Top-Notch Edging Plants to Beautify Your Landscape

Tired of boring, lifeless borders around your garden? Sick of weeds constantly invading your carefully curated landscape? Traditional edging materials like concrete or brick can be expensive and impractical. But finding the right edging plant that’s tough, vibrant, and easy to care for? Now that’s the dilemma.

The key to stunning borders lies in choosing the perfect edging plant. One that thrives in your climate, withstands common garden challenges, and adds pops of color or texture. We’ve identified the ultimate solution to elevate your landscape and banish those gardening headaches. Read on to discover the secret weapon for captivating borders and achieving garden perfection.

Amazon Basics Landscape Edging Coil, 10 Stakes, 5 inch x 40FT, Brown


Elevate your outdoor space with the Amazon Basics Landscape Edging Coil. This versatile edging coil features a natural-looking faux woodgrain texture and color, perfect for outlining gardens, lawns, raised beds, pathways, and more. Its flexibility allows for effortless creation of custom curves and structured boxes, while the included stakes ensure secure placement through the changing seasons.

Key Features

  • Natural Woodgrain Look: Realistic faux woodgrain texture and color create a realistic and aesthetically pleasing border.
  • Flexible Design: Easily bend and shape the coil to create custom curves or straight lines.
  • Durable Construction: Recycled plastic construction ensures long-lasting performance and environmental sustainability.
  • Secure Placement: Includes 10 matching stakes to keep the edging firmly in place.
  • Versatile Application: Ideal for gardens, lawns, raised beds, pathways, and more.


  • Eco-friendly and sustainable.
  • Easy installation and flexible design.
  • Realistic woodgrain texture adds a natural touch.
  • Secure placement with included stakes.
  • Versatile application for various landscaping projects.


  • May be less sturdy than other edging materials.
  • Not suitable for very high traffic areas.


1. What is the material made of?

The edging coil is made from recycled plastic, ensuring environmental sustainability.

2. How do I install the edging?

Simply unroll the coil and bend it to your desired shape. Insert the stakes into the ground along the edging to secure it.

3. What is the coverage area?

The 5-inch x 40FT coil covers approximately 20 linear feet of edging.


  • Material: Recycled Plastic
  • Color: Brown
  • Size: 5 inches x 40FT
  • Stake Quantity: 10
  • Coverage Area: 20 linear feet

Order the Amazon Basics Landscape Edging Coil today and transform your outdoor space with a natural and stylish border!

EasyFlex No-Dig Landscape Edging with Anchoring Spikes, 1.5 in. Tall Straight Top Plastic Garden Border, 40 Foot Kit, Black


Transform your outdoor space with the EasyFlex No-Dig Landscape Edging! This innovative edging system allows you to create stunning landscape borders without the need for messy digging or professional installation. With a simple do-it-yourself design, you can easily install and enjoy the beauty of your landscaped yard in no time.

Key Features

  • No-Dig Installation: Easy and convenient installation without disturbing your lawn or surrounding plants.
  • Durable & Flexible: Made from recycled plastic, ensuring strength and flexibility for a lasting border.
  • Secure Anchoring: Includes 16 sturdy anchoring spikes to keep the edging in place, even in harsh weather conditions.
  • Low Maintenance: Minimal upkeep required, withstands string trimmers, temperature changes, and ground movement.


  • Quick and easy DIY installation
  • Eco-friendly and made from recycled materials
  • Flexible design allows for straight or curved borders
  • Secure and stable with anchoring spikes
  • Low-maintenance and long-lasting


  • Not suitable for very high traffic areas
  • Requires a rubber mallet for installation (not included)


1. How do I install the edging?

  • Simply place the edging around your desired border area and use a rubber mallet to drive the anchoring spikes through the tabs.

2. What materials are used to make the edging?

  • The edging is made from recycled plastic, making it eco-friendly and durable.

3. How do I maintain the edging?

  • The edging requires minimal annual maintenance. Simply remove any debris or weeds from the border area as needed.


  • Color: Black
  • Height: 1.5 inches
  • Material: Recycled Plastic
  • Length: 40 feet
  • Spike Length: 8 inches

Order your EasyFlex No-Dig Landscape Edging today and create the beautiful outdoor space you’ve always dreamed of!

EasyFlex Pound-in Landscape Edging

Product Overview

Achieve a professionally landscaped yard without the hefty expense with the EasyFlex Pound-in Landscape Edging! This innovative edging kit provides a simple and affordable way to border your flower beds, walkways, patios, and other outdoor spaces. With its flexible and durable construction, installation is a breeze, and the finished result will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your yard.

Key Features

  • Flexible & Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality recycled plastic, ensuring flexibility for effortless molding around curves and durability for long-lasting performance.
  • Minimal Ground Preparation: Installation is a breeze with minimal ground preparation required. Simply score the ground and gently pound the edging into place.
  • Serrated Edge: The serrated edge provides stability and prevents the edging from lifting or shifting.
  • Customizable Length: Easily customize the edging to your desired project length by cutting or joining multiple coils.
  • Anchoring Stakes: Includes two heavy-duty anchoring stakes to keep the ends of the edging in place.


