Garmin Edge 130 vs 530 – Comparison in 2023

While many have taken a liking to the bike computer technology industry, very few have established a well-round product that truly helps a cyclist.

Garmin, being one of the bests in the business, has effectively used their GPS technology to come up with the finest devices that truly understand a biker’s desires and requirements.

Hence, when it comes to choosing between their Edge series cyclocomputers, the uncertainty is justified. So, in this review we are testing Garmin Edge 130 vs. 530, to see which gives you greater bang for your buck.

This review will extensively discuss the features and the extent of their functions, while also discussing the type of bikers who might need these.

Garmin 130 vs. 530 – Comparison of 2023

  Edge 130 Edge 530
DISPLAY SIZE 1.8″ (45.0 mm) diagonal 2.6″ (66 mm) diagonal
DISPLAY RESOLUTION 303 x 230 pixels 246 x 322 pixels
WEIGHT 1.2 oz (33 g) 2.7 oz (75.8 g)
BATTERY LIFE up to 15 hours up to 20 hours
HISTORY 100 hours up to 200 hours
ROUTES 15 courses 100 courses
GPS Yes Yes

Garmin Edge 130

Garmin Edge 130

For the old school bikers, who ride to be free and explore without the constraints that the technology bides us in, this is the perfect device for you.

It is simple, easy to use, and has a very specific set of functions that it can accomplish.

With the Edge 130, there are no surprises, it will deliver just what it promises, not more, not less.

This is one of the pioneers of the Edge series. It has a simple design with a simple display.

The display is clearly visible in extreme sunlight and in low light as well. Even though it’s small, it definitely packs a punch. You won’t have to squint your eyes as you would with your smartphone.

Although this doesn’t have a map, the navigation will show you the turns in your course throughout the trip.

It will also show you your way back in case you feel lost. You can still connect it to your smartphone and download courses like any other Edge device.

And for those who get distracted by their phones easily, the Edge 130 is going to be their greatest companion to keep their focus while showing them exactly what they need.

You will be able to see the time, distance, and even the elevation of your ride.

Furthermore, when surrounded by an unfamiliar terrain, it won’t budge and still record properly. Its simplicity makes its functions more reliable.

On top of that, it has most of the other functions of Edge devices. It can connect with Strava and is compatible with various accessories too.

And it will show you the text messages of your phone and also has the much needed live tracking to help your friends see your path.

Perhaps, the biggest advantage of this nifty little device is its extended battery life.

It can run for up to 15 hours without charge. So, if you like long trips, this is your device.


  • A clear view in all conditions
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Easy to use
  • Reasonable price
  • Course navigation with turning directions


  • No GPS map
ColorBatteries?Map TypeScreen SizeBattery Life
BlackYesWorldwide1.8 Inches15 Hours

Garmin Edge 530

Garmin Edge 530

For cyclists who are always thriving to improve themselves, the Edge 530 will help you in ways you didn’t even know existed.

The Edge is a modern example of how far technology has come. This device will give you a professional experience to make sure you’re not going off easily.

The GPS map not only makes the experience better but also much safer. Along with popularity routing, you will follow the route like a native on any given ground.

Moreover, the map is preloaded with courses, and of course, you can download and create more.

But what’s really exciting is, if you deviate from your course and decide to head back, it will create the path back to your start point while taking your deviation into consideration.

When riding, you will no longer be concerned about safety with the Edge by your side.

It will notify your emergency contacts as it has auto-incident detection. On top of that, there will be live tracking and group messaging features. You can hardly go out of others’ touch.

Apart from the detection features, the Edge 530 can also give you insights like never before.

You can check how your body works in different altitudes and environments, and it notifies you to stop and hydrate yourself.

It also checks whether your training is in balance with your body and requirement.

And all this information is stored in your smartphone for you to analyze it all in great detail.

Furthermore, it can assist you in specific tracks like mountain riding, climbing, etc.

while informing you of your time, distance, gear position, assist level, and other things.

There is also a bike alarm to notify you if someone moves your bike and a battery life of almost around 20 hours.


  • Advance analyses of trips with the latest technologies
  • GPS map with navigation and popular routing
  • Has auto incident tracking
  • Gives insight into the performance
  • Assists according to the track requirement


  • Its price is higher comparatively
  • Need to purchase additional bundles for all the features to be used
ColorBatteries?Human Interface InputScreen SizeItem Dimensions
BlackYesButtons2.6 Inches3.2 x 0.8 x 1.9 in

Garmin Edge 530 or 130?

Here, we are gonna compare both of them by their features.


If we are looking at features, the Edge 530 is way ahead, but that also makes it more complex for the more casual rider.

The Edge 530 is a landmine of features, but only an avid biker needs this many features.

But if performance is in question, the Edge 530 is many generations ahead.

Ease of Use

The Edge 130 is simple and basic. It has the basic features a regular biker would want without getting into complex details.

So it’s easier to use. But with the Edge 530, if you consider the GPS map and navigation, and without delving into the tons of additional features, it’s pretty straightforward.


Both have more than enough battery, but Edge 530 has a longer life.

Visibility in Light

The 130 has a monotonic screen, so it’s easier to see in sunlight, while the LED display of the 530 might be a bit harder to view.


With technical features like auto incident tracking, informing emergency contacts, group massaging, and bike alarm to notify if someone is moving the bike, the 530 is the clear frontrunner for safe riding.

Finally, with all features and usability in consideration, if performance is to be considered, then a professional would definitely go for the 530.

But for a more free-spirited casual biker, the 130 is just enough, and it saves a lot of money too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are some of the most commonly asked queries regarding the comparison:

1. Do I need to purchase the sensors and mountain bike bundle separately?

Yes, these are separate purchases, but you can buy the 530 without them.

2. Is 530 for professionals only?

No, everyone can use it. It has additional features for those who need it.

3. Can you download tracks on the 130?

With the Garmin app and connection to your smartphone, you can.

4. Will the 130 work with other Garmin accessories?

Yes, it works with other accessories.

5. Which is better for mountain biking?

With the mountain biking bundle, the Edge 530 is more insightful and safer for mountain biking.

Final Verdict

In this Garmin Edge 130 vs. 530 battle, if you are looking for a clear winner, then the 530 outclasses the 130 in every way, but with that said, for someone looking for a simplistic device, the 130 is more than fine.

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