Best Mountain Bikes Under $1000 [2023 Top Collections]

Whether you’re only now getting into mountain biking or have been at it for a while, you know the importance of having the right bike.

Not only durability, endurance, and power, but the right fit is also important when it comes to selecting the right mountain bike for yourself.

All that being said, it’s also true that mountain bikes are quite expensive. So what can an aspiring mountain biker on a budget do?

That’s easy. Read our article below on the best mountain bikes under 1000! Not only have we selected 8 of the top bikes on the market for you to consider, but we’ve also outlined a comprehensive buying guide to help you with your purchase.

Let’s get started!

Best Mountain Bikes Under $1000 Review 2023

After considerable time and effort spent on researching all sorts of mountain bikes, these are 7 we have come up with.

We hope that you will find the right fit for yourself!

1. Diamondback Bicycles Hook Mountain Bike

Diamondback Bicycles Hook Mountain Bike

If you are someone who wants the whole biking experience but is under a tight budget, then this model is a great start into the best bikes mountain.

Whether you are a professional or a novice, the features of this drivetrain MT bike will make sure you have a great time while also keeping your safety in mind.

From the frame to the 27.5-inch wheels to the price, we love everything about this.

We love that every component of the bike has been made with extreme precision.

For example, the aluminum frame of the model is handmade, so there is a lot of attention to detail involved. Besides, the frame is incredibly tough but lightweight enough not to drag you down.

The tires of this model are of the appropriate width to ensure your bike does not come off the trails and have double-walled rims inside them to enhance stability.

Both the tires are equipped with brakes that make it easy to stop even in just one second, allowing more control.The SRAM single ring 1×8 drivetrain makes shifting smooth and simple.

Speaking of control, you can also choose and shift through eight different gear options, depending on the nature of the road you are using (yep, that includes dirt trail!).

Additionally, the improved suspension system of the model will make sure you do not feel any shock while riding rough terrains.

All in all, this is a great bike for the affordable price.


  • Strong yet lightweight frame handmade from aluminum material
  • The frame is suited to internally routed dropper posts
  • Offers a total of eight gear options to shift through on the trail
  • 27.5-inch wheels are designed to ensure maximum stability
  • SR Suntour XCM 120mm travel suspension bike fork produces great suspension


  • Some users report the tire going flat after an extended ride

2. Royce Union Men’s’ Gravel Bike

Royce Union Men's' Gravel Bike

The next model we are going to review is the Royce Union Bike, which is one of the most popular suspension bikes with 27.5-inch wheels we’ve found.

This model is almost similar to the previous one, only this one has a more lightweight frame, making it very easy to carry somewhere or store in your garage.

It is very important that the frame of a mountain bike be tough enough to handle the roughness of the terrains.

This is why this model is made from high-quality aluminum with an intuitively designed head tube that ensures it remains in good condition for years to come.

One of the things we love most about this model is its dual brakes. The brakes are situated at both the front and rear wheel and employ mechanisms to make sure they work in the fraction of a second.

Furthermore, you have a wide range of 18 speeds to choose from including 10 speed–perfect for trail riding.

Besides all these, this product is equipped with a good suspension system that makes sure the user remains in a comfortable position, no matter how rough the road is.

And all this comes at a really good price. So if you’re looking for good suspension bikes for trail riding, this is worth looking into.


  • High-quality aluminum frame promises durability
  • Mechanical dual disc brakes help in controlling your rides
  • Strong suspension system to absorb vibration and shocks
  • Lightweight and portable suspension bike
  • Wheels come with WTB alloy rims


  • Toes can get hit by the tires

3. Montague Paratrooper Pro Folding Mountain Trail Bike

Montague Paratrooper Pro Folding Mountain Trail Bike

The Paratrooper is one of Montague’s most popular mountain bikes in this price range, and it’s without a doubt one of the best hardtail mountain bikes under 1000.

It’s true that folding bikes don’t have the best reputation when it comes to trail riding and for a number of good reasons.

However, the Paratrooper with 18-inch wheels comes to dispel all of those notions with its military-grade aluminum construction and vigorous trail performance.

It’s a compact model, a far cry from those with 29-inch wheels, but it performs beautifully.

Weighing 32 pounds and measuring 36-inch x 28-inch x 12-inch, this trail/mountain bike is capable of providing up to 27 Shimano speeds including 10 speed.

It’s equipped with mechanical disc brakes for ultimate stopping power and long-wearing Shimano parts.

Because this bike was originally designed for the military, it’s capable of being deployed and unfolded in moments.

Montague’s DirectConnect folding system is one of their most potent accomplishments.

The large clamping surface and quick-release mechanism on the frame make for a smoother, faster folding experience, and it all takes about 20 seconds. The trail awaits impatiently!

This trail bike is equipped with 100mm of suspension travel, which together with an SR Suntour XCR fork makes for dependable shock absorption.

If you’re going to be riding on a trail with flat terrain, the shocks are easily adjustable to make them more rigid.

Whatever kind of terrain you take this bike on, it will serve you beautifully.


  • Takes only 20 seconds to be folded/unfolded
  • Ideal for riding on a trail with rough terrains
  • Quick-release RackStand functions as a mudguard, kickstand and luggage carrier
  • Offers up to 27 Shimano speeds
  • SR Suntour XCT fork absorbs shock on the trail


  • Some users report the assembly to be difficult

4. NENGGE Mountain Bikes

NENGGE Mountain Bikes

Our next pick comes from Nengge, and this is a fat-tire mountain bike with 26-inch wheels.

Because of its dimensions and capacities, this bike is perfect for newbies.If you’re an advanced mountain biker, though, we would recommend looking elsewhere.

The frame of this trail bike is constructed from high carbon steel, which has been molded and designed in such a way the different pressure points of the bike can perform optimally.

Plus, you get to choose from speed variations for this bike, ranging from 7 speeds to 27 speeds.

ou will also without a doubt appreciate the dual hydraulic disc brake system, which, combined with the front fork, allows for high impact resistance.

oupled with the double suspension system, this bike offers a smooth and pleasurable riding experience, although dirt trail riding is discouraged.

All that being said, it’s worth noting that this is not the most durably constructed bike, especially the fork.

Although we like its performance, we would not recommend it for serious, heavy-duty biking expeditions who require features like drivetrain performance.

However, if you’re a newbie and simply looking to hone your skills on a trail bike with relatively short wheels, then you can go for this bike.


  • Available in 4 different speed configurations from 7 to 24
  • High carbon steel construction with 26-inch wheels
  • The double suspension system allows for a smoother ride
  • Offers decent impact resistance while riding
  • Hydraulic disc brake system offers high impact resistance


  • The fork system is not durably constructed
  • Not suited for dirt trail riding

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5. Diamondback Bicycles Line Hardtail Mountain Bike

Diamondback Bicycles Line Hardtail Mountain Bike

If you know anything at all about the BMX scene, then there is no doubt in our minds that you have already heard of Diamondback bikes.

Especially when it comes to the mountain bike under $1000 hardtail, Diamondback delivers very satisfactorily; for example, they have put in hydraulic disc brakes and made it compatible with an internally routed dropper post.

Equipped with a high-grade, cutting-edge 6061-T6 aluminum frame, this mountain bike is both lightweight and stupendously stable.

This performance is owed to the expert butted tubing that has been added to the frame to enhance the strength of the fork; its custom forming is also to be thanked for great trail performance.

So how is this bike constructed? It comes with a Shimano 1×9 drivetrain, which facilitates reliable precision when shifting through gears.

The SR Suntour XCR 120mm bike fork enables a smooth front suspension. The bike’s hydraulic disc brakes are also credited to Shimano, while the chain guide comes with a roller.

Although this is undoubtedly one of the high-quality mountain bikes, taking into rough terrain is probably not a good idea.

This bike is suited best to entry-level users who are just beginning to venture into a moderate trail.

So if you’re more advanced, this bike might be under-performing in your eyes.


  • Allover high-quality Shimano components to enhance performance
  • Shimano MT200 hydraulic disc brakes enable a smooth, clean stop
  • Butted tubing in the bike’s construction magnifies its strength
  • Ideal for entry-level users looking for a starter trail bike
  • SR Suntour XCR 120mm bike fork with an efficient drivetrain
  • Compatible with an internally routed dropper post


  • Not ideal for higher-level mountain bikers

6. SAVADECK Dual Suspension Mountain Bike

SAVADECK Dual Suspension Mountain Bike

In the world of mountain bikes, a brand can only stand out for consistently delivered performance.

On that front, Savadeck has been mostly dependable. This full-suspension mountain bike with 27.5-inch wheels is one of their most popular products in an affordable price range.

Equipped with a robust yet lightweight aluminum alloy frame, this mountain bike has a structure that will appeal to novice mountain bikers as well as entry-level riders.

You’ll no doubt appreciate the lockout-equipped hydraulic suspension fork, which allows you up to 100mm of suspension travel.

No matter the kind of terrain you’re tackling, the damping system promises to shine.

Like most of the bikes that we have reviewed today, this one also comes with Shimano parts and components.

The renowned Shimano BD-MT200 hydraulic disc brakes can be found in this bike, and you can rest assured that each of your brakes will be smooth and easily maneuvered.

For cross country applications, though, the Shimano Deore crankset is better; it all depends on your style/skill level of mountain biking.

We love the features and specifications on this bike, but as before, we would not recommend this for veterans of mountain biking.

The manufacturers have intended this bike to be used by entry-level users and casual cycling enthusiasts, so if that sounds like you, you’re in luck!

This probably isn’t the top-rated mountain bike full suspension, but for its low price, we think it gets the job done pretty well. If you need a heavy-duty bike, go for one with 29-inch wheels.


  • Shimano double mechanical disc brakes make for dependable stopping power
  • Comes equipped with a full Shimano M2000 27S derailleur system
  • CST mountain bike tire offers dependable and consistent performance
  • Equipped with efficient Shimano hydraulic disc brakes
  • Hydraulic suspension fork with lockout allows 100mm of suspension travel


  • Not suitable for experienced mountain bikers on a rough trail

7. Steppenwolf Men’s Tundra Pro Hardtail Mountain Bike

Steppenwolf Men's Tundra Pro Hardtail Mountain Bike

Steppenwolf. If that name sounds formidable to you, then we’ve gotta say great minds think alike!

This mountain bike with 27/5 inch wheels is one of the most impressive hardtail bikes we’ve come across in an affordable price range. Here’s why we think so.

Equipped with a high-grade, supremely durable yet lightweight aluminum frame, this bike is outfitted with a number of performance features that will appeal to any knowledgeable biker.

For starters, the tubing of this bike is triple-butted, and it’s furnished with a smooth and capable 100mm suspension fork.

The drivetrain of this mountain bike is the Alfine 8 Rapidfire Shifter, which is known for its smoothness and performance.

The other parts of the bike, such as the crankset and chain, are manufactured by Shimano. Although it’s no Shimano Deore, it’s worth getting!

We’re also quite fascinated by the bike’s steep steering angle and short rear section because together with the suspension fork these are capable of producing an agile and smooth ride. The dynamism of this bike is hard to come by if we do say so ourselves.

And, although we don’t want to sound shallow, it’s hard to deny how beautiful this bike is.

With its matte black frame and new-age design components, it’s a showstopper for sure!


  • Comes 99% assembled, so putting it together will be a walk in the park
  • Shimano and Alfine parts combine to produce a highly efficient bike
  • X6 aluminum frame is sturdy and robust yet lightweight
  • Experience high agility thanks to steep steering angle and short rear section
  • 100mm suspension fork comes almost fully assembled


  • We couldn’t find any cons for this product

What to Look for Before Buying

The mountain bikes for 1000 dollars and less come in many shapes and sizes.

So to help you out, we have made a list of the things you need to consider before making a purchase decision.

Bike Type

Bike Type

The first thing you need to consider before buying a mountain bike is the kind of terrains you will be riding on.

Based on that, there are different types to choose from. The five main types are Trail bikes, endure bikes, Cross country bikes, Fat bikes, and Downhill bikes.

If you are going to ride local trails, then the first type is good enough. Enduro or all-mountain bikes are best for steep and uphill roads, so opt for them if you want to venture to a hilly area.

If you are a newbie, try the fat bikes, as they have a comfortable width that can help you get adjusted.

Among the other two, cross-country bikes are the most popular among people due to their efficiency and speed.

Downhill bikes are mostly used by professionals and can cover any kind of terrain with ease.

It is recommended to wear protective gear with downhill bikes though.


Make sure that the bike you are going to buy is on par with your size. If you cannot mount the bike properly, then it is dangerous to even think of riding it.

Also, consider the wheel size, 29-inch wheels, for example, are preferred for heavy-duty biking on a tough trail.


The frames of bikes have an impact on their overall quality. Some of the most commonly used materials to make frames are aluminum alloy, carbon fiber, steel, and titanium.

We recommend not using steel as it can make the bike a bit too heavy. Carbon and titanium make the overall price go up. Aluminum is the best choice according to us.


The number of gears you should look for depends again on the kind of roads you will be riding.

If the road is filled with obstacles and uphill, then look for bikes with 30 or more gears.

Otherwise, you can opt for fewer if you will be on a relatively flat road. One of the most highly rated cranksets is the Shimano Deore.


There are two types of brakes in bikes, namely disc brakes and rim brakes. While disc brakes will offer you more consistent braking in all situations, rim brakes are more economical and easily replaceable.

Which one you will choose depends on your preference.

Suspension Types

Suspension Types

You can choose from three different suspension types full suspension, rigid, and hardtail.

The most comfortable option is the full suspension one, while the rigid ones, as the name suggests, are the least.

Mountain bikes are usually hardtail, which lies somewhere in the middle. Hardtail bikes are lighter than full-suspension ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I choose a full suspension bike or a hardtail one?

Hardtail bikes are preferable as they are more suited for rough terrains due to their lightweight. However, full-suspension ones provide a bit more comfort and might work well for you if that is what you are reaching for.

2. What size inch wheels should I get for my mountain bike?

27.5-inch wheels are the most popular right now, combined with a front fork. There are also 29-inch wheels, but they might feel a bit bulky.

3. What accessories do I need with bikes?

You should definitely get a good protective helmet, shoes, and pedals to make the mountain bike work properly. You might also consider getting some other tools like spare tubes and hydration packs.

4. How to find the right-sized mountain bikes best?

To find the right size, measure the stack and the reach of the bike, and look for one that corresponds with your size.

5. How can I get a good mountain bike within 1000?

You first need to decide what features you absolutely need in your bike, and start with models that have those, such as a drivetrain of your choice or an aluminum frame. That will help you to narrow it down.

Final Words

As you can see, there is a wide range of mountain bikes under 1000. But hopefully, this article has shown you what to prioritize, i.e. a quality suspension fork, sturdy frame, a dependable dropper post, and robust head tube, among others.

Don’t wait anymore! Put the knowledge you have gained from reading this, choose one of our reviewed mountain bikes for cheap, and get back on the road!

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