Brooks C17 vs C15 – Comparison in 2023

Those looking for a way to enhance your performance as a rider, Brooks Cambium is an innovative new option that provides matchless flexibility and performance.

Comfort is the major part of the equation, as far as biking is concerned.

Nearly all cyclists would admit the fact that a suitable saddle should be built to survive the day by day abuse.

Brooks C17 vs C15 – Comparison, Reviews, and Buyer’s Guide

To that extent, Brooks built its latest lineup with both longevity and durability in mind.

Brooks Cambium saddles answer this demand of comfort in performance-oriented bikes,

by providing cyclists with natural flexibility and feel, compared to the gel or foam saddles available on the market.

Brooks C17 vs C15 Comparison 2023

The Brooks Cambium lineup

The organic cotton and vulcanized natural rubber top of Brooks Cambium gives exceptional freedom of movement and astonishing comfort necessary to the endurance and performance racer.

To ensure better pedaling and control, the whole surface of the Brooks Cambium top flows and moves with the movement of the rider naturally.

 The heavy-duty top, tubular steel rails, and die-cast aluminum structure allow the Brooks Cambium to withstand many years of hard use.

This is an incredible development that is cherished by racers of all categories.

In addition, a different dampening effect is offered by hammock construction.

The classic Brooks to keep the rider comfortable and absorb the vibrations of the ride while on the saddle.

This mixture eventually doubles the performance advantage over long distances, thereby creating unmatched comfort after a long distance.

Quality material

A typical saddle top of Brooks Cambium is molded from a structural textile fabric, natural rubber, and organic cotton canvas.

The outcome of this development is a good-looking and gorgeous seat that provides long-time comfort while solving the problems relating to leather concerns.

 Brooks Cambium ranges of saddles are designed to cater to the performance cyclists who are looking for the comfort associated with saddles.

Brook Cambium Saddles are Classics

Brook Cambium saddles are ground-breaking saddles that cyclists out there can rely upon. For the first 500km, they are still waxing stronger.

Afterward, they are still functioning effectively like brand new. No wonder Brook Cambium saddles are known all over the world.

With different ranges to choose from, there is a Brook Cambium saddle for all. They are not just all-weather; they are also designed for many years of commuting, adventure, or racing.

Survive All-Weather Conditions

Brooks Cambium saddles can survive both rain and sunshine.

That is why they are often referred to as all-weather, unlike the traditional Brook saddles that don’t like rain.

The traditional saddle will go a little soggy in wet condition, if not treated with some water-proofing agent.

But with the Brook Cambium saddles, you are covered in all weather.

It is the best bit for every situation. The new Brooks Cambium range has a lot to offer, whether you are a cyclosportive, hard-core racer, or you just ride to the shops for shopping.

There is something very elegant in this newly established range of Brook Cambium.

The Brooks Cambium Range

The Brooks Cambium Range

The serial numbers in the Cambium range are simply the special riding style for which these saddles are designed. There are C13, C15, C17, and C19.

C13: This is designed for performance cycling and racing.

C15: This saddle is narrower and it is made for long-distance riding.

C17: This was designed based on the B17 model and particularly made for women cyclists.

C19: This wider saddle is designed for city riding or touring.

However, for the purpose of our comparison, we are going to limit our discussion to the C17 and C15 types of Brooks Cambium.

The Brooks Cambium C17

The Brooks Cambium C17

The Brooks Cambium C17 is produced from organic cotton and vulcanized natural rubber featuring an innovative construction that delivers instantaneous comfort and works similar to a hammock even as it absorbs shock and vibration.

Cambium C17 is fantastic and perfect for long-distance riding.

C17 Cambium saddle is comfortable and durable as a result of its vulcanized normal rubber top meant for flexible and utmost performance needing no breaking in period, just like the contemporary design of the Brooks Cambium range.

The weatherproof and waterproof nylon cover of Brooks Cambium C17 is designed to function perfectly in all situations, from blazing sunshine to freezing rain.

Moreover, the efficient fiberglass reinforced backplate features loops meant for a saddle bag or other ornament.

A great thing about Cambium C17 is that it is designed for many years of hard riding in a diagonal riding position.

Also, it has a hole for additional flexibility and pressure relief, getting rid of contact points which are the root of discomfort for several riders.

Brooks Cambium C17 is Built and Designed for life

Brooks Cambium C17 saddle is built from expendable parts and needs no extraordinary or unique tools for servicing. The vulcanized rubber top of C17 is virtually durable.

The exclusively supple, maintenance-free, waterproof top of C17 is particularly made to follow the movement of the rider for instant ease of use and comfort.

As far as the eye is concerned, the C17 Brook Cambium saddle may look quite racy in its lines and shape.

This is one saddle riders can actually settle for.

The dimensions and geometry closely followed that of the most recognizable model, like B17, guaranteeing the same unchanging console mile after mile.

The extra flexibility absorbs vibrations and bumps from the road, operating much like a shock-absorbing seat post.

Easy repairs

Repairs can be quickly and easily carried out by you or your dependable Brooks Cambium Dealer of distinction if your Cambium frame suffers an ill-fated accident.

