Our Program Director and Head Coach Levi Weert is dedicated to helping you achieve your biking goals. He understands that for most of us, just one lesson isn’t enough, and wanted to bring a higher level of training here at the Lumberyard. Levi has been riding bikes of all kinds for over 25 years and is a certified MTB instructor by PMBIA and has also trained with Simon Lawton and the “Fluidride” techniques at Duthie Hill in Washington. His BMX background makes him a unique trainer as he tends to “Think outside the box” 

Levi will have you doing drills and building skills all while showing you how fun it can all be. 

Our personal training package is designed for serious riders looking to improve your bike handling skills, or building endurance, no matter your age, skill level, or riding style. 

Work with Coach Levi as he gives you a free consultation and assessment visit, and then take you through 4 90 minute training sessions, complete with updates and continuous plan for progression. We will throw in a month of membership here at the ‘Yard for you to continue practicing skills learned in your sessions with Levi as well as a special invite to our Member Monday clinics each Monday for the duration of your membership. Enjoy all the perks of a membership for this 30 day experience!

To learn more or schedule a consultiaon with Levi click HERE!