Best Indoor Hanging Plants for Low Light Conditions

Low-light environments can be plant graveyards. Finding captivating hanging plants that thrive in dimness is a constant struggle. Tired of lifeless foliage and dull interiors? Say goodbye to lackluster aesthetics and hello to vibrant greenery with the right low-light hanging plants. Discover the secrets of vibrant foliage without demanding sunshine.

Problem: Finding captivating hanging plants that thrive in dimness is a constant struggle.
Solution: This article unveils the best indoor hanging plants low light to transform your dimly lit spaces into lush oases.

Crucial: Selecting the right low-light hanging plants is vital for maintaining healthy and thriving greenery.
Read on: We’ve got the perfect low-light hanging plants for you!

American Plant Exchange English Ivy – Cascading Foliage, Air-Purifying, Low-Maintenance Indoor Plant, Perfect for Hanging Baskets and Home Decor

Product Overview

Embrace the timeless elegance of English Ivy, a classic symbol of sophistication and natural beauty. With its cascading vines and rich green leaves, this versatile plant transforms ordinary spaces into picturesque havens.

Key Features

  • Versatility in Decor: Adorn walls, hang in baskets, or display as a tabletop accent for a cohesive and refreshing home ambiance.
  • Air-Purifying Powerhouse: Naturally removes harmful toxins like formaldehyde and benzene, ensuring cleaner and healthier air for you and your family.
  • Low-Maintenance Care: Thrives in various light conditions and requires minimal watering, making it ideal for busy individuals.
  • Natural Ambiance: Creates a calming atmosphere with its lush foliage, providing a serene backdrop for relaxation and unwinding.


  • Enhances home decor with cascading vines and rich green leaves
  • Improves air quality by removing toxins
  • Low-maintenance care for busy individuals
  • Creates a calming and tranquil atmosphere


  • Versatile decor options
  • Effective air purification
  • Minimal watering requirements
  • Adaptable to different light conditions
  • Durable and long-lasting foliage


  • May require support for climbing walls
  • Can become invasive in some environments


  • Plant height: 12-18 inches
  • Foliage: Cascading vines with lush green leaves
  • Light requirements: Low to medium indirect light
  • Watering frequency: Allow soil to dry slightly between waterings
  • Temperature range: 65-75°F (18-24°C)


1. How much light does English Ivy need?

English Ivy prefers low to medium indirect light, making it suitable for various rooms in your home.

2. How often should I water English Ivy?

Allow the soil to dry slightly between waterings, typically every 7-10 days.

3. What are the potential risks of growing English Ivy?

In some environments, English Ivy can become invasive and should be monitored accordingly.

DOMMIA Grow Light – 2Pcs Ultra-Thin Plant Light for Indoor Plants


The DOMMIA Grow Light is the perfect solution for providing your indoor plants with the light they need to thrive. Featuring 2 ultra-thin panels and 132 high-quality LEDs, this grow light delivers exceptional light coverage and energy efficiency. With a full spectrum of light including red and warm white, your plants will receive the perfect blend of nutrients to promote healthy growth.

Key Features

  • Flexible Installation: Easily hang the panels with a convenient hook or attach them discreetly under shelves/cabinets.
  • Full Spectrum Light: 132 LEDs emit light in the range of 380nm-780nm, including red and warm white, to provide plants with a diverse spectrum of light.
  • Efficient Heat Dissipation: Advanced aluminum heat sink ensures cool operation even at high power.
  • High PPFD & Energy-Saving: Consumes only 20W, saving up to 50% more energy than other LED grow lights.


  • Ultra-thin panels for discreet installation
  • Full spectrum light for diverse growth needs
  • Excellent heat dissipation for reliable performance
  • High energy efficiency for cost savings
  • Versatile applications for various setups


  • The power cord is slightly short, requiring an extension cord in some situations.
  • The ON/OFF switch is not dimmable, limiting control over light intensity.


1. What types of plants can I grow with this light?

The DOMMIA Grow Light is suitable for various indoor plants, including orchids, lettuce, tomatoes, herbs, succulents, and aquarium plants.

2. How many watts does the light consume?

The light consumes 20W, making it highly energy-efficient.

3. What is the light spectrum of the LEDs?

The LEDs emit light in the range of 380nm-780nm, including red and warm white, to provide plants with a diverse spectrum of light.


  • Power: 20W
  • Light Spectrum: 380nm-780nm (Red & Warm White)
  • PPFD: 150 µmol/m²/s
  • Coverage Area: 20.47″ x 3.94″ (Rectangle) or 10.24″ x 7.87″ (Square)
  • Dimensions: 20.47″ x 3.94″ x 0.98″ (Rectangle) or 10.24″ x 7.87″ x 0.98″ (Square)
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs

Order the DOMMIA Grow Light today and give your indoor plants the light they need to flourish!

Hanging Grow Light for Indoor Plants, 20W Full Spectrum Pendant Grow Lights 15FT Power Cord, Decorative Grow Light for Flowers, Garden (Ceiling Mounted Hooks&Wall Mounted Bracket Included)


Enhance your indoor garden with the Hanging Grow Light from Valikiy! This decorative light fixture promotes year-round plant growth and adds a stylish touch to your room. Perfect for low to high light houseplants, this light provides the ideal conditions for your leafy friends to thrive.

Key Features

  • Full Spectrum & High CRI: Emits a full spectrum of light including invisible red/blue rays for optimal plant growth. High CRI 97+ ensures accurate color rendering, restoring the true vibrancy of your plants.
  • Energy Efficiency: Consumes just 20 watts of energy while delivering a remarkable PPFD of 168.3μmol/*s at 12 inches.
  • Flexible Installation: Includes ceiling-mounted swag hooks and a neutral wooden wall bracket for versatile installation options. 15-foot power cord allows for adjustable hanging height.
  • Stylish Design: Sleek and modern design adds a decorative element to your space while illuminating your plants.


  • Promotes year-round plant growth
  • Provides full spectrum light for optimal growth
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Flexible installation options
  • Stylish design enhances room decor


  • Light cord may be too long for some setups
  • Not suitable for outdoor plants


1. What type of plants is this suitable for?

This light is ideal for low to high light houseplants, flowers, and other indoor plants.

2. How do I install the light?

The light comes with ceiling-mounted swag hooks and a neutral wooden wall bracket for easy installation.

3. What is the warranty on the light?

The light comes with a one-year unlimited manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Power: 20W
  • PPFD: 168.3μmol/*s at 12 inches
  • Color Temperature: 3000K
  • Spectrum: 380nm to 810nm
  • Cord Length: 15 feet
  • Dimensions: 4.72 x 4.72 x 6.3 inches

Buying Guide: Indoor Hanging Plants Low Light

1. Light Requirements

  • Low-light plants tolerate limited sunlight.
  • Consider the amount of natural and artificial light available in your space.
  • Too much light can burn leaves, while too little light can lead to stunted growth.

– Adaptable to various lighting conditions.
– Reduces stress and promotes relaxation.

– Growth might be slower than other plants.
– Leaves may not be as vibrant in low-light environments.

2. Plant Size & Growth Habit

  • Choose a plant with a manageable size and growth rate.
  • Consider the space you have and how much the plant will mature to be.
  • Some plants can become quite large and heavy.

– Adds visual interest and height to your space.
– Can be used to partition or define areas.

– Requires regular trimming and pruning.
– Can become top-heavy and require additional support.

3. Watering Needs

  • Different plants have different watering requirements.
  • Consider how often you can realistically water the plant.
  • Overwatering can lead to root rot, while underwatering can cause wilting leaves.

– Low-maintenance and suitable for busy schedules.
– Reduces the risk of pests and diseases.

– May not be suitable for dry climates.
– Requires a well-draining pot to prevent waterlogging.

4. Toxicity to Pets & Children

  • Some plants are toxic to pets and children.
  • Research the toxicity level of potential plants before purchasing.

– Adds natural air purification to your space.
– Can repel insects and pests.

– Can be dangerous if ingested by pets or children.

5. Potting & Hanging Materials

  • Choose a suitable pot size and material.
  • Consider the weight and drainage needs of the plant.
  • Hanging materials should be strong and secure.

– Adds visual interest and creativity to your space.
– Provides support for top-heavy plants.

– Can be expensive depending on the materials chosen.
– Requires installation and maintenance.

FAQs on Best Indoor Hanging Plants Low Light

1. What are the best indoor hanging plants for low light conditions?

Low-light environments can still be home to vibrant greenery with the right plant selection. Consider options like:

  • Spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum)
  • Snake plant (Sansevieria trifasciata)
  • ZZ plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia)
  • Pothos (Epipremnum aureum)
  • Chinese evergreen (Aglaonema spp.)

2. How much light do indoor hanging plants need?

Most hanging plants can tolerate low to medium light conditions. Avoid placing them in direct sunlight, which can scorch their leaves.

3. What are the signs of low light for indoor hanging plants?

Look for:

  • Yellowing leaves
  • Slow growth
  • Leggy stems
  • Lack of blooms

4. How often should I water indoor hanging plants in low light?

Less frequent watering is required for low-light plants. Allow the top inch of soil to dry before watering again.

5. What is the best soil mix for indoor hanging plants in low light?

A well-draining mix is crucial. Consider:

  • 50% peat moss
  • 25% perlite
  • 25% potting soil

6. How do I prevent spider plant roots from rotting?

Ensure good drainage by:

  • Using a pot with drainage holes
  • Choosing a well-draining soil mix
  • Limiting watering frequency

7. What are some common pests for indoor hanging plants in low light?

Common pests include:

  • Mealybugs
  • Spider mites
  • Whiteflies
  • Scale insects


Choosing the best indoor hanging plants low light is a journey of discovery, considering your light conditions, desired aesthetics, and plant care needs. While some plants thrive in absolute darkness, most benefit from a bit of indirect light. Remember, research your chosen plants to ensure you provide them with the right environment for healthy growth.

For a touch of greenery without demanding much light, consider the resilient ZZ plant, the trailing monstera deliciosa, or the calming spider plant. If you crave a cascading waterfall effect, the pothos or the pathos vine are excellent choices.

Ultimately, the best indoor hanging plants low light are those that bring joy and life to your home. Experiment, discover new varieties, and create your own unique green haven, even in low-light conditions.

Best Indoor Hanging Plants for Low Light Conditions

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