How Much Does It Cost to Get Bike Brakes Fixed?

Whether you are an avid cyclist or a professional, brakes are one of the first parts you might need to repair. Regardless of the type, a lot of friction is involved with bike brakes. And when there is friction in the equation, wearing down will come into it automatically.

Now, when the cyclists face issues with brakes, the first thing that comes into there is whether the issue is fixable or not. Secondly, they ask how much does it cost to get bike brakes fixed. Well, the thing is, whether the brakes are fixable or not will depend on the damage. And the same story applies to the cost.

For that reason, one can not give you concrete information regarding the questions. Well, that is why we are here. We will go through some general discussions regarding brakes, which can give you a rough idea regarding the topic.

Cost to Fix the Bike Brakes

Needless to say that you can not ride your bike with a broken brake. You will put yourself and the people around you at risk.

For that reason, you should address brake issues as soon as possible and get them fixed. And yes, most of the brake issues are fixable. You just need to follow the right repair steps or go to the right person. That said, the typical cost for fixing each type of brake is as follows:

Disc Brakes

You will find disc brakes on most bicycles. They are a little expensive in comparison with the other types. However, the additional cost is totally worth it! They have great stopping power and can ensure a higher level of ride safety. Wondering how they work?

Well, these brakes will utilize a unique mechanism. The system involves hydraulic fluid pressure, so they are also known as hydraulic brakes. Nonetheless, the fluid creates an immense level of stopping power. That is why bikes with disc brakes will slow down reasonably quickly.

Even though the system sounds fancy, the mechanism is not complicated at all. And luckily, the repairs are not that hard either. You can expect to spend about $28 to repair the low-end models.

On the other hand, to fix a high-end unit, you will be looking at the $40 to $45 range. Do note that these costs are without the labor cost associated with the repair.

Liner-Pull Brakes

The linear-pull brakes are also very common. These offer a good amount of stopping power and can smoothly slow down the bicycles. And just like the name suggests, these will rely on the pulling power to halt the wheels. There will be two calipers on the side of the wheels that will slow them down through friction.

Nonetheless, the linear-pull brakes are easy to work with. You will need just a few basic tools to fix them. And in most cases, you will need to spend anywhere from $14 to $30 for the repair. Again, the labor cost is not included in this cost estimate.

Cantilever Brakes

Most of the old bike models will come with cantilever brakes. But that does not mean that they are not common! You might even find new bicycle models with these brakes. They are pretty cheap and function reasonably well when it comes to stopping the bike.

The same thing is applicable to the repair cost. If you have the right tools, you can fix the cantilever brakes for as little as $10. And in some cases, the highest you will need to spend is $20.

However, if you do not have the right tools around, you will need to head to the repair shops. And that will add labor costs. Depending on the shop, with the labor cost, the total can be anywhere from $40 to $50.

Can Bike Brake Repair Be Included in the Overall Bike Restoration Cost?

When calculating the cost of bike restoration, it is essential to consider if bike brake repair can be included. Brake repair is an integral part of the overall restoration process, as it ensures the bike’s safety and functionality. Neglecting brake repair may compromise the rider’s safety and result in additional expenses in the long run. Thus, including bike brake repair in the cost of bike restoration is crucial for a comprehensive restoration project.

Can I Fix Bike Brake Levers If They Are Not Springing Back?

Yes, you can fix bike brake levers if they are not springing back. First, you’ll need to determine what type of brake lever you have; some levers are adjustable and some are not.

If your bike brake lever is not rebounding and remains in the activated position—despite your attempts to pull it back—it likely requires adjusting. You’ll need to find the adjustment screw on the side of the lever and make sure it is tight.

If it is loose, tighten it until it is snug and the lever returns to its resting position. And, if the lever still does not rebound, then there may be an issue with the cable or the brake pads.

Make sure the cable is securely attached and that the pads are not worn down too much. If all else fails, you may need to replace the lever itself.

Final Words

Bike brakes are repairable! But when it comes to how much does it cost to get bike brakes fixed, it will depend on the type. And without the labor cost, you will be looking to spend at most $40. However, if the labor cost comes into the equation, the highest price would be around $110 for the repair.

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