Best Mountain Bike to Learn to Wheelie – Choose the Right One

Riding mountain bikes is always exciting for cyclists. You can do some amazing things besides riding to make it more exciting.

For example, cyclists like to perform different stunts with a mountain bike. Wheelie is one of the most common stunts that you can do with your mountain bike.

Performing a wheelie requires practice and proper guidelines. For this, you should buy the best mountain bike to learn to wheelie.

The fact is, everyone doesn’t know which one would be better and how to pick the right mountain bike.

There are some particular things you need to consider to choose a new mountain bike. Once you follow the guidelines, you don’t have to regret it after purchasing.

What Factors Contribute to the High Cost of Mountain Bikes?

There are several expensive mountain bike price factors to consider. High-quality materials and advanced technology used in manufacturing contribute to the overall cost. Brand reputation and exclusivity also play a role in determining the price tag. Additionally, specialized components, such as suspension systems and lightweight frames, further increase the bike’s cost. The level of craftsmanship and customization offered by certain brands can also significantly affect the price of mountain bikes.

Best Mountain Bike to Learn to Wheelie

What to Consider to Buy a Mountain Bike for Wheelie?


The weight of your mountain bike plays a major role to do a wheelie. Because when you pull the front of the bike up, you can’t hold it for a long time when it is bulky.

Some people might have the energy to hold even a heavier bike but that is not suitable for everyone.

Whenever you are choosing a new bike, make sure it comes in lightweight. Especially in the learning stage, you won’t have many skills. Check the product description and find the weight of the mountain bike.

Smooth Gear:

In most guidelines to learn a wheelie, experts recommend riding in low gear.

Because when you want to learn a wheelie, you need to change the gear smoothly and it needed to be perfect.

It will be better if you choose a product with the Shimano gear shifter which is smooth.

Shimano has a good reputation for gear of mountain bikes. Whatever the gear style is, it must be easier so that you could keep full control over it.

If you don’t have, however, a higher budget to buy a bike with gear, pick a manual bike that with a relatively small chain. The small chain allows maintaining the speed according to the need of a wheelie.

Seat Clamp:

The proper sitting position is crucial to learn to wheelie and you can’t ignore it.

If you search for some tutorial online, you will find experts are suggesting to set the seat in the proper height.

This is possible only when your mountain bike comes with an adjustable seat.

Though modern bikes come with a height-adjustable seat, still you should check for the easiness.

it needs to be flexible enough so that anyone can conveniently set the height. A quick-release seat clamp would be great for this.

It is a simple and easy system to adjust the seat height fast and flawlessly.


When you are trying to do a wheelie, the tires of the bike need to grip the ground tightly.

This provides more control over the speed and you can have a better balance.

This is also essential for proper landing on the ground. Mountain bikes come in a wide range of tire styles.

Tires in the bike which are designed for tracking or to ride on trails are not good on roads.

Instead, you may pick something smooth and flat which has a better gripping capacity on road.

Besides the gripping, it is also important to pick something durable and long-lasting.

Durable Frame:

Did you know which makes a bike lightweight? You may think about the tires or the other components.

But it actually hugely depends on the frame. When a mountain bike comes with carbon fiber, that will be lightweight.

On the other hand, when it is other cheap metal, the bike will be bulky and not durable.

To do a wheelie, you will have to give too much stress on the frame. That requires something durable and carbon fiber is the best for it.

However, you may also go for a combination of two different types of metals.

Try to avoid a mountain bike that is made of cheap steel material. Because steel may break easily when the bike is landing on the ground.

Good Suspension:

Good Suspension for wheelie

A good suspension in your mountain bike ensures the total comfort during the ride.

This is equally important when you are doing a wheelie. The first reason is, you won’t get a flat surface all the time.

For a rough surface, a good suspension is mandatory that absorbs shock when you are landing on the surface after performing a wheelie.

The second thing is, you will have less stress on the back. Remember that, only the rear suspension is not enough.

For a wheelie, it is more important to have a front suspension for a smooth landing.

Other Components:

If you have checked all the things described above, you should check other small components.

Because each part of your mountain bike is important to learn to wheelie.

For instance, the brake, brake pads, rear frame to keep your foot, pedals, hand bar, and more. These small things ensure you and your bike are remaining safe.


Though different things are mentioned here, all of them are related to a good budget.

Mountain bikes come at various prices based on the brand, features, and construction.

To do some stunts with your bike, you need to ensure the best quality. It is not fixed that you must have to spend a particular amount of money.

Instead, you should focus on the features, durability, brand reputation, customers’ feedback, etc.

However, cheap bikes don’t perform well in most cases. So, try to keep your budget at least in the mid-range.

A budget above $500 is enough to have all essential features in an MTB bike with sturdy construction.

Final Verdict

Don’t be hurry in picking a mountain bike to learn to wheelie. Follow the above guidelines and read some expert opinions.

If you become confused between different products, read reviews from other cyclists.

This might help you to have a good deal. Besides picking a good bike, it is recommended to take proper care of the bike to ensure longevity.

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