RockShox Recon Silver vs. Gold – Which One Is Better?

Are you a rider who just wants to pedal away from all your problems and looking for a wallet-friendly suspension fork to upgrade your bike? Well, RockShox got your back.

You must have heard of RockShox, one of the market leaders when it comes to suspensions.

Their products assure a smooth ride along with its newly upgraded forks because when it comes to upgrading your bike, suspension forks are a must.

RockShox Recon Silver vs. Gold

The Recon comes in two versions, and in this article, we will elaborate upon the RockShox Recon Silver vs. Gold (the two different variants) debate.

Their products blend the trail efficiency and affordability, offering a secure and efficient bombproof fork.

In terms of specifications and performances, they are very distinctive.

Here is a quick guide to help you make a precise shortlist and give you a comprehensive understanding between Recon Silver and Recon Gold.

RockShox Recon Silver vs. Gold – Comparison 2023

RockShox Recon Silver

RockShox Recon Silver

The RockShox Recon Silver has set a new height for performance based on value.

For those who want their suspension with 100 mm of movements to be enhanced, the Recon Silver is an excellent choice.


  • The solo air spring system allows you to introduce air through a single Schrader valve to your forks, concurrently filling the positive and negative air spring chambers.
  • Damping Motion Control comes with the low-speed lockout compression system.
  • TurnKey damping is perfect for external rebound adjustment and compression lockout.
  • PopLoc compatibility allows you to adjust the compression remotely with a PopLoc control lever.
  • It has Straight fork, with mounts that accept both rim and disc brakes.
  • Thanks to the lockout function, with an easy twist, the fork is locked out almost like a rigid fork. It is excellent for hill climbs and flat pavements.
  • A regular shock valve system is available.

The instruction on the fork itself is easy to follow, giving you the required air pressure value in PSI for your body weight. If you like a stiffer fork with fast recoil, Recon Silver is perfect for you.

Although it does not come with a shock pump, it has incredible shock absorption and excellent response, whether it is a fast or slow rebound.
However, the fork will not fit a disc greater than 160mm.

You can also check Brooks C17 vs C15 comparison.

RockShox Recon Gold

RockShox Recon Gold

The RockShox Recon Gold has an extremely efficient, durable spring system.

It is made with keeping in mind the equation of performance, weight, and price.


  • SoloAir spring system removes the unsteady pressure balance.
  • It boasts oil damping Motion Control with external rebound and lockout with adjustment of internal floodgate.
  • The brake mount accepts disc only.
  • For premium finishing, the black upper aluminum tube is included.

It is one of the high-performance gold forks in the Recon range. Moreover, it offers a light kit with smooth, easy to tune, and reliable flexibility for the price.

Recon Silver vs. Recon Gold

To make you understand the suspension forks a little more, here is a comparison between Recon Silver and Recon Gold.


  • Solo Air Spring it is lighter than coil spring, as the coil is heavier. However, coil springs are more reliable, whereas solo air is more adjustable. The main advantage of solo air is you can pedal with less force when riding uphill.
  • Wheel Size both the forks are made for a 26″ wheel
  • Steerer Type aluminum, tapered
  • Suspension Travel 100mm


Name Recon Silver Recon Gold
Weight 2042g 1805g
Rotor size 200mm 210mm
Axle 15x100mm, 9mm Quick Release 15x100mm, 15x110mm BOOSTâ„¢, Boost 15x110mm
Color Glossy Black Black


  • Recon Silver the air spring makes more noise under compression than other RockShox forks.
  • Recon Gold tends to bend during extreme conditions but can be fixed with proper adjustment.

Make sure to keep the drawbacks in your mind while purchasing a suspension between Gold and Silver, because the proper adjustment of the fork plays a vital role.

When choosing a suspension fork, all you need to look for is the weight of the fork and the wheel size it will support.

They are necessary aspects, and you should not make your decision without considering one while ignoring the other.

Differences between RockShox Recon vs. RockShox 30

Differences between RockShox Recon and RockShox 30

To give you a brief understanding, we will talk more about the RockShox Recon models and the RockShox 30 models in this section.

RockShox 30 Models

30 Silver TK

  • Spring type: coil/ SoloAir
  • Weight: 2322g
  • Wheel size: 29″

30 Gold TK

  • Spring type: air spring
  • Spring type: air spring
  • Wheel size: 29″

30 Gold RL

  • Spring type: air spring
  • RL: reboundto lock damping, instead of TK; TurnKey, more adjustments
  • Weight: 1841g
  • Wheel size: 27.5″
  • The motion control damper in 30 Gold RL allows low-speed compression.

These models have a beautiful reaction time with a fantastic lockout. The air system is also flawless.

RockShox Recon Models

Recon TK

  • Travel: 80-100mm
  • Spring type: air spring
  • Weight: 2178g
  • Wheel size: 27.5″
  • Damper: cheaper TurnKey damper

Recon Gold RL

  • Travel: 80-150mm
  • Spring type: SoloAir
  • Weight: 1934g
  • Wheel size: 27.5″, 29″
  • Damper: rebound-to-lock damper

Both the Recon models have steel stanchions and OneLoc compatibility. Recon RL has more travel and better damper than on Recon TK.

It all comes down to one thing, that is how you want to upgrade your bike and what fits your bike the best.

There is a lockout feature for top-notch pedaling efficiency. Moreover, with RockShox’s blow-off technology, any accidental impact will be absorbed instantly, allowing you to keep you and your bike safe.

What Are the Differences Between Rockshox Recon and Judy?

The rockshox recon vs judy comparison reveals a few key differences. The Recon offers more travel options and features, making it suitable for rougher terrains. On the other hand, the Judy is lighter and more budget-friendly, making it a good choice for riders on a tighter budget. Ultimately, the choice depends on individual preferences and needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Recon silver has tapered wall steel tubes. On the other hand, the Recon Gold has straight wall upper tubes made out of aluminum. Comparing the two, I would say the silver one would be a little stiffer. The Recon silver is also lighter than the Recon gold.

The Recon Gold has large 32mm diameter stanchion tubes, which will give you better resistance to twisting. You will get more area for control once you opt for a bigger diameter, thus making it perfect for a heavy rider.

Final Thoughts

With RockShoxs race-proven results, these lightweight and wallet-friendly forks give you confidence that inspires grip and control to tackle any trail.

With this handy guide on RockShox Recon Silver vs. Gold, you can note down a nifty shortlist of the upgrades they have in store for you, and which suspension fork matches with your mountain bike.

We hope you find a quality fork that allows you to beat your rivals, without testing your account!

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