How to Make Self Charging Electric Bike?

With the excessive heat and humidity, pedaling my regular bike all the way to the convenience store is becoming more and more draining for me.

So, it hit me – why use standard bikes in the era of electric bikes? Especially with the existence of self-charging ones, I am really working hard for nothing!

Instead of buying one, however, I thought it would be more fun to build one – and that’s when I started researching about how to make self charging electric bike.

Turns out the process is quite simple, and I will be sharing that right here.

What Is a Self-Charging Electric Bike?

As complicated as a self-charging electric bike sounds, their definition is pretty simple – self charging electric bikes are basically motorized bikes that either add throttle or assist a rider’s pedal power and get to charge themselves.

Depending on the type of electric bike, you may or may not have to pedal at all. Not to mention, they are usually suitable for larger trips and heavier commutes without the riders losing their sweat and energy during the process.

Some self-charging bikes will charge as you apply the brakes, and others will charge as you pedal. And in some cases, the batteries can be charged both on and off the bikes. Overall, these bikes are pretty effortless to use, given their nature.

How to Make a Self-Charging Electric Bike?

If there is a deficiency of self-charging electric bikes in the market, then that is nothing for you to worry about because you can make one yourself. We will be providing the steps of making one right here for you.

  • Get a Standard Bike First

If you don’t have a bike already, then you should be investing in a bike first. For that, the ideal choice is a mountain bike. And try to go for bikes with wider handlebars and wheels sizes between 16-26 inches.

  • Pick an electric bike conversion kit

Whether you are a beginner or not, having an electric bike conversion kit will make it a lot easier for you. The kit itself contains everything you will be needing.

  • Choose a suitable self-charging battery

Now you need to get a self-charging battery, which can recharge as you pedal. Make sure the battery provides the speed and comfort that you need.

  • Start with Your Wheel Replacement

Do you want to remove the front wheel or the rear one? Whichever it is, before the conversion process, you need to replace one of the wheels, so start by removing first.

  • Transfer the Inner Tube

Now that you have removed the wheel, you need to transfer the inner tube from the old wheel to the new one. Once you have done that, the wheel replacement process is half-way complete.

  • Connect the Brake Parts

Remember the process you used to remove the wheel? Use that to attach the new one. And this time, put it with the electric hub and connect the brake components accordingly.

  • Connect the Speed Controller and the Throttle

Connect the speed controller above the chain of the bike and the throttle to the handlebars. You can also check the instructions provided with the conversion kit for reference.

  • Attach the Battery to the Bike

We are pretty much done with the process – the only thing left is connecting the battery. Start by attaching the battery to the throttle and the speed controller, and the recheck the brakes to see if it works properly. If you want to tweak your bikes speed limiter, you can do that by adjusting the potentiometer.

  • Make Sure the Bike Is Safe to Ride

Once you are done checking the bike, take it out on a ride to a safe area to make sure it works. Also, check if the bike charges itself according to the process given – if you have checked all the boxes, then you can enjoy your bike.

Final Words

Trying something out for the first time can be daunting – even if you know how to make self charging electric bike thoroughly, it can still scare you.

So, my suggestion would be to take it slow and focus on the steps carefully – eventually, you will make the perfect bike.

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