FSA Gossamer vs. Shimano 105 Crankset – Comparison in 2023

A crankset may look like just a piece of aluminum on either side of the bike, but its presence is essential for optimal riding.

While searching for one, two options you’ll encounter are Shimano and FSA parts, which are two of the most reliable brands out there.

FSA Gossamer vs. Shimano 105 Crankset

Naturally, you only need one, raising the question of which one is the better pick between the FSA Gossamer vs. Shimano 105 crankset.

In this informative piece, we’ll draw a conclusion after reviewing these two incredible products.

So, are you ready? Then, let’s not waste any more time then! Here’s our FSA-Shimano comparison.

FSA Gossamer Crankset

FSA Gossamer Crankset

Here, we have a high-end crankset built with alloy, providing the benefits only that material can give us.

It features a smooth design with cold-forged aluminum arms to receive maximum strength to weight ratio. Similarly, the BB368 spindle is versatile, also created from strong alloy.

The versatility of said 30mm spindle makes it compatible with several bottom brackets, including English Threaded, SMN Press Fit as well as BB30 parts. Plus, the crank is quite lightweight, reaching only 751g for easier handling.

As for the chainrings, the brand puts them through a CNC automated process to get the best out of the 7075 aluminum.

These materials get ramped and pinned, ultimately leading to quick and precise shifting. Additionally, the Chromoly steel makes the chainring bolts stronger.

Interestingly enough, the addition of a fifth chainring bolt included behind the drive-side crank arm provides extra strength. It’s particularly useful to withstand power strokes.

For the price, this product does wonders. Before purchase, make sure to check bottom bracket compatibility.

Although you shouldn’t have any issues with that, there are some limitations you may face.


  • Durable and resistant build
  • Lightweight
  • Delivers precise shifting at all times
  • Added strength due to the chainring bolts


  • Limited bottom bracket compatibility

Shimano 105 Crankset

Shimano 105 Crankset

This product is the ideal choice for those looking to save some money. It’s the perfect replacement, and for the price, there’s hardly any better crankset.

The Shimano 105 FC-R7000 model is both affordable and convenient due to how easy it’s to mount it.

Thankfully, this crankset is perfect for professional and amateurs purposes alike.

It benefits significantly from the Dura-Ace and the Ultegra trickle-down technology to prevent any downside while riding.

Despite weighing 100 grams more than its high-end sibling, this crankset is far from heavy.

On the road, you feel the difference, and it could easily improve your experience if you come from heavier cranksets.

By adding the Hyperdrive 11-speed chainrings, the shifting capacity is outstanding.

Pair it up with the Dual SIS front index shifting, and you’ll get optimal, instant, and precise shifting every single time.

Even though it shares similar features from Shimano’s high-end groupsets, this one still isn’t as good as those.

One of the main issues comes with braking, as it doesn’t feel as crisp as it would with Ultegra parts.


  • Incredible performance at an affordable price
  • Good for casual and competitive riders
  • Available in black and silver
  • Good shifting capacity


  • The braking isn’t as good as Ultegra

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FSA Gossamer Crankset or Shimano 105 Crankset?

A common issue for riders is to know when to change crankset and how to do it efficiently.

The two products reviewed here consistently show up in that debate, as the brands responsible for them are as reliable as they get. However, the question remains: which one is better?


Once you get to try the two cranksets, you’ll notice there’s barely any difference in how they feel on the road.

Truthfully, both are equally good, delivering outstanding performance under different circumstances and environments.

However, if you’re picky, you’ll notice that the Shimano 105 is so much stiffer than its counterpart.

Also, the Shimano cranks often shift better from small to large chainrings, which is something many people highlight about these two products.


Does that mean that the Shimano is the better pick? Not necessarily. Although the 105 crankset is stiffer and could be slightly better at shifting, the difference isn’t much.

As mentioned above, most riders won’t feel those changes while driving, and therefore they won’t mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the best crankset out of the two?

Both are perfectly good at delivering outstanding performance. Despite having some slight differences, each crankset is worth the money.

2. Are the cranksets easy to install?

Yes, installing both of the products reviewed here proved to be a hassle-free process that shouldn’t be a problem for anyone. In fact, whether you have previous experience or not, getting the assembly done is simple.

3. Are these cranksets expensive?

Both cranksets are among the same price range. Still, the Shimano 105 is easily the most impressive out of the two when compared to previous Shimano components. For its price, the 105 crankset is, for sure, a valuable choice.

4. How to customize the cranksets?

With several colors available, the Shimano 105 offers the variety to help you add more style to your equipment. Plus, fitting both the Shimano and the FSA is pretty simple, allowing riders to make the most out of each part.

5. Are the cranksets good for professional racing?

The products would work well over most applications, but they do have some limitations. Depending on your needs, they may be more or less effective. Still, for professional racing, perhaps other options would be better.

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That pretty much sums up a debate that has been going on for years! As seen in our reviews, these cranksets are good for a variety of reasons.

Since they both have similar performance, casual riders won’t even be able to tell if there’s any difference at all.

If anything, customers get to pick the one they like the most out of the FSA Gossamer vs. Shimano 105 crankset.

Most would go for Shimano due to the brand’s popularity, but don’t be too quick to dismiss FSA. It could offer more than one surprise.

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