Best iPad Daily Planners to Maximize Productivity and Organization

  • Your current digital planner feels more like a cluttered checklist than a organized plan?
  • Switching between apps disrupts your workflow and steals your focus?
  • The battery life just isn’t cutting it for a productive day?

There’s a better way to manage your day. Enter: the perfect daily planner for iPad. This powerhouse app combines intuitive design, powerful features, and seamless integration to help you prioritize tasks, stay focused, and achieve more.

Finding the right daily planner for iPad is crucial for maximizing your productivity, staying organized, and achieving your goals. It’s your digital central command, your trusted companion to conquer every day. We’ve done the legwork and discovered the ultimate solution for you.

NotePro Undated Daily Planner – Black


Organize your days with clarity and efficiency using the NotePro Undated Daily Planner. This planner features a spacious layout with ample room for appointments, tasks, notes, and more. Its flexible, undated format allows you to customize it to your unique schedule and preferences.

Key Features:

  • Undated Daily Layout: Customize your daily schedule without predefined times.
  • Left-side Appointment Section: Efficiently schedule appointments from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM in 30-minute intervals.
  • Right-side Margin: Take notes, reminders, or prioritize tasks alongside your schedule.
  • Durable Construction: High-quality paper and reinforced binding ensure long-lasting use.
  • Black Elegance: The sleek black cover adds a touch of sophistication and professionalism.


  • Flexible and customizable
  • Comprehensive time management layout
  • Premium paper quality for clear writing
  • Professional and stylish design


  • Does not include any pre-populated dates or holidays
  • May require additional planning tools for complex schedules


1. What is the page count of the planner?
The NotePro Undated Daily Planner has 200 pages.

2. What are the dimensions of the planner?
The planner measures 10 3/4 x 8-1/2 inches.

3. What is the time range for the appointments?
Appointments can be scheduled from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM in 30-minute intervals.


  • Color: Black
  • Page Count: 200
  • Dimensions: 10 3/4 x 8-1/2 inches (A30C.81)
  • Binding: Spiral
  • Paper Quality: High-quality, bleed-proof paper

Order your NotePro Undated Daily Planner today and take control of your time like never before!

Amazon Basics Daily Planner and Journal, Black, 8.5 Inch x 11 Inch, Soft Cover


Stay organized and focused with the Amazon Basics Daily Planner and Journal. This versatile planner features a 6-month calendar planning space, alongside sections for priorities, notes, goals, and more, to help you maximize your productivity and achieve your daily tasks. With its soft black cover and secure closure, you can easily keep track of your progress and stay motivated throughout the day.

Key Features

  • Flexible Planning: Undated and with no numbers, customize this planner to fit your specific needs and year.
  • Durable Construction: Thick, sturdy paper stands up to pencil, ink, or permanent marker, ensuring your notes stay clear and legible.
  • Comprehensive Organization: Sections for priorities, notes, goals, and more provide a dedicated space for every aspect of your day.
  • Secure Closure: A elastic band and ribbon bookmark ensure your planner stays closed and your page is easily accessible.


  • Flexible and customizable planning.
  • Durable paper for lasting notes.
  • Comprehensive organizational sections.
  • Secure closure for peace of mind.
  • Affordable price point.


  • May be too bulky for some users.
  • Limited language options.


1. What is the planning format of the planner?

The planner features monthly, weekly, and daily planning pages.

2. Is the planner dated?

No, the planner is undated and can be used for any year.

3. What materials are used for the cover and pages?

The cover is made of soft black fabric, while the pages are made of sturdy paper.


  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches (LxW)
  • Language: English
  • Cover: Soft black fabric
  • Closure: Elastic band and ribbon bookmark
  • Planning Period: 6 months
  • Format: Monthly, weekly, daily

Legend Planner PRO: Hourly Schedule Weekly & Daily Organizer


Legend Planner PRO is a luxurious, undated planner designed to help you stay focused, productive, and achieve your goals throughout the year. With its hourly schedule layout and comprehensive goal-setting frameworks, this planner is perfect for both personal and professional planning.

Unique Features:

  • Hourly time slots from 6 AM to 9 PM, allowing for precise scheduling of appointments and tasks.
  • Daily habit tracker to build and support a balanced lifestyle.
  • Monthly check-ins to review progress and make necessary adjustments.
  • Eco-leather hardcover for a luxurious and professional look.
  • Thick 120gsm paper that prevents bleed-through and ghosting.
  • Pen holder and elastic band for added convenience.
  • Lay-flat binding for seamless note-taking.

Key Features:

  • Hourly Scheduling: Detailed hourly time slots from 6 AM to 9 PM facilitate efficient planning and time management.
  • Weekly & Daily Planning: Weekly and daily layouts provide a clear overview of your schedule and goals.
  • Habit Tracker: Track daily habits to develop positive routines and break negative ones.
  • Monthly Check-ins: Monthly summaries allow you to reflect on progress and make necessary adjustments.
  • Luxury Design: Eco-leather hardcover and high-quality paper elevate the planner’s aesthetic appeal.


  • Comprehensive planning and tracking features.
  • Luxury materials and construction.
  • Flexible layout for personalization.
  • Comprehensive user guide and stickers included.


  • Unupdated planner may not be suitable for those who require daily updates.
  • May be too large for some users.