  • DIY-friendly installation.
  • Budget-friendly compared to professional landscaping.
  • Flexible and durable for various landscaping designs.
  • Easy to cut and customize for desired lengths.
  • Includes anchoring stakes for stability.


  • May require some physical effort during installation.
  • Not suitable for very high traffic areas.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do I install the edging?

Score the ground about 2 inches deep around your design area and place the edging in the desired location. Gently push or hammer with the serrated edge facing down.

2. Can I bend the edging to create curves?

Yes, the flexible plastic allows for easy shaping and molding of the edging into tight curves.

3. What is the warranty on the product?

The EasyFlex Landscape Edging comes with a limited 5-year warranty against manufacturing defects.


  • Length: 20 feet
  • Height: 4.5 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Recycled plastic

Order the EasyFlex Pound-in Landscape Edging today and create the stunning outdoor space you’ve always dreamed of!

Buying Guide: Edging Plants

1. Hardiness Zones

  • Different plants thrive in specific temperature zones.
  • Know your local zone to ensure the plant can survive winters and summers.
  • Pros: Adaptable to local weather, reducing maintenance needs.
  • Cons: May require extra protection in extreme temperatures.

2. Growth Habit

  • Consider desired height, spread, and growth rate.
  • Slow-growing plants are ideal for stability, while fast-growing ones offer quicker coverage.
  • Pros: Controlled growth prevents invasive spread, easier maintenance.
  • Cons: May take longer to achieve desired aesthetic.

3. Sunlight Requirements

  • Some plants prefer full sun, others tolerate partial shade.
  • Assess the lighting conditions of your edging area.
  • Pros: Adaptable to various lighting situations, requires less maintenance.
  • Cons: Certain plants may struggle in low-light environments.

4. Soil Type

  • Different plants have specific soil preferences (sandy, loamy, clay).
  • Choose a plant compatible with your soil composition.
  • Pros: Promotes healthy root growth and minimizes transplant stress.
  • Cons: May require soil amendments for optimal growth.

5. Bloom Time and Color

  • Consider desired bloom time and color scheme.
  • Research bloom cycles and color ranges of different plants.
  • Pros: Adds visual interest and attracts pollinators.
  • Cons: Blooms may attract pests or allergies.

6. Maintenance Requirements

  • Some plants require regular trimming, watering, or fertilizing.
  • Assess your willingness and ability to commit to ongoing care.
  • Pros: Creates a manicured and groomed look.
  • Cons: Time-consuming and can be costly in the long run.

7. Pest and Disease Resistance

  • Certain plants are more resistant to common pests or diseases.
  • Research potential problems and choose a plant with adequate defense mechanisms.
  • Pros: Minimizes pest and disease outbreaks, reducing plant stress.
  • Cons: Some resistant plants may be more expensive.

8. Longevity

  • Consider how long you want the plant to stay in place.
  • Some plants are more long-lived and require fewer replacements.
  • Pros: Cost-effective in the long run, provides sustained visual interest.
  • Cons: May take time to establish and become visually impactful.

Best Edging Plant FAQs

1. What are the best edging plants for sunny gardens?

Some excellent edging plants for sunny gardens include:
– Pachysandra
– Sedum
– Lavender
– Thyme
– Creeping Jenny
– Pachysandra terminalis (bishop’s weed)
– Dwarf mondo grass

2. Which edging plants can tolerate partial shade?

For partial shade, consider:
– Hosta
– Hellebores
– Bergenia
– Pachysandra
– Viburnum
– Bergenia coccinea (coral bergenia)

3. What are the best edging plants for attracting pollinators?

Plants that attract pollinators like butterflies and bees:
– Lavender
– Thyme
– Coneflower
– Sedum
– Viburnum
– Salvia

4. Which edging plants are suitable for beginners?

Simple and beginner-friendly edging plants:
– Pachysandra
– Sedum
– Creeping Jenny
– Thyme
– Dwarf mondo grass

5. What edging plants can tolerate wet soils?

For wet soils, consider:
– Hellebores
– Hosta
– Bergenia
– Viburnum
– Cranberry bog rosemary

6. How do I choose the right edging plant for my garden?

Consider factors like:
– Sunlight requirements
– Soil type
– Plant height and spread
– Bloom time and color
– Maintenance needs

7. What is the best time to plant edging plants?

The best time for planting edging plants is during the dormant season, usually in late winter or early spring. This allows them to establish themselves before the growing season.


Choosing the best edging plant for your garden depends on its specific purpose and aesthetic. Consider the desired height, foliage texture, color preferences, and sunlight requirements when making your selection.

For a dramatic statement, consider plants like mondo grass or agastache. For low-maintenance edging, sedum or creeping thyme are excellent choices. For shady areas, ferns or hostas will thrive.

Remember to research each plant thoroughly before planting. Consider factors such as hardiness zones, soil types, and potential pests or diseases. With careful planning and selection, you can create stunning garden edges that enhance the beauty and functionality of your outdoor space.

Top-Notch Edging Plants to Beautify Your Landscape

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