How Long Does It Take To Bike 50 Miles?

Whether you want to go for a regular ride to enjoy the area or train for a race, riding a bike is always supposed to be enjoyable and calming. But a common question that comes to people’s minds is, how long does it take to bike 50 miles?

Riding a 50-mile bike is a strenuous task—however, it’s doable within the time limit of three to 4 and a half hours. This duration varies a lot depending on a few factors like the condition of the road, the bike speed and performance, and also your physical strength and stability.

Therefore, in this article, we will talk about all the factors that have an impact on the time duration to travel 50 miles journey on a bike.

Factors That Put An Impact on The Time to Ride 50 Miles

Before you begin your ride on your bike, it is crucial to ensure the bike is in proper condition and capable of handling such a long ride. Moreover, the overall road conditions, along with the rider’s speed, play a crucial role in the duration of travel.

Below are the factors you need to keep in check before you ride a 50-miles journey.

1. Road Conditions

Depending on your location and the area you are riding in, with adequate preparations and knowledge of safety, you should be able to cover a massive distance in no time.

A smooth and even road will be more comfortable to ride on and minimizes the possibility of hitting any bumps along the route. Straight roads will allow you to cover more ground in a shorter time and ensure a good, enjoyable ride.

If you are a beginner, it is best to stick to such roads as it is much safer and allow you to speed up eventually. These smooth surfaces are convenient to cover and require less monitoring as there are minimum risks as you ride along.

However, bumpy roads will take more time to cover the same distance since your overall speed will be distorted as you go along. So, on rough and uneven surfaces, you’ll require more time to travel.

2. The Bike Speed And Performance

To ride such a distance, your bike needs to be suitable to go for extensive hours and keep its form as a hybrid bike. Below are the things that you need to keep in check before you proceed with your 50-miles bike journey.


A hybrid bike is somewhere between a road bike and a mountain bike. These bikes usually have a very well-built frame that is strong. Usually made of aluminum or steel, these frames are solid and capable of riding through rough roads.

Cushioned Seat

Make sure your bike has a wide cushioned seat that provides comfort and is soft to sit on. The saddle must be well-padded to ride on for hours through all kinds of roads. This will aid you in having a good posture during your ride, and you can keep up the pace during your journey.

Pumped Tyres

The tires on these bikes must also be broad and adequately pumped. If the tires are not well-pumped, they can be highly dangerous to ride on and may lead to accidents that could potentially be harmful. Moreover, they also decrease your speed, and it would take more time for you to reach this distance.

3. Physical Stability And Strength

To ride a bike for extensive hours, physical strength and stability are a must. If you are not stable enough or lack sufficient muscle power, you would naturally require more time to cover this much distance.

4. Muscle Power

You need an active physique and the right muscle power to paddle through for hours. If your muscles are weak and quickly start to cramp, riding a bike for prolonged hours might not be for you. Moreover, you would require more time to complete the 50-mile journey than usual.

5. Balance And Composition

To ride your bike at a decent pace, you most certainly require a sense of balance and composure. Having balance will allow you to ride for hours with ease. It also allows you to maintain the bike properly and have it under your control.

This will enable you to ride through different types of roads in a shorter time and also without much stress.

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How Does the Average Speed of Biking Change when Going from 2 Miles to 50 Miles?

When biking two miles casually, the average speed might not significantly vary. However, as the distance increases to 50 miles, the average speed is likely to change due to various factors such as fatigue, terrain, and endurance. Traveling longer distances often requires maintaining a slower, more sustainable pace to conserve energy and prevent exhaustion.

What is the Ideal Knee Flexion for Long-distance Biking?

The ideal knee flexion for optimal bike riding can vary depending on factors like terrain and cycling style. Generally, a knee flexion angle of 25-35 degrees is considered suitable for long-distance biking. It ensures efficient pedaling while minimizing strain on the knees, providing a comfortable and sustainable riding experience. Remember, proper bike fit and regular stretching can help maintain the right knee flexion angle and prevent potential injuries.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far can you bike in a day?

You can go anywhere from 10-60 miles in a day with the proper equipment. On a good day, riding for 15 miles would only take about 30 minutes.

How much water do I need for a 50-mile bike ride?

To determine how much water you need for your bike ride, you can calculate the distance by multiplying the time by 10. So for a 50-mile bike ride, you would take 500 minutes, or 8.5 hours, and multiply that times 10. So for a 50-mile bike ride, you would burn 850 calories.

What to do when the tire loses pump midway?

You can use a bike pump, a popular device to fill a tire with air. Many bikes come with a repair kit that includes a small size portable bike pump. To use a bike pump, remove the dust cap from the end of the valve. Next, fit the pump’s connector onto the valve and push down until you hear a click.
Next, start pumping and watch the pressure gauge to ensure you put enough air into the tire. When the desired pressure is reached, release the pump and remove it from the valve. Finally, replace the dust cap on the valve.

Can you pump the tire without any tools?

If you’re thinking what do pros do when they are out of tools, well there’re ways to pump air in the tire without any bike pump or tools as well.

Bottom Line

So, how long it takes to bike 50 miles depend a lot on the bike’s performance, speed, and also your physical condition. Therefore, when you are planning to cross this much distance, always consider these conditions to estimate the duration you would require to bike, a grossing distance of 50 miles.

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