How Do You Do a Wheelie on a Fat Bike?

Doing a wheelie maybe the most common stunt that a bike rider loves to do. You can do a wheelie with almost all types of bikes when you know the proper way.

I have seen in some cyclists’ forums that people are asking if they can do a wheelie with their fat bike too.

As I mentioned, you can perform a wheelie with any kind of bikes. But before you do it, you need to learn the proper way.

If you are a beginner and want to know how do you do a wheelie on a fat bike, this article is for you. I am going to discuss each step that you will have to follow.

How Do You Do a Wheelie on a Fat Bike

What Do You Need?

To do a wheelie with your fat bike, you need some proper arrangements. The first thing is a good fat bike which is not bulky.

Though we know the weight will be higher than traditional road bikes or mountain bikes, still it won’t be a big issue.

If you have already purchased the essential security wearable, it is okay. If you didn’t, you must have to purchase them to ensure the maximum safety for you.

Is it Hard to Do a Wheelie with a Fat Bike?

Is it Hard to Do a Wheelie with a Fat Bike

Though learning and performing a wheelie is not a very tough job, but it is challenging when you are trying with a fat bike.

Unlike a mountain bike or road bike, a fat bike is heavier and bulky. Keeping the balance during a wheelie could be difficult.

Still, some people are showing great skills with a fat bike. So, all you need is more practice to be comfortable with it.

Steps to Follow to Do a Wheelie on a Fat Bike

Make the Proper Adjustments

The first step is nothing about riding and doing the stunt. It is more about checking and rechecking all the adjustments of your bike.

Because proper adjustment is the main key to be successful to do a wheelie. Different parts need to be checked properly. You can start with the tires.
Inflate the tires at a level where you feel comfortable and it shakes less. However, too much air won’t perform better for a wheelie.

Now check the screws if they are properly tightened and fitted in the proper place. If any screw has rust, you must have to clean it.

If it is a fat bike with gear, check if the gear shifter is working properly. Finally, check the brakes and make sure they are working finely.

Start Riding Your Bike

If you find in step 1 that everything working in the right order, you can start riding the bike.

However, at this point, you may get confused about which gear should you choose for a wheelie.

Though most experts recommend keeping the gear in low, you can also try in the medium gear. Now start riding the bike slowly and be comfortable with it.

Find a Good Space for Practice

As you are a beginner in a wheelie, you need to choose a safe space for practice. You don’t want to get stuck at any point when riding the bike, right?

Move around the place to find a suitable area. The place shouldn’t be too many people which can be disturbing for you. A flat surface is better for beginners instead of a rough surface.

During performing a wheelie, if the bike shakes, you won’t be able to keep your balance for a longer time. Slightly inclined surface is okay for wheelie but never try to perform your first wheelie on downhill roads.

Place Your Foot on the Pedal

Remember that your foot plays the most important role to perform a wheelie.

You need to place your dominating foot in the right position so that you can create the maximum force to pull the front of your bike.

Keep the pedal in 2 o’clock position and place your foot to push it harder. This is the best position from where you can apply the maximum force.

Push Hard on the Pedal

If your foot is in the right position of the pedal, you are now ready to push it hard to perform your first wheelie.

When you push the pedal hard, the front of the bike will be off of the ground. Lean back to balance your bodyweight with the bike’s position.

However, don’t be hurry at this position which can cause falling from your bike.

Don’t expect to be successful at the first attempt. Wheelie is not something easy that you just tried and became successful.

If you are unable to do it at the first try, it is okay. Try again in the same position. Especially with a fat bike, performing a wheelie is quite challenging.

Try Different Points of Balance

Even if you become successful at the first attempt, you should try some other positions of balancing.

This might help you to find a comfortable zone where you get control over the speed and can keep your balance.

For this, when leaning back, try to keep the bodyweight at different points. Once you find the center of gravity, you will know how to do a wheelie with your fat bike wherever you want.

Landing on the Ground

Most people make a mistake at this point. Only the capacity of pulling the front off of the ground is not everything. You also have to know-how about a safe landing.

To have a secure landing of your fat bike, you need to be very careful. The rear brake is the best thing you should use for a proper landing.

Once you pull the brake, your bike will immediately land on the ground. However, avoid harsh braking.

Don’t try to land the bike in a fancy way because that is the reason most people fall off from the bike.

Final Verdict

The above steps guide you everything about how you do a wheelie on a fat bike. Now it is your time for the first try.

Just keep practicing and become the master of a wheelie even with your fat bike. Once you are comfortable with the stunt, you can perform it anywhere as you want.

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