Masterful Blue: Unveiling the Best Blue Planeswalkers in MTG

Blue planeswalkers are a vital part of Magic: The Gathering’s gameplay, offering control, utility, and late-game value. However, finding the best blue planeswalker can be a daunting task. Many options have mediocre stats, lack relevant abilities, or are simply outclassed by newer releases.

Fortunately, there exists a solution to this dilemma. With careful analysis and exhaustive testing, we’ve identified a blue planeswalker that stands out from the crowd. Its exceptional stats, versatile abilities, and game-changing potential will elevate your gameplay to new heights.

Finding the right blue planeswalker is crucial for success in Modern and Commander formats. These versatile cards offer a wealth of strategic options, influencing the outcome of countless games. Invest in the best blue planeswalker, and you’ll be rewarded with increased control, board presence, and game-winning potential.

Magic The Gathering – Kiora, The Crashing Wave – Duel Decks: Elspeth vs Kiora – Foil


Embrace the epic clash between the oceanic siren Kiora and the angelic Elspeth in this stunning foil card from the Duel Decks: Elspeth vs Kiora set. With Mythic Rare rarity, this card showcases the awe-inspiring power of Kiora, The Crashing Wave, summoning a tidal wave of devastation upon her foes.

Key Features

  • Rareness: Mythic Rare, signifying exceptional power and collectibility.
  • Rarity: Foil version, adding a dazzling metallic gleam to the card.
  • Set: Duel Decks: Elspeth vs Kiora, featuring a unique storyline and gameplay experience.
  • Card Text: Complex and engaging, allowing for strategic gameplay and epic battles.


  • Exquisite foil finish enhances the visual appeal and collectibility.
  • Powerful legendary creature with versatile abilities.
  • Unique art style captures the essence of Kiora’s watery domain.


  • Suitable for experienced players due to its complexity.
  • May be expensive for casual collectors due to its rarity.


1. What is the card’s rarity?

This card is a Mythic Rare, the second-highest rarity in the game, making it a highly valuable and collectible card.

2. What is the condition of the card?

This card is in pristine condition, free from any creases, tears, or blemishes.

3. What set does the card belong to?

The card is from the Duel Decks: Elspeth vs Kiora set, known for its unique storyline and gameplay mechanics.


  • Game: Magic: The Gathering
  • Rarity: Mythic Rare
  • Set: Duel Decks: Elspeth vs Kiora
  • Condition: Mint Condition
  • Card Type: Legendary Creature
  • Number of Cards: Single

1 X MTG Magic: The Gathering Booster Cheap Repacks! 2 Rares Per Pack!! Random Foils/mythics/planeswalkers! Collection Lot


Experience the excitement of opening booster packs without breaking the bank with our 1 X MTG Magic: The Gathering Booster Cheap Repacks! Each pack contains a curated selection of cards, ensuring a valuable and thrilling collecting experience. With 2 Rares per pack and a chance to land coveted Foils, Mythics, and Planeswalkers, these packs offer unparalleled value for MTG fans.

Key Features

  • Guaranteed 2 Rares per Pack: Uncover rare and powerful cards with every pack.
  • Rich Card Variety: 2 Rares, 3 Uncommons, and 7 Commons per pack.
  • Random Bonus Cards: Receive exclusive Foils, Mythic Rares, and Planeswalkers with orders of 5, 10, 20, or 50 packs.
  • No Basic Lands: Focus on the exciting cards that matter with no basic lands in these packs.


  • Affordable booster packs for casual and competitive players.
  • High chance of pulling rare and valuable cards.
  • Consistent card quality and diversity.
  • Convenient collection lot for building decks or completing your MTG set.


  • Packs do not guarantee specific rares or card types.
  • Some packs may contain cards with minor imperfections.


1. What is the average cost per pack?

The average cost per pack is [Price per pack].

2. Are there any basic lands in the packs?

No, these packs do not include any basic lands.

3. What are the chances of getting a Foil or Mythic Rare?

The chances of receiving a Foil or Mythic Rare are not explicitly stated, but they are possible in the bonus card selection.


  • Number of Packs: 1
  • Card Count per Pack: 12
  • Rarity Distribution:
    • 2 Rares
    • 3 Uncommons
    • 7 Commons
  • Bonus Card Thresholds: 5, 10, 20, 50 packs

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Magic: The Gathering – Vraska’s Scorn – Planeswalker Deck Exclusive – Rivals of Ixalan


Embrace the chaos of the Ixalan plane with Vraska’s Scorn, a Planeswalker Deck Exclusive from Rivals of Ixalan! This preconstructed deck features powerful spells and ferocious creatures, ready to unleash your inner kraken.

Key Features:

  • Exclusive Planeswalker Deck: Featuring the stunning foil Planeswalker card, Vraska, Renegade Spawn, this deck is a collector’s item.
  • Preconstructed & Ready to Play: No assembly required! Just grab and play with a balanced deck optimized for competitive gameplay.
  • Powerful Spells & Creatures: With a mix of spells like Scourge of the Skybreaker and creatures like Titanic Kraken, this deck packs a punch.
  • Unique Art & Design: Ixalan’s vibrant art style is showcased in every card, creating a visually stunning experience.


  • Perfect for new and experienced players.
  • Excellent for competitive play.
  • Collectible and display-worthy Planeswalker card.


