Motobecane vs Gravity Bike – Comparison in 2023

While it’s true that any bike could get you from point A to point B, only the best will do it safely and comfortably.

As you search for your ideal bike, Motobecane and Gravity are two options that will consistently pop up, as they’re among the most valuable picks available for us.

We are here to learn everything about these bikes, as well as to give you an answer on which one to get between Motobecane vs. Gravity bike.

Following our reviews, we’ll compare the two brands to properly understand the differences between the bikes.

Are you ready? Then let’s not waste any more time! Let’s start by talking about Motobecane.

Motobecane Bike

Recommended Motobecane Bikes to Buy

What can you expect from Motobecane bikes? Let’s take a look!


Without complications, the Motobecane bikes are the go-to choice for beginners, casual riders, and even those with more experience.

The assembly is intuitive, and even though some parts like the saddle aren’t comfortable, you’d be able to replace them quickly.


On the road, these bikes deliver good traction, solid grip, and decent power. Each component comes together to put up a satisfactory performance from beginning to end.


Motobecane bikes offer high compatibility with multiple brands, allowing you to customize them with your preferred, most reliable components.

Plus, making adjustments and replacing parts is both easy and quick.

Recommended Motobecane Bikes to Buy

Want to learn more about Motobecane? These are the top picks!

Motobecane Omni Strada Sports Super Road Bike

Motobecane Omni Strada Sports Super Road Bike

A ride on the road is always good for exercise while having a ton of fun doing it.

This bike is capable of tackling pavement with smoothness provided by few other bikes, all thanks to the high-quality components included in its assembly.

The bike comes with an aluminum frame, and precise carbon-bladed forks, which are two parts that work perfectly.

Other than being light, the frame is resistant and comfortable, taking your experience on the road to the next level. As for the fork, it manages to reduce vibrations to a minimum.

Depending on what you want to do, the bike is compatible with tires as wide as 700x45c, which are ideal for tricky terrains.

Alternatively, you could also fit tires as narrow as 700x23c, which are incredibly effective due to their speed capacity.

Whether you go on or off the road, the bike puts up an efficient performance on most surfaces.

The powerful disc brakes included provide the stopping power needed to put a stop to the wheels as soon as necessary, guaranteeing the rider’s safety.

Other benefits we liked about this model is the handling and maneuverability.

At all times, the traction received was pleasant, allowing riders to adapt over a variety of surfaces without complications. Plus, the grip over wet and dry conditions proved to be very good.

One low point of the bike’s build is the pedals’ set, which didn’t meet expectations.

After trying them for the first time, most riders would agree that replacing them as soon as possible would be the best course of action.


  • The aluminum frame is stiff but comfortable
  • High tires compatibility, including up to 45c
  • Stable performance with good handling and control
  • Great grip and traction
  • Comfortable


  • The pedals and saddle aren’t good

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Motobecane Gravel X2 Disc Brake Super Road Bike

Motobecane Gravel X2 Disc Brake Super Road Bike

If you are looking for a powerful and reliable bike, this one could be your ideal pick.

It comes with an efficient Shimano 14-speed gear, which makes for a compact crank drivetrain.

Besides being convenient, these components put up an incredible performance through power.

This Shimano aluminum compact crankset works well with the aero wheelset, providing efficiency on and off the road.

Other than riding on the roads, you’d be able to ride on hills due to the bike’s capacity to reduce wind resistance for fast riding.

Safety is also worth mentioning when talking about this bike. The disc brake calipers won’t only deliver stopping power on regular conditions but also when the weather is acting tough.

Even over wet surfaces, the brakes are capable of guaranteeing an effective method to slow down accordingly.

The bike features a solid combination of parts that ensure ultimate comfort. For example, the disc brake hubs and the bladed forks make each ride much smoother by giving you complete control of the bike. Over pavement, bumps are hardly noticeable thanks to the dampening.

Although the saddle isn’t the most comfortable, the riding position and the handlebar make the ride fun.

As you sit on the seat, reaching the handle and pedaling is comfortable. Plus, the upright position reduces the stress felt on the back.

While the previous bike had flaws with the pedals, in this case, the most awkward component is the saddle.

Then again, that’s an issue that most bikes have. Ideally, you’d have to replace it as soon as possible to prevent having an uncomfortable time riding the bike.


  • Durable frame with a resistant suspension fork
  • Good wheels and rims, capable of tackling most terrains
  • Good traction over wet and dry surfaces
  • Effective brakes with enough stopping power


  • The saddle included is far from comfortable

Gravity Bike

Recommended Gravity Bikes to Buy

What about Gravity bikes? Well, here’s what they can offer you.


Since speed isn’t worth without safety, the bikes create a good balance between their power and safety measures.

The brakes are outstanding, allowing you to dive into new adventures while still feeling secure.


By featuring a highly capable set of components such as a Shimano drivetrain and a reliable aluminum frame, these bikes will keep up with your demands every step of the way.

Shifting speed is quick and smooth, allowing you to react accordingly.


Whether you go on or off the road, Gravity bikes offer incredible traction to adapt over many surfaces.

Particularly on tricky terrains, these bikes reduce vibrations, improve handling, and keep you safe.

Recommended Gravity Bikes to Buy

Take a look at the most capable Gravity bikes available.

Gravity Liberty CXD 24 Speed Aluminum Carbon Fork Disc Brake Cyclocross Bike

Gravity Liberty CXD 24 Speed Aluminum Carbon Fork Disc Brake Cyclocross Bike

The benefits of these bikes are noticeable right from the start. Once you get it out of the box, it doesn’t take much time to put it together.

This assembly process, besides being quick, is also intuitive. Whether you are a novice or a professional, you’d be able to get it done without complications.

Coming from one of the most popular brands out there, this bike is a sign of quality.

The improved build features high-performance components for smoother rides, something that predecessors of this bike lacked.

Other than being better than past models, this CXD bike also outshines the competition.

Featuring a high-quality aluminum frame, the bike is both reliable and durable.

It’ll fit users as tall as 6 ft and 7 inches, opening many doors for people of all ages.

Even if you’re on the taller side of the spectrum, the bike would feel comfortable either way.

Other incredible parts of the bike are the speed gear system and the gear shifting.

All of these components deliver great results, allowing riders to reach their destination smoothly and also safely. Shifting speeds are quick, which is convenient.

The aluminum-alloy wheels, although not the greatest, do serve their purpose right.

These wheels provide stability and improved maneuvering, which makes it easier to handle the bike over most surfaces.

Combined with the disc brakes and effective suspension fork included, every ride taken feels smooth and secure.

Before going all-in with this bike, make sure to check out the saddle and pedals to see whether or not they are good for you.

In many cases, customers found these components to feel awkward, requiring a quick replacement.


  • The aluminum frame is lightweight, compact, and comfortable
  • Effective carbon fiber fork
  • Aluminum alloy wheels are stable
  • Powerful Shimano drivetrain
  • Disc brakes provide stopping power


  • The pedals and saddle could be uncomfortable

Gravity Fat Bikes with Powerful Disc Brakes Gravity Monster Men’s Fat Tire Bicycle

Gravity Fat Bikes with Powerful Disc Brakes Gravity Monster Men's Fat Tire Bicycle

Available in colors such as blue, orange, and silver, this fat bike is as stylish as it is powerful.

Its size is 16â€, which fits riders from 5’7″ to 5’10”. Due to its aluminum frame, the bike puts up with a lot of weight while still offering stable performance.

Alongside a durable frame, the bike has capable speed equipment. The 16-Speed SRAM drivetrain components included work flawlessly, guaranteeing proper adaptability over different terrains and speed shifting. At all times, the handling of the bike, as well as the shifting, feels smooth.

Naturally, a powerful bike requires powerful brakes. In this case, the Tektro disc brakes attached on both front and rear are adequate, as they deliver plenty of stopping power.

Besides, these brakes ensure proper grip over the surface, much to the rider’s comfort and safety.

Users will also like the quality of the 26×4.0 tires. These super-wide tires offer remarkable traction, which comes in handy everywhere regardless of the surface. The bike performs incredibly well over pavement and tougher terrains.

Furthermore, the traction received over different weather conditions was also satisfying. You should be able to ride this bike over snow, dirt, and even mud.

Upon receiving the bike, you’ll quickly notice that the assembly is a breeze. The pre-assembled parts make the process faster, allowing you to start enjoying this Gravity bike in less than an hour after getting it at home.

As a minor issue, we have to point out the quality of the pedals, which was disappointing.

Luckily, upgrading the pedals shouldn’t be much trouble. Once you do, the improvement translates to a better riding experience.


  • Available in many colors and sizes
  • Super wide tires for more traction
  • Handles snow, dirt, and mud
  • Powerful speed gear
  • Capable Tektro disc brakes for stopping action


  • The pedals aren’t as good as we’d want

Motobecane Bike or Gravity Bike?

After our reviews, we can’t help but wonder what the differences are between the two.

For the most part, comparing these bikes shows that there aren’t too many differences.

However, you will notice the performance put up by Motobecane and Gravity bike sets them slightly apart.

Motobecane – Excellence in Simplicity

For beginners, the Motobecane bikes offer everything riders may need. These bikes are simple, which makes it easy to assemble and customize to meet the user’s demands.

Motobecane bikes also offer plenty of customization options. Their compatibility with a wide variety of tires makes them a good choice for adventurers that enjoy adding their own styles.

When it comes to performance, the Motobecane, although not the greatest bike out there, still won’t disappoint. They can be fast, safe, and more importantly, comfortable.

Gravity Bikes – A Balanced Performance

Without diminishing the power of Motobecane, Gravity bikes probably deliver better performance out of the two.

Due to the high-quality Shimano gear and Tektro brakes used for their assembly, the balance between power and comfort is incredible.

Not only that, but the handling of the bikes feels smooth consistently, allowing riders to get used to them quickly. Once you do, the experience on or off the road gets increasingly better.


As seen during our Motobecane vs. Gravity bike review, both brands are fairly similar despite the smaller differences they may have.

Ultimately, it’s the users’ choice to pick which one most suits their purposes.

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