How to Make Your Mountain Bike Faster?

A few days ago, I was planning on cycling all the way to the mountains – and as fun as it sounds, I came to the realization that mountain bikes are rather slow, and to have the most fun, it needs to be a tad faster.

Fast enough to make it more enjoyable, but not crossing the limits of safety – is what I had in mind when I was researching how to make your mountain bike faster.

And I would say all the hours of research paid off because I came across some very interesting and useful tips that I wasn’t aware of before. To make your mountain trip more fun without putting much effort, give this article a read, and you will know what you need to know.

What Is a Mountain Bike?

As the name of the bike suggests – it is manufactured for the purpose of being used on mountain trails, fire roads, single tracks, etc. In fact, if you want to use them on smooth surfaces, then chances are you won’t be having a good time.

Since mountain bikes are made for off-road cycling, they tend to be more durable with enhanced performance in rough terrains. As a result, they are heavier than standard bikes and are less efficient on regular roads.

Their tires are generally large and knobby, and alongside suspension forks, they contain really powerful brakes as well. So no matter which bumpy trail you choose to ride them on, you will always be safe and secure using mountain bikes.

Steps to Make Your Mountain Bike Faster

Is cycling all the way to the mountains really fun if you have to go slow and steady? We bet not; hence, here are our two cents on how you can make your mountain bike faster.

  • Choose Tires with Smaller Knobs

One of the most vital aspects when it comes to the speed of your bike is the tires— especially the tread of those tires.

Mountain bikes tend to have wider tires with larger knobs. But those knobs create traction that tends to slow them down. To make sure that is not the case anymore, go for tires with smaller knobs.

  • Tire Pressure Is Quite Important

The pressure in your tires determines how much contact it is making with the ground – and that in turn decides how fast you will be.

So, make sure your tire pressure is perfect. It should be within the range of 25-35 psi.

  • Clipless Pedals Are Always Better Than Flat Ones

Mountain bikes generally come with flat pedals – and if you are new to this, then chances are you haven’t shifted to the clipless ones yet.

Not only do they let you cycle with more power, but they will keep your foot in the right place as well.

  • The drivetrain should be well-lubricated

The drivetrain of your mountain bike will perform more efficiently the more lubricated it is. Due to the reduced friction, the parts will pass by each other more easily.

As a result, your tires will move more consistently – and your bike will be faster.

  • Replace the Chain If Necessary

If you have been using your mountain bike for quite a long time, then chances are the chain has stretched quite a bit over time.

In cases like that, you will have to replace the chain because elongated chains slow down the bike quite naturally.

  • Align the brakes

Brakes are there to keep you safe – especially in a mountain bike, the brakes tend to slow you down from time to time. But to make sure that’s not always the case, make sure they are not rubbing without engagement.

If they are rubbing, then chances are that the rotor is bent against the brake pads – and you will have to fix that by yourself.

Can Making My Mountain Bike Faster Help Me Reach Higher Speeds Downhill?

When it comes to mountain biking, the speed enthusiasts often wonder if making their mountain bikes faster can help them reach higher speeds downhill. The truth is, mountain bikes go downhill naturally due to gravity, but increasing their speed can definitely enhance the overall downhill experience and potentially allow riders to reach even higher speeds when descending steep trails.

Final Words

Even though riding your bike fast through the mountains will give you a proper adrenaline rush, it is important to always prioritize your safety.

Hence, even when you are wondering about how to make your mountain bike faster, make sure to consider your safety first.

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