1. What is the size of the Legend Planner PRO?
The planner measures 8.5×11 inches (A4 size).

2. Does the planner come with any additional materials?
Yes, it includes a pen holder, elastic band, lay-flat binding, user guide, and stickers.

3. Is the planner updated daily?
No, it is an undated planner and does not require daily updates.


  • Format: Weekly & Daily
  • Time Slots: 6 AM – 9 PM
  • Size: A4 (8.5×11 inches)
  • Cover: Eco-Leather
  • Paper: 120gsm
  • Binding: Lay-Flat
  • Extras: Pen Holder, Elastic Band, User Guide, Stickers

Order your Legend Planner PRO today and take control of your productivity and personal growth!

Buying Guide: Daily Planners for iPad

1. Functionality & Features:

  • Planning layouts: Grid, dotted, lined, or blank pages offer different styles for note-taking, scheduling, and creativity.
  • Sections: Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly sections enable comprehensive planning and tracking.
  • Additional features: Bookmarks, index, and password protection enhance usability and security.

Pros: More features provide greater flexibility and customization.
Cons: Can be overwhelming for some users.

2. Compatibility & App Support:

  • iPad model: Ensure compatibility with your specific iPad generation.
  • Planner app: Consider apps like Goodnotes, Notability, or Noteshelf for digital planning.
  • Apple Pencil: Compatibility with the Apple Pencil allows for precise writing and drawing.

Pros: Seamless integration with the iPad and its ecosystem.
Cons: Availability of compatible apps can be limited.

3. Physical Design & Construction:

  • Cover material: Leather, fabric, or silicone offer varying durability, weight, and aesthetics.
  • Binding: Flexible or rigid bindings allow for comfortable note-taking and portability.

Pros: Durable covers and bindings enhance longevity and usability.
Cons: Can add bulk and weight to the planner.

4. Battery Life & Connectivity:

  • Battery-powered: Some planners offer rechargeable batteries for pen pressure and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Connectivity options: Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enable syncing with other devices.

Pros: Advanced features enhance functionality and productivity.
Cons: Can drain battery life and add complexity to the planning process.

5. Price & Value:

  • Budget: Consider your individual needs and preferences when setting a price range.
  • Value for money: Evaluate the features and materials offered in relation to the cost.

Pros: High-quality planners offer better functionality and durability.
Cons: Can be expensive for some users.

Additional Considerations:

  • Customization: Some planners offer digital templates for personalization.
  • Accessories: Pen holders, sleeves, and stickers enhance usability and aesthetics.
  • Customer reviews: Reading online reviews can provide valuable insights from other users.

FAQs about Best Daily Planner for iPad

1. What is the best daily planner app for iPad?

The best daily planner app for iPad depends on your needs and preferences. Popular options include:

  • GoodNotes 5: Excellent for note-taking, with robust drawing and collaboration features.
  • DayOne: Perfect for journaling, offering rich text formatting and multimedia support.
  • Highly customizable with various planning templates and productivity tools.
  • Trello: Best for Kanban-style planning, enabling board creation and card management.

2. How do I create a daily planner layout in an iPad app?

Most planner apps offer pre-made templates, but you can also customize your layout. Simply:

  • Choose a blank page or create your own template.
  • Use the drawing tools to draw boxes for tasks, appointments, notes, etc.
  • Add text boxes and labels for clarity.
  • Use different colors to categorize tasks.

3. What features should I look for in a daily planner app?

Essential features include:

  • Multiple planning layouts: Daily, weekly, monthly, and Kanban boards.
  • Customization options: Ability to create your own layouts and templates.
  • Reminders and alerts: Set reminders for tasks and appointments.
  • Import/export functionality: Import and export your planner data between devices.

4. How can I use a daily planner app to be more productive?

  • Create daily to-do lists and prioritize tasks.
  • Use reminders to stay on schedule.
  • Track your progress and review your planner regularly to identify areas for improvement.

5. What are some tips for making the most of a digital daily planner?

  • Use different pen types for different tasks.
  • Add images and sketches to your planner.
  • Collaborate with others on your planner using AirDrop or iCloud.

6. What are the advantages of using a daily planner app compared to a physical planner?

  • Digital planners are more versatile and customizable.
  • They offer features like reminders, search functions, and collaboration capabilities.
  • Digital notes can be easily shared and backed up.

7. Where can I find templates and layouts for daily planner apps?

Many planner apps offer pre-made templates, and you can also find free templates online. Search for “iPad daily planner templates” or explore planner communities for inspiration and downloads.


Choosing the best daily planner for iPad ultimately boils down to your individual needs and workflow.

For those who prioritize portability and digital convenience: Goodnotes or Notability are excellent choices, offering intuitive note-taking features and seamless iPad integration.

For those who crave a more traditional feel: Paper planners like Day Designer or Leuchtturm offer tactile satisfaction and familiar layouts.

For power users who want ultimate flexibility: FreedomNotes stands out with its robust features, customizability, and cloud storage capabilities.

No matter your pick, using a daily planner on your iPad can significantly boost your productivity and organization. Take some time to explore your options, experiment with different layouts and features, and find the planner that perfectly complements your life.

Best iPad Daily Planners to Maximize Productivity and Organization

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