How to Attach a Saddle Bag to a Bike?

Do you use your bike to commute? Find it hard to carry stuff with you during those trips? Although it might not seem like it, with the bicycle, you can be well capable of doing errands and groceries. But you can not do that without installing something to carry the stuff with on the cycle.

Now, there are tons of options for carriers that will allow you to carry stuff. But for discrete overall looks, the saddle bags are the right choice. However, getting a proper saddle bag is one thing, and learning how to attach a saddle bag to a bike is another thing.

Without proper installation, these bags can fall right off the saddle when you go through a bump. But do not worry; the attachment process is pretty straightforward. And we will walk you through each of the steps in this guide.

How to Install a Saddle Bag to a Bike?

So, there are two different methods of attaching a saddle bag to a bike. And depending on the bag you have, you will need to follow one of them. Nonetheless, to give you a fair idea regarding the installation process, we will go through both methods. Let us get started!

Method 1: Click-in-Dock Method

The first process we have for this guide is the click-in-dock method. In this method, you will need to work with mountain hardware to keep the bag secured to the saddle. Some of the bags might also come with a quick-clip attachment. But even for them, the process is the same. Here are the steps:

  • Step 1: Work with the Hardware

First, you will need to align the mounting hardware on the seat rail. You should ensure that the position is correct and it is lining up correctly. Without proper placement, you will not be capable of clamping on the bag easily. So, put an appropriate emphasis on this step.

Basically, the top of the mount should lay over the saddle’s rails. And the three-prong clip requires to be in the bottom, and it should face the rear wheel.

  • Step 2: Fasten the Bolts

After lining up the hardware, you will need to use the bolts. Fasten them on both the sides of the rails of the bike. It would be a good idea to tighten each bolt at a time. That will enable you to get the right level of tightness on both sides. And eventually, the bag will remain secure with the saddle.

  • Step 3: Clip the Saddle Bag

Now, you should click the saddle bag and check whether it is secure with the mount or not. Go for a test ride and see if the bag is making any unnecessary movements or not.

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Method 2: With a Velcro System

You can also install the saddle bags with a Velcro system. This method is pretty common, and it is one of the economical ways of setting the saddle bag up in place. And the steps you will need to follow are:

  • Step 1: Acquire Velcro Straps

Check the saddle and see how many Velcro tabs it will require for the setup process. Usually, two will be enough.

  • Step 2: Attach the first Velcro Strap to the Rail

Attach a long Velcro strap to the bike rails. Start the attachment process from the left side and then make your way to the right. Do remember to insert the “D” ring after setting the strap in place.

  • Step 3: Ensure the Right Tightness

After getting the “D” ring in place, you should tighten it correctly. Having the correct tightness is pretty vital because it will determine how secure the saddlebag will be with the bike.

  • Step 4: Work with the Second Strap

Finally, get the shorter strap on the seat post. Again, check the tightness of the strap and then check how secure the bag is by going on a test ride.

Final Words

It goes without saying that learning how to attach a saddle bag to a bike is pretty straightforward. You will just need to follow either of the processes we have gone through. However, make sure that you test out the stability of the saddle before going on an actual ride.

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