How Much Does It Cost to Restore a Bike?

Planning to get yourself a new bicycle? You might have already ventured into the used marketplace. There is a high chance that you have stumbled upon a worn-down two-wheeler that is significantly cheaper than the new ones. And a lot of the time, you can get an insane value for the money by restoring those bicycles.

So, should you pull the trigger and buy the bike? You should not! At least not before you know how much does it cost to restore a bike! You have come to the right place to acquire that knowledge. We have dealt with tons of cycle restoration projects. And in this article, we will give you a proper breakdown regarding the cost.

What Factors Affect the Bike Restoration Cost?

Yes, we will talk about the price you would need to pay to restore a bicycle. But before that, you should know the things that can have an effect on the total cost.

Condition of the Bike

First, you need to consider the overall condition of the bike. Mainly, check the core components. That includes the wheels, the frame, the suspension, the front set, the brakes, the saddle, the drivetrain, the crankset, and others. If they are in good overall condition, you might not need to worry about them.

The Paint of the Bike

Secondly, you would need to factor in the outlook. Does the bike have rust on the frame? Or is there rust or signs of corrosion on the other parts of the body? If so, you must add up the cost to paint the bike.

How the Bike Performs

Sometimes, everything on the bike might look correct. But when you ride it, you will notice that the ride quality is not up to the mark at all. In that case, you would need to service the bicycle. And that would add up to the total cost of the restoration.

How Much Will It Cost You to Restore a Bicycle?

Among all of the factors, the bike’s overall condition will play a significant role in the cost. If the core components require replacement, you will need to spend extra on the restoration project. Here is a general breakdown:

  • Drive train parts: From $50 to $750
  • Shifters: From $20 to $400
  • Brakes: From $150 to $300
  • Tires: From $15 to $150
  • Tubes: Typically $8
  • Wheels: From $25 to $200
  • Handlebar: From $20 to $200
  • Stem: Typically around $25
  • Seat posts: From $12 to $90
  • Cables and Housing: $1 for each foot of housing and $3 to $5 for the cables
  • Hubs: From $20 to $100
  • Bearings: From $8 to $15

Do note that we did not include the cost of the frame. If you are working with a bike that needs a frame replacement, it would be better choice to spend on a new bike. Frames will cost you from $500 to $3000. Also, note that we stated only the price points of entry to mid-level components. The high-end cost is way lot than the ranges stated above.

Furthermore, the list above only states the price of the parts. If you do not plan to replace them on your own, you will need to put the labor cost into the equation. And it will depend on which repair shop you are relying on for getting the replacement parts in place.

For the paint job, you will be looking to spend around $100 if you carry out the project on your own. But for a professional paint job, it would be anywhere from $200 to $300. The price will vary depending on the powder coating service of your choosing.

That brings us to the last factor, which is the overall ride quality. The bicycle will need servicing if the parts do not need any replacement, but the performance is off. Basic tune-ups will cost you anywhere between $60 and $100. For the advanced and major tuning, you will need to spend around $150.

Can I Build My Own Bike If It Is More Cost-Effective Than Restoring One?

Building a bike from scratch can be an economical option—especially if you are skilled in mechanics and understand the components needed to construct a bike; it can be a cheaper alternative than restoring one.

The cost of the parts required to build a bike can vary depending on the make and model, but with some research and patience, you may be able to find the parts at a lower cost. Additionally, you may be able to find used parts or parts from other bikes, which can help you save money.

However, if you are a novice when it comes to bike mechanics, building a bike from scratch may not be the most cost-effective route. Restoring a bike could be a better option if you are not confident in your ability to construct a bike from scratch.

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Final Words

To recapitulate, it will depend on three factors regarding how much does it cost to restore a bike. Firstly, the overall condition of the bike. Secondly, the condition of the paint. Finally, the ride quality. And the price for each of the criteria will mostly remain in the range that we have mentioned above.

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