Natural Feel and Appearance

The Brooks Cambium C17 owes its extraordinarily natural feel and appearance to a wicker organic cotton textile.

At the end of the vulcanization process, the cotton as treated with Brooks Numac to protect the saddle against the elements completely.

It is noteworthy that the flexibility in C17 Cambium is because it was built from vulcanized rubber, which moves with your body, instead of against it, much similar to a well-worn in the leather saddle. 

With the C17 Cambium, you will be able to ride long miles without any discomfort.

The design of C17 saddle means the top part works or operates like a suspended hammock particularly designed for the comfort of your back and posture.

This design is ideal for absorbing the vibrations as you ride off-road and on the road.

The lack of stitching in the organic cotton top is another pleasant feature on the Cambium C17.

Stitching can rub the inside of your legs on several saddles, and wear your bibs away! 

However, you can move around very easily on the saddle, with the Cambium C17, but make sure you have enough grip to keep you where you want to be whenever you are putting down the power.

Finally, Cambium C17 comes with a comfortable cutout, ground-breaking racy lines, and shape, and it is particularly designed for hard riding, world traveling, and city commuting.

Brooks Cambium C15

Brooks Cambium C15

As far as the Cambium family is concerned, Brook Cambium C15 saddle is the first racing model.

The C15 redefines priorities, and aids performance by placing comfort at the forefront.

On the other hand, it is narrow for reduced weight and pedaling freedom.

 Astonishingly supple and firm, the C15 Cambium will offer you improved performance on long journeys, banishing the effort wasted merely perching atop your machine when the distance keeps increasing.

The ground-breaking Cambium C15 saddle makes use of organic cotton drenched with vulcanized natural rubber to complement its appearance.

C15 offers waterproofing, durability, comfort benefits. Moreover, due to its suspended design, it absorbs vibration well.

Cambium C15 saddle is available in different width to suit different body positions and riding styles.

The cutout located at the top of the C15 Cambium saddle is meant to alleviate or reduce pressure in the perineal region, which is normally experienced by a number of long-distance cyclists.

The cutout supports comfort while on longer rides.

C15 also gives additional flexibility to absorb vibrations and bumps from the road, working much like a shock-absorbing seat post.

Characteristics of Brooks Cambium C17 and C15

  • Both C17 and C15 Cambium have the same contemporary design. They both look great, generally amazing, and incredibly durable as well as comfortable.
  • C17 and C15 ranges of Brooks Cambium feature a cutout located on top for shock absorption, additional comfort, and to ease pressure on the perineum.
  • The C17 and C15 Cambiums are waterproof nylon covered, maintenance-free, and flexible.
  • The materials used for the two Brooks Cambiums are of high quality and this is what makes them comfortable.
  • The C17 and C15 Cambium saddles are constantly flawlessly patterned to cycling posture whether top bar casual riding or drop bar sprinting. They fit and do constantly well.
  • The C17 and C15 are racy, smooth, and will look great and excellent on any latest vintage or model bike.
  • As mentioned earlier, C17 and C15 are waterproof, meaning that they don’t creak; you don’t have to condition them, while you don’t have to regularly re-tension them each time you don’t remember to cover them up in the rain.

Brooks Cambium C15 vs C17 – Which One to Choose?

From the look of things, in our Brooks Cambium C17 vs. C15, we can conclude that:

To speak in a line, C17 seems a tad more comfortable than C15, but it is more or less a personal choice.

On the other hand, choosing a saddle based on how another person gets on with it can be very difficult.

However, the structure of the Brooks Cambium C17 allows it to be the best choice and a comfortable option, for many cyclists and bike riders out there; irrespective of contradictory anatomies!

You should go with the C15 if all you need is something narrower.

Though the C17 Cambium saddle has a narrow front half, its back is quite a bit flares out.

There is a bit of dip in the middle for some version of C17 while there is none in C15.

Hence, remember this before making a decision.

If you are concerned about weight or looking for a lighter saddle, C17 would suit you as it is the lighter one.

However, you can never go wrong with the choice of C17 or C15 when it comes to comfort.


  • The major difference between Brooks Cambium C15 and C17 is in the area of the width. The width of C17 is 162mm while C15 is 140mm wide, meaning that C15 is narrower than C17.
  • The C17 looks massive and appropriate for a racy road bike than the C15. The C17 feels hard than C15 if you tap it, but doesn’t compromise on comfort.
  • C17 is a tad lighter than C15.


There is nothing more fundamental to comfort on a bike than the saddle, apart from the bibs.

It is established that choice would largely depend on the hip width, body shape, and style of riding.

However, some saddles stand out quickly.

Brooks Cambium is popular for different ranges of saddles including C17 and C15. These saddles are among those that stand out fast.

They are highly useful for long-distance cycle tourists and riding pros all over the world.

Choosing a comfortable saddle such as C17 or C15 is significant if you are doing long-distance bike touring or cycling.

Brooks Cambium stands and one of the finest, comfortable and forgiving saddles available on the market yet.

Many of the cyclists out there agree that Brooks Cambium is the best saddle they have ever ridden on.

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