Post Covid In-Restaurant Event Criteria

  1. Typically our restaurant seating is first-come first-served basis. However, due to our event rooms being closed we are allowing small reservations that comply with state mandates. 
  2. All guests must wear masks and socially distance themselves from others at all times in all places except when seated at your table as mandated by the state. 
  3. Groups are limited to a 2 table, 10 person reservation. Groups over 10 are not permitted by the Oregon state mandate. 
  4. Groups are limited to a maximum of 2-hours in order to accommodate all of our guests. We recommend you offset your reservation with your ride-session. Example: Ride session 4-6 PM. Reservation 5-7 PM. This allows you to maximize your riding time/experience. 
  5. Reservations cannot begin before or end after operating hours. 
  6. Only cakes/desserts are acceptable however, they must be store bought or bakery made, they cannot be homemade. This is a health code regulation in the state of Oregon for restaurants. We charge a $5 cake fee to bring in a dessert. 
  7. Groups will be charged and automatic service-charge of 18% on food and beverage purchases. 
  8. Balloons and decorations are welcome but limited to your table area. Please, no staples, tacks, nails or anything that will damage walls. Standard transparent tape is recommended. Please no confetti or glitter. 
  9. Reservations must be made a minimum of 24-hours in advance. Please contact
  10. Groups may pre-order however, a 20% deposit of the pre-ordered food amount will be charged and then applied to the final bill. Pre-orders must be placed a minimum of 48-hours in advance.