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Lumberyard Bike Park Closing

March 9, 2022
After careful deliberation, we have decided to close the current Lumberyard location this August.  We want to thank all of you for your support over the last decade.
Though we have had to make this very difficult business decision, we are grateful to all of our customers, staff, vendors, and community partners for being part of this amazing journey.  We are grateful to have been able to share our passion with so many.
The last couple of years have been difficult for the Lumberyard, as it has for many. That is okay. It was really not about us, it was about this community. It was important that we were able to be here in whatever capacity we could. But, we had to accept we were operating below self-sustaining levels. Once again, you have our deepest of gratitudes for letting us share our dream with you.
While this is going to be a time of big transitions for us, we are excited to see you out on the trails, on the tracks, and in the parks. We hope you have a chance to ride with us, join us for a camp or clinic or just drop by and say “hi”! We are committed to providing the same great service throughout the Summer and will remain available for consulting on projects while we evaluate our various options.
With love and gratitude,
Will Heiberg

& Michael Whitesel

“Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike”
– John F Kennedy