Can Adults Ride 20 Inch Bmx Bikes?

Why ride a 24 when you can ride a 20? Yes, this is serious talk. If you can ride a 20 inch BMX bike then there’s little need for a DJ bike with larger wheels. The question we’re dealing with today is — can adults ride 20 inch BMX bikes?

Yes! But only if they are cool.

The idea that wheel sizes correspond to the user height is wrong. You can ride a bike with any wheel size if the frame is there to compensate for the height.

I’m going to be arguing for adults riding 20 inch BMX bikes. They not only can but they should do it. Here’s why:

Is 20-inch Bike for Adults?

BMX bikes are good for people of all ages. It doesn’t have any special advantage for adults. Here are the perks of riding BMX bikes,

  • Smaller wheel size makes the overall height of the bike low and that makes it much easier to maneuver
  • They are also easy to store and move around with

BMX bikes are not limited to kid sizes and can be fitted with larger frames and parts. They are an excellent platform to increase your bike handling skills.

However, I’d like to mention that if this is the first time you’re riding a bike, don’t start with a BMX bike. It has a modified center of gravity that can mess up your perception. Try the standard ones first before moving on to BMX bikes.

And also, if you don’t like BMX style riding, then no BMX bike will be good for you.

What Is the Typical Adult BMX Bike Size?

For adults, the typical sizes recommended are frame sizes larger than inches. Top tubes can be from 20.5 to 21.5.

There are a few other sizes if you want to go large such as 22, 24, and 26. Usually, the junior bikes are less than 20 inch bikes, while the standard BMX wheel size is 20 inches.

So for an adult, riding 20-inch wheels is not unheard of or seen with a frown. Don’t let anyone tell you what you should ride if you’re happy about it.

What Size BMX Bike Is Good for My Height?

Here are the determinant factors:


BMX bikes age group starts from age 6. Anyone aged less than 6 years should not be allowed to need these bikes. Kid size frames are 15-18 inches, termed as Micro Mini, Mini, and Junior.

Teenagers and adults can try the same sizes of BMX bikes if they fit.


Weight isn’t the determinant factor when it comes to choosing the size of a bike. If you’re overweight, maybe BMX bikes aren’t the right bike for you. BMX biking requires the user to have good physical fitness.


The height is the main determinant of bike and wheel size. If you’re smaller than 163cm, you’d be fine with frames lower than 20 inches and 20-inch wheels.

If you’re less than 6 feet, you can use a frame larger than 20 inches. For wheels, 20 inches is still an acceptable range.

I don’t disappoint you. But if you’re over 6 feet, it might be hard to deal with 20-inch wheels. Compensating the wheel height with frame height can be tough.

Is Riding BMX Bikes Difficult for Adults?

This might be a concern for some. Let me make it clear to you. Indeed it’s comparatively harder than riding standard bikes. The wheels, handlebars, and seat height are fundamentally different, which creates issues with balancing the bike.

Are Any of the Lightest BMX Bikes Suitable for Adult Riders?

Some manufacturers design bikes that cater to the needs of both youth and adult riders. Although not as common, there are lightest bmx bike options available that can provide an enjoyable and comfortable riding experience for adults while maintaining the bike’s maneuverability and style.

Are 20 Inch BMX Bikes Suitable for Long Distance Riding for Adults?

While BMX bikes are more commonly associated with tricks and jumps, they may not be the best choice for extended rides. Designed for agility and control, bmx bikes for long rides may lack the comfort, gear range, and overall efficiency needed for covering long distances effortlessly. It’s advisable to opt for a purpose-built road or hybrid bike that ensures a comfortable and efficient ride for adults tackling extended distances.

Final Words

Back to our original question; Can adults ride 20 inch BMX bikes? The answer is Yes, with a few cautions. Don’t start with 20 inch wheels, as it can make your first experience horrible, especially if you’re someone with more than average height. Try to become physically fit with a strong core. Trust me, you’ll need it. It will make your BMX biking experience much smoother.

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