How Do I Use My Garmin Bike Computer – Expert Guide in 2023

Biking is great fun for adventure-loving persons. When you are riding the bike, you may need to track several things.

For example, what is your average speed, how much distance did you cover, and more like these things!

Different brands are producing high-quality bike computers for these kinds of activities.

How Do I Use My Garmin Bike Computer

Garmin is one of the best brands for top quality bike computers. There are many models available on the market. You may read Garmin bike computer comparison. The problem is, so many people ask to know, “How do I use my Garmin Bike Computer?”

Well, if you are a beginner, no need to get confused after purchasing a new bike computer. Here I will discuss in detail to use your first Garmin bike computer.

Steps to Follow to Set Your Bike Computer

Here are the steps that you should follow after purchasing a new Garmin bike computer –

Check the Details of the Product

Before you are going to start the bike computer, check the details of the product.

All Garmin bike computers don’t come in the same style and same feature. Based on the price and the model, several things could differ.

If you are buying online, this information will be available on the product page. If you have purchased it from an offline store, check the product box.

I will give a clear concept of what are the main features of the item.

Give Charge to Your Device

After unboxing the device, charge it. Most Garmin bike computers come with a built-in lithium-ion battery which can be charged with a standard wall outlet or a USB port from your PC.

The good thing is, this device won’t start charging while the temperature is out of the range to prevent any damage to it.

There is a weather cap in the USB port. Before charging the device, pull off this cap.

Now, charging the device with an adapter is easy. Just connect the small end with the device and the large end with the adapter and connect it to the wall socket.

You can give direct charge using your PC. Remove the larger end of the USB cable and insert it to your PC.

Connect the Device with a Standard Mount

Connect the Device with a Standard Mount

Enable navigating different things with your Garmin bike computer; you need to position it in the right place.

The best way to connect the device with your bike and to get the information is by setting it on the handlebar or the stem. Try to find a secure position on the handlebar to mount the device.

Now, Place the rubber disk on the backside of the bike mount and make sure that the rubber tabs are aligned with the back of the bike mount. It ensures the secure fitting of the device.

To set it on the stem, attach the bike mount securely to the bike stem using two bands.

In this process, you have to align the tabs on the device’s back and the mount notches. Press it down until the device locks into place.

Installing Out-Front Mount

Don’t want to use a standard mount for the device? Then I would recommend using the out-front mount to the bike.

Select a location where do you want to mount it and use the hex key to remove the screws from the handlebar.

You can also remove multiple screws on the backside of the mount and change the orientation.

Now place the rubber pad around the handlebar for secure fitting. And finally, place the handlebar connector with the rubber pad.

Once it is done, you can tighten up the screws. Make sure to keep proper alignment between the tab’s back and mount notches.

Turn-on the Device

Turn-on the Device

If the device has enough charge, it is ready to use. You can turn it on to use and track your bike riding performance.

There is a power button on the device that you need to hold for a while to turn it on. Now some instructions will appear on the screen.

Follow these instructions properly. Based on the model of the Garmin bike computer, these instructions may vary.

They are pretty similar, and you will understand it easier for sure. During the configuration, you can turn on different sensors such as heart rate monitor, speed tracker, cadence sensor, etc.

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Configure for Satellite Signals

Everything is done in the right way. Now you have to configure the satellite signal.

Choose staying under the open sky to get the best and clear signal. Also, make sure that you are trying this when the sky is clear.

So, find an open area where you can do this task and try to configure it. Once you search for the signals, based on different conditions, it may take up to 1 minute to capture the signal.

Connecting External Devices

Based on the Garmin bike computer you are using, there may have some additional features.

For example, the device may have a feature to pair with another device via Bluetooth. If so, you can easily connect it just by turning the Bluetooth option on both devices.

Final Verdict

If you have gone thoroughly to these tips, now you know how do you can use your Garmin bike computer.

Though you may find some unique features in some devices, that won’t be difficult to understand. I would highly recommend reading the user manual before using the bike computer.

The benefit of reading the user manual is, you will get to know if your purchased device has some additional care instructions.

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