Best Hanging Plants for Adding Lush Greenery Indoors

Indoor plants add life and vibrancy to any space, but finding the right hanging plants can be a challenge. Many options are fussy, require constant watering, or simply don’t thrive indoors. Tired of struggling with wilting leaves and stunted growth? It’s time to discover the secret weapon for lush, vibrant hanging foliage: the ultimate plant that demands minimal care and rewards you with cascading beauty.

Mkono Ceramic Hanging Planter – Shallow & Deep

Enhance Your Space with Vibrant Greenery

Elevate your home or outdoor space with Mkono’s elegant ceramic hanging planters. Designed with modern minimalism in mind, these planters seamlessