Hoka for Plantar Fasciitis: Best Shoes to Supple Your Steps

If your plantar fascia is screaming in pain, ditch the socks and find supportive kicks. Forget bulky sneakers, we’re talking Hoka. But not just any Hoka, you need one specifically designed to tackle plantar fasciitis. The right pair can be the magic bullet to reduce inflammation, restore arch support, and eliminate those debilitating heel and foot aches. But not all Hokas are created equal. Finding the right pair is crucial to get lasting relief and avoid further complications. Let’s unveil the ultimate Hoka for plantar fasciitis.

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Hoka Men’s Clifton 9 Sneaker – Black/Black, 10


Step up your daily runs with the groundbreaking Hoka Men’s Clifton 9 Sneaker. Engineered for comfort, responsiveness, and lightweight performance, this ninth iteration of the award-winning franchise delivers an unparalleled underfoot experience.

Key Features

  • Lightweight construction: Eliminating unnecessary weight without compromising cushioning, resulting in a nimble and agile feel.
  • Enhanced Stack Height: 3mm added to the Stack Height for increased cushioning and shock absorption.
  • Responsive cushioning: New responsive foam and improved outsole design offer a balanced blend of energy return and comfort.
  • Stripped-back upper: Minimalistic design with a plusher heel, reflective heel panel, and streamlined tongue for a secure and comfortable fit.


  • Ultra-lightweight design for effortless running experiences.
  • Responsive cushioning for enhanced performance and energy return.
  • Enhanced stability and support for all-day comfort.
  • Breathable and comfortable upper for optimal temperature regulation.


  • May not be suitable for runners with very high arches.
  • Tongue can occasionally bunch up during intense runs.


1. What is the weight of the Clifton 9?
The Clifton 9 weighs approximately 10.5 ounces per pair.

2. Is the Clifton 9 suitable for all distances?
The Clifton 9 is ideal for daily runs and medium-distance races.

3. What is the best way to break in the Clifton 9?
We recommend wearing the Clifton 9 for short walks or easy runs before increasing your mileage.


  • Upper: Breathable mesh with reflective heel panel
  • Midsole: Responsive foam with 3mm Stack Height
  • Outsole: Durable rubber with enhanced traction
  • Closure: Lace-up
  • Weight: 10.5 ounces per pair

Order your pair of Hoka Men’s Clifton 9 Sneakers today and experience the ultimate combination of comfort, responsiveness, and lightweight performance!

Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 23 Supportive Running Shoe


The Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 23 is a high-performance running shoe engineered to deliver exceptional support, stability, and comfort for runners of all levels. With innovative cushioning technologies and a supportive midfoot structure, these shoes provide runners with unparalleled stability and responsiveness.

Key Features:

  • Stability and Support: GTS technology and a medial post offer exceptional support and prevent overpronation.
  • Responsive Cushioning: Dual-density midsole offers a perfect balance of responsiveness and impact absorption.
  • Enhanced Stability: Internal support cage provides additional stability and prevents excessive inward rolling.
  • Durable Construction: Lightweight, breathable materials ensure long-lasting performance and durability.


  • Provides exceptional support and stability for overpronators.
  • Offers responsive cushioning and a smooth ride.
  • Durable construction and breathable materials.
  • Excellent traction on various surfaces.


  • May feel slightly heavier than other running shoes.
  • The arch support might not be suitable for everyone.


1. What type of runner is this shoe best for?
The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 23 is ideal for runners who overpronate and need additional stability and support.

2. What is the difference between the Adrenaline GTS 23 and the previous model?
The Adrenaline GTS 23 features improved cushioning and stability technologies compared to the previous model.

3. What is the weight of the shoe?
The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 23 weighs approximately 11.6 ounces per shoe.


  • Upper: Breathable, lightweight engineered mesh
  • Midsole: Dual-density EVA midsole with GTS technology
  • Outsole: Durable rubber outsole with aggressive traction
  • Weight: 11.6 ounces per shoe
  • Drop: 12mm


The Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 23 is a top-notch running shoe for runners who prioritize stability, support, and responsiveness. With its innovative technologies and exceptional performance, this shoe is sure to elevate your running experience to new levels.

HOKA ONE ONE Men’s Running Shoes


The HOKA ONE ONE Men’s Running Shoes are engineered for runners who crave a balance of plush cushioning and stability. With a lightweight design and innovative technologies, these shoes provide exceptional comfort and support throughout your entire stride.

Key Features

  • Maximum Cushioning: Experience unparalleled softness and shock absorption with HOKA’s signature foam cushioning technology.
  • Stability Enhancement: Enhanced stability features ensure a smooth and controlled ride, minimizing overpronation.
  • Responsive Bounce: Responsive midsole technology delivers an energetic feel and propulsive power with each stride.
  • Durable Construction: Built with premium materials for exceptional durability and long-lasting performance.


  • Enjoy a soft and supportive landing with maximum cushioning.
  • Stay comfortable and stable during long runs or walks.
  • Experience a responsive and energetic running experience.
  • Benefit from durable construction that lasts.


  • Lightweight and breathable design
  • Excellent stability and support
  • Responsive cushioning for a smooth and efficient stride
  • Durable and comfortable materials


  • May not be suitable for extreme trail running
  • Not recommended for runners with very high arches


1. What is the weight of the HOKA ONE ONE Men’s Running Shoes?

The shoes weigh approximately 10.5 ounces (283g) per pair.

2. What is the best surface for running with these shoes?

These shoes are ideal for paved surfaces, sidewalks, and other groomed running tracks.

3. Are these shoes suitable for overpronators?

The HOKA ONE ONE Men’s Running Shoes offer excellent stability features to minimize overpronation.


  • Upper: Breathable and lightweight mesh
  • Midsole: HOKA’s proprietary cushioning technology
  • Outsole: Durable rubber with excellent traction
  • Weight: 10.5 ounces (283g) per pair
  • Drop: 8mm

Note: Individual experiences may vary. Consult with a healthcare professional before purchasing or using these shoes.

Buying Guide: Best Men’s Hoka for Plantar Fasciitis

1. Support Type:

  • Moderate Support: Ideal for mild to moderate plantar fasciitis.
  • Maximum Support: Provides stability and arch support for severe cases.
  • Neutral Support: Offers little to no arch support, suitable for flat feet.


  • Moderate support: Improves stability and reduces pain.
  • Maximum support: Prevents excessive arch collapse and stabilizes ankle joints.
  • Neutral support: Comfortable for flat feet, preventing discomfort.


  • Moderate support may not be enough for severe plantar fasciitis.
  • Maximum support can limit ankle mobility and flexibility.

2. Cushioning:

  • High-Density EVA: Provides excellent shock absorption and stability.
  • Triple-Density Foam: Offers varying levels of cushioning for impact absorption.
  • Biomechanical Footbed: Supports the arch and absorbs vibrations.


  • High-density EVA: Reduces plantar fascia strain and discomfort.
  • Triple-density foam: Optimizes cushioning for different gait styles.
  • Biomechanical footbed: Supports the arch and prevents pronation.


  • Excessive cushioning can mask the need for physical therapy.
  • Poorly designed cushioning can impede ankle mobility.

3. Flexibility and Gait:

  • Flexible soles: Promotes natural foot motion and flexibility.
  • Stiff soles: Offer stability and support, suitable for overpronators.


  • Flexible soles: Encourages a neutral gait cycle and reduces stress on the plantar fascia.
  • Stiff soles: Provides stability for overpronation, preventing excessive inward ankle roll.


  • Flexible soles may lack support for severe plantar fasciitis.
  • Stiff soles can restrict ankle mobility and natural foot motion.

4. Fit and Comfort:

  • Wide toe box: Provides space for toes to move naturally.
  • Supportive ankle collar: Offers additional stability and support.
  • Breathable materials: Keep feet cool and dry.


  • Wide toe box: Prevents pressure points and promotes circulation.
  • Supportive ankle collar: Reduces foot fatigue and discomfort.
  • Breathable materials: Prevents overheating and moisture buildup.


  • Poorly fitted shoes can lead to blisters and discomfort.
  • Tight shoes can restrict blood circulation.

5. Additional Considerations:

  • Price: Hoka shoes range from affordable to premium.
  • Durability: Consider the frequency of use and expected lifespan.
  • Customer reviews: Read online reviews for insights from other users.

FAQs about Best Men’s Hoka for Plantar Fasciitis

1. What is the best Hoka model for plantar fasciitis?

The Hoka Clifton 8 is widely considered the best Hoka model for plantar fasciitis. It offers excellent support, cushioning, and stability, making it ideal for managing pain and discomfort.

2. What features of the Clifton 8 make it good for plantar fasciitis?

  • Maximum cushioning: Thick midsole absorbs impact and reduces stress on the plantar fascia.
  • Support and stability: J-frame technology provides lateral stability and prevents overpronation.
  • Ortholite footbed: Contoured footbed with arch support promotes proper alignment and reduces plantar fascia strain.

3. Are Hoka shoes comfortable for all-day wear?

Hoka shoes are designed for comfort and provide excellent support throughout the day. The Clifton 8 features a breathable upper and a comfortable ankle collar, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit.

4. What is the best way to break in a pair of Hoka shoes?

Hoka shoes are generally comfortable out of the box, but you can gently walk around in them for a few minutes before wearing them for extended periods.

5. What is the return policy on Hoka shoes?

Hoka offers a 30-day return policy on most shoes. Check their website for specific return details and conditions.

6. How do I know if Hoka shoes are right for me?

Hoka shoes are known for their comfort and support. If you experience pain or discomfort in your feet, consult with a healthcare professional to determine if Hoka shoes are suitable for your needs.

7. Where can I find Hoka shoes?

Hoka shoes are available at various retailers, including online stores like Amazon, Zappos, and Hoka’s official website.


In the battle against plantar fasciitis, finding the right footwear can be a game-changer. While numerous shoes vie for the title of “best,” Hoka shoes stand out due to their combination of exceptional cushioning, support, and stability.

Our top picks are:

  • Hoka Clifton 8: Best overall for moderate to severe plantar fasciitis.
  • Hoka Arahi 6: Best for runners with plantar fasciitis.
  • Hoka Bondi 8: Best for maximum cushioning and support.

Ultimately, the best Hoka for plantar fasciitis is the one that fits your individual needs and biomechanics. Consider factors such as your arch type, pain severity, and activity level when making your selection.

Remember, consulting with a podiatrist or healthcare professional is crucial for accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment. They can recommend the most suitable Hoka shoe for your specific condition and provide valuable guidance on other management strategies.

Hoka for Plantar Fasciitis: Best Shoes to Supple Your Steps

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