How to Install Bike Rack on Subaru Forester?

After getting a Subaru Forester, I have been wondering about how I should be carrying my bike with it. After all, keeping them both together seems to be the safest option.

And then it hit me that I could keep my bike locked to the SUV – how? By using a bike rack. That is when I started researching how to install bike rack on Subaru Forester.

After hours of research, I realized that the process is quite simple – and once you know all the steps, you will be able to do it without putting much effort. So here I will be sharing whatever I have found with you.

What Is a Bike Rack?

When you hear the term “bike rack,” you might picture a rack attached to the bike – and while that is the perfectly logical thing to imagine, we can assure you that it is not the case.

Bike racks, bicycle parking racks, or bike stands are basically used for parking purposes. It is basically attached to a bike using a lock, which then makes sure the bike is safe while you are away from it.

The rack is usually stationary, and most people use it for extra security. Now, a lot of people might not want to invest in it or might find it hassle-some to install, but it would totally be worth it.  

Benefits of a Bike Rack?

We already know that bike racks come with tons of benefits – and will be discussing those here.

  • More Secure Parking Option

Having a bike rack attached to your Subaru Forester will surely provide more secure parking options. You will be relaxed and have no worries even when leaving your vehicles behind.

  • Definitely Economical

It is definitely better to invest in a bike rack than to have your vehicles stolen when you aren’t catering to them for a very long time. Moreover, bike racks are rather inexpensive as well.

  • Easy to Use

Bike racks are quite easy to install; not to mention, you won’t need much experience to use them every time as well. Hence, they are quite simple to use and user-friendly.

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Installation of a Bike Rack on Subaru Forester

Installing a bike rack on a Subaru Forester might sound like a complicated process – but it’s quite simple. We will be discussing the steps here, and you will face no problem if you follow them properly.

  • Gather All the Materials

You will need a couple of materials for the process of installing the bike rack to your Subaru Forester. Starting with a measuring tape, you will need scissors, a stepping platform, a marker, and a wrench. Gather all of these before you start.

  • Assemble the Rack and Position It

Go through the manual of your rack. If it requires assembly, then assemble it before installing it to the Forester. After that, keep on extending the rack until the pins are fully engaged, and then position it according to your SUV’s trunk.

  • Hook the Security Straps and Tighten Them

Now it is time to carefully hook the security straps according to the positions provided by the labels. In most cases, you should be hooking them on the sides of the Forester’s trunk. After that, you need to pull the buckle of the straps and make sure they are completely tightened.

  • Load Your Bike into the Rack

Now it is time to load your bike into the rack. Once you have done that, check if the bike and the rack remain at the same place; if they do, then you are done installing the bike rack to your Subaru Forester.

Final Words

Learning how to install bike rack on Subaru Forester is quite simple, but at the same time, you also have to make sure the rack does not cause any damage to your SUV.

Try to maintain it every once in a while, and it will remain damage-free for the longest time.

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