set 2019
  • Planeswalker: Tezzeret
  • Rarity: Starter Deck
  • Contents: Deck Box, Ready to Play 60 Card Deck, One 15-Card Booster Pack Plus Strategy Insert, Magic Quick Reference Card

Additional Notes:

  • Collect and trade unique Tezzeret cards from the Core Set 2019 expansion.
  • Enjoy the strategic depth and competitive gameplay experience offered by this Planeswalker Deck.

Buying Guide: Choosing the Best EDH Planeswalker

1. Power Level & Cost

  • Planeswalkers with higher power levels are more impactful but also more expensive.
  • Consider your budget and playstyle when balancing power with cost.
  • High-power planeswalkers can quickly snowball, but also risk being mana-screwed.

2. Loyalty Cost & Abilities

  • Lower loyalty cost allows for more frequent activation of abilities.
  • Evaluate the usefulness and efficiency of abilities in different matchups.
  • Consider whether activated abilities can be used consistently or require specific deck archetypes.

3. Utility & Synergy

  • Look for planeswalkers with versatile abilities that support various decks and strategies.
  • Consider how their abilities interact with the rest of your deck and commander.
  • High-impact abilities can be game-changers, but balance them with overall consistency.

4. Resilience & Removal

  • Planeswalkers with high toughness and abilities to survive board wipes are more valuable.
  • Evaluate the threat of removal spells from your opponents and choose accordingly.
  • Consider the importance of having planeswalkers that can survive and impact the game long-term.

5. Archetype & Playstyle

  • Certain planeswalkers are better suited for specific archetypes or playstyles.
  • Consider your preferred strategy (control, midrange, aggro) and choose accordingly.
  • Research potential options and their impact on different game situations.

6. Availability & Demand

  • Popular and highly sought-after planeswalkers may be expensive and difficult to obtain.
  • Consider alternatives that offer similar value and functionality.
  • Be prepared for potential delays or price fluctuations in the secondary market.

7. Versatility & Flexibility

  • Choose planeswalkers with abilities that can be used in multiple decks and matchups.
  • Flexible options allow for more adaptable play and can maximize your collection’s value.
  • Consider the potential for future deckbuilding and card pool changes.

Best EDH Planeswalker FAQs

1. Which is the best EDH Planeswalker for beginners?

Answer: Liliana, Broodmother is a solid choice for beginners as she offers excellent card advantage with her activated ability and can quickly generate tokens. Her static ability also provides value in the long run, making her a great starting point for EDH players.

2. Which Planeswalker has the most potential for high-powered decks?

Answer: Gideon Jura is highly valued in competitive EDH for his ability to generate tokens and provide board control. His ultimate ability can quickly snowball out of control when combined with other card effects.

3. What Planeswalker offers reliable card advantage?

Answer: Chandra Nalaar is a popular choice for her ability to generate mana and draw cards. Her ultimate ability can be incredibly powerful when used effectively in combination with other spells.

4. Which Planeswalker is best for controlling the board?

Answer: Nissa, Mother of the Forest is widely considered one of the best board control Planeswalkers in EDH. Her abilities allow her to manipulate the board state, protect her team, and create advantageous board positions.

5. What Planeswalker offers the most versatility?

Answer: Jace Beleren is a highly versatile Planeswalker with a mix of abilities that can be useful in various situations. His activated ability can be used for removal, card advantage, or even to generate mana in a pinch.

6. Which Planeswalker is best for aggressive decks?

Answer: Kolaghan, the Prismari Viceroy is perfect for aggressive EDH decks. His activated ability provides card advantage and can quickly generate tokens, while his static ability can punish opponents for attacking him.

7. Which Planeswalker is best for combo decks?

Answer: Karn, the Great Designer is ideal for combo decks due to his ability to create powerful tokens and combos. His ultimate ability can be used to trigger multiple effects and create devastating combinations.


In the intricate tapestry of Commander EDH, choosing the right Planeswalkers is a pivotal decision. These ethereal beings hold immense potential to reshape battles and swing victories in your favor. While some may favor brute force, others might delight in subtle manipulation. Ultimately, the best Planeswalker selection will be unique to your playstyle and the specific needs of your deck.

Remember, the journey to Commander greatness is paved with experimentation and refinement. Playtest different Planeswalkers, analyze their impact in various scenarios, and tailor your choices to your specific meta. The right Planeswalker can be the difference between a crushing defeat and a triumphant victory.

So, delve into the world of Planeswalkers, explore their strengths and weaknesses, and discover the ones that resonate with your Commander EDH journey. With careful selection and strategic deployment, you’ll unleash a tidal wave of power that will leave your opponents awestruck.

Top-Rated EDH Planeswalkers to Dominate the Battlefield

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