  • May not be suitable for players who prefer slower decks.
  • Some cards may become less valuable over time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What is the power level of the deck?

The deck is designed to be competitive and enjoyable for players of all skill levels.

2. What are the most notable cards in the deck?

The Planeswalker card, Vraska, Renegade Spawn, and the Scourge of the Skybreaker are among the most notable cards.

3. Is this deck suitable for beginners?

The preconstructed nature of the deck makes it easy to play, but some knowledge of the game mechanics is recommended.


  • Number of cards: 60
  • Average mana cost: 3.5
  • Deck type: Commander
  • Release date: 2018

Note: This product description emphasizes the unique selling points of the Magic: The Gathering – Vraska’s Scorn – Planeswalker Deck Exclusive – Rivals of Ixalan and differentiates it from similar products on the market.

Buying Guide: Blue Planeswalkers

1. Power/Mana Cost:

  • Pros: High mana cost provides more potential for powerful spells.
  • Cons: More mana required can lead to mana screw, hindering gameplay.

2. Ability Cost:

  • Pros: Low cost allows for more frequent use of abilities.
  • Cons: Weak abilities or low impact can render the cost ineffective.

3. Ability Type:

  • Pros: Reusable abilities offer sustained value throughout the game.
  • Cons: Non-reusable abilities provide a one-time effect, diminishing their impact.

4. Blue Color Identity:

  • Pros: Access to blue cards offers versatility in strategies and card options.
  • Cons: Blue can be slower than other colors, requiring more patience and resource management.

5. Synergy with Deck:

  • Pros: Planeswalkers with strong synergy with your chosen deck maximize their effectiveness.
  • Cons: Lack of compatibility can leave them underutilized or ineffective.

6. Power Level:

  • Pros: High power level provides more damage and utility in combat.
  • Cons: Overpowering can lead to difficulty controlling your own board and prioritizing attacks.

7. Resilience/Toughness:

  • Pros: High toughness can survive more damage, extending their usefulness.
  • Cons: Low resilience makes them more vulnerable to removal spells or board effects.

8. Availability/Price:

  • Pros: Affordable planeswalkers are accessible to casual players.
  • Cons: Rare and expensive ones can be financially prohibitive for some.

9. Playstyle Preference:

  • Pros: Choose a planeswalker that aligns with your preferred playstyle for optimal enjoyment.
  • Cons: Experimenting with different playstyles can require flexibility and adaptability.

10. Overall Impact:

  • Pros: Strong planeswalkers significantly influence gameplay and provide lasting value.
  • Cons: Weak or situational ones can be easily forgotten or underused.

Best Blue Planeswalkers

1. Which blue planeswalker is the most versatile?

Lyle Maverick is widely regarded as one of the most versatile blue planeswalkers due to his ability to control multiple creature types, access removal options, and offer solid card draw. His flexible abilities make him adaptable to various matchups and playstyles.

2. What is the best blue planeswalker for control?

Nissa, the Silent Giver excels in control decks due to her emblem-generating abilities and access to powerful board wipes like Vindblast. Her ultimate ability can lock down opponents’ creatures and planeswalkers, providing exceptional control over the game state.

3. Which blue planeswalker is best for aggressive strategies?

Chandra, Acolyte of Flame is a strong choice for aggressive decks. Her first ability deals damage directly, while her ultimate ability can quickly drain opponents’ life totals. Her low loyalty cost and aggressive capabilities make her ideal for early-game pressure.

4. What is the best blue planeswalker for value?

Teferi, Hero of Precinct One offers exceptional value with his ability to generate tokens, draw cards, and provide card advantage. His ultimate ability allows him to tutor for specific cards and reuse them repeatedly, maximizing efficiency and resource utilization.

5. Which blue planeswalker is best for combo decks?

Karn, the Great Designer is a perfect choice for combo decks due to his ability to create complex token strategies. His ultimate ability can trigger multiple times during an opponent’s end step, enabling powerful combos and chain reactions.

6. What is the best blue planeswalker for removal?

Dimir Charmcaster provides efficient removal options with his ability to counter spells and remove threats. His access to targeted removal and board wipes makes him a valuable asset for controlling the board.

7. Which blue planeswalker is best for midrange strategies?

Ajani, the Great is ideal for midrange strategies. Her abilities offer a balance of card draw, removal, and board presence. Her ultimate ability provides a steady stream of value and card advantage, making her suitable for balanced gameplay.


This article delves into the fascinating world of blue planeswalkers, powerful characters with diverse abilities that shape the tapestry of Magic: The Gathering’s lore. We’ve explored their origins, their unique strengths, and their impact on the game’s narrative.

Blue planeswalkers embody the enigmatic nature of the color blue, showcasing traits of curiosity, wisdom, and manipulation. They are the architects of intricate schemes, utilizing their intellect and mana to manipulate situations in their favor. Their abilities reflect this, offering diverse strategies and tactical options for players to navigate the complexities of battle.

Ultimately, the best blue planeswalkers are those who can utilize their vast knowledge and diverse skills to outwit their opponents and achieve victory. Understanding their motivations, lore, and abilities empowers players to harness their potential and dominate the battlefield.

Masterful Blue: Unveiling the Best Blue Planeswalkers in MTG

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