Rockshox Recon vs. Reba – Comparison in 2023

Clearly, the suspension fork is a very essential part of a mountain or road bike. Some riders out there even claim that the suspension fork is better than a hardtail bike.

Since there are hundreds of suspension forks out there, we will try to narrow things for you and focus on two top forks.

Rockshox Recon vs. Reba

Today, we will be discussing the RockShox Recon and RockShox Reba to give you a glimpse of their difference.

Here is a brief Rockshox Recon vs. Reba comparison article to help you pick the perfect fork for you.

Rockshox Recon vs. Reba

Rockshox Recon

Rockshox Recon

We start it off with RockShox Silver Recon, which happens to be a top fork that comes at a decent price point and with excellent features too.

For riders looking for a value-for-money fork option, this fella won’t be a bad pick for you.

This fork offers you a combination of Reba S revered crown, along with lower legs and the Recon S bombproof steel upper tubes.

You also enjoy a Motion Control damper, which offers a .32mm straight wall steel chassis and low-speed compression adjustment.

Keep in mind that the fork offers a 100mm travel, which makes it ideal if you want to upgrade your stock suspension.

With this fella, you can be sure of having a bombproof fork that is strong and reliable enough.

Unfortunately, this fork will not fit a disc that is greater than 160mm. If you have a disc larger than 160mm, you will have to buy an extra adapter for that.

The installation of the fork is easy breezy. Besides, you get a guide to help you with an easy installation process.

For the record, this is an air-spring fork that comes with a guide, indicating the required PSI level according to your body weight.

There is a rebound key that lets you adjust the response of the fork accordingly.

Furthermore, there is a lockout function that twists easily to lock out the fork. This assures you of a rigid fork that makes those rides smooth enough.


  • Sturdy and durable design
  • Features a rebound key for adjusting the response
  • Easy to install
  • Stiff and fast recoil
  • Comes with a quick twist lockout function


  • Doesn’t come with a shock pump

Rockshox Reba

Rockshox Reba

The RockShox Reba is a good fork that comes with revolutionary innovation. Its performance is truly above most forks out there.

This fork comes with a chassis that combines well with the Reba’s classic XC performance, along with light trail duties. Also, there is a Motion Control RL damper that is proven to be reliable enough.

You’d love having this fork on your bike, thanks to the glossy black finish. The upper tube is a 32mm straight wall aluminum that is sure to stay strong as you ride your bike on rocky terrains.

It moves swiftly on light bumpy trails. However, bigger bumps will feel harsh with this fork.

If you are going downhill with bumps close together, you might have a problem. You might end up losing control of your bike in such conditions.

In terms of travel, this one offers you 100mm and 120mm. Like its brother, this fork is also an air-spring type that might not be the best pick for plus-size riders.

The installation of this fork is easy too, and you will not have to worry about that.


  • Comes with a nice, glossy-black finish
  • The upper tube is made of aluminum for sturdiness and durability
  • Equipped with a lockout threshold and external rebound adjustments
  • Decent price point
  • Offers comfort and power


  • Not ideal for bumpy, downhill trails

Rockshox Recon Suspension Fork or Reba Suspension Fork?

Even though both these forks come from RockShox, they do have some differences that make them ideal for different users.

It is important to understand the difference between the two suspension forks so that you purchase them with good knowledge. This also helps you to know which fork is best suited for your riding needs.

Design and Weight

The first major difference between the two is the design and overall outlook.

RockShox Recon Silver comes with a glossy silver and black finish that makes it stand out from the other bikes.

On the other hand, RockShox Reba is also glossy, but it features a black finish. Some riders prefer a black finish since it gives your bike that badass look.

In terms of weight, Recon Silver comes in at 1960g, while Recon Reba weighs 1630g.

This means that Recon Reba is lighter than its counterpart by 330g. If you prefer a lighter fork, Reba is the one to go for.


While Recon Silver offers you 32mm straight-wall steel upper tubes, the Reba features straight-wall aluminum upper tubes.

Travel/Wheel Size/Steerer Diameter

For those that consider the travel limit of a fork, you should know about the difference between the two.

With Recon Silver, you will enjoy maximum travel of 100mm. Conversely, Reba has a higher travel limit by offering you 100mm and 120mm travel options.

Recon has a smaller wheel size of 26 inches, compared to the 29-inch wheel size of the RockShox Reba.

So, if you want one that will accommodate a bigger tire, you should go for Reba. Keep in mind that Reba is still lighter.

In terms of the steerer diameter, Recon Silver is rated at 1.1/8″. Since Reba accommodates bigger tires, it also has a larger steerer diameter of between 1.1/8″ and 1.5″.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will any suspension fork fit my bike?

No, it is always important to know the head tube diameter of your bike so that you pick a fork that comes with a matching steerer tube.

Is it OK to buy a fork that matches my color scheme?

Absolutely. There is no problem with that. Nevertheless, you should look beyond the color.

What else should I consider when choosing a fork?

Besides the color, you should consider other factors such as the travel, axle size, fork steerer, offset, as well as wheel diameter.

Why is it important to get a new fork?

Getting a new fork for your bike helps to shed some extra weight and assures you of a smooth-running bike. Aluminum alloy happens to be among the best materials for forks, which is also very lightweight.

How much should I pay for a suspension fork?

That depends on your budget. Some suspension forks can go for over $1,000, while some go for less than $300.


There goes it, folks. With this Rockshox Recon vs. Reba comparison, you now have an idea of the difference between the two forks.

Just make sure you go for the one that suits your bike and riding needs perfectly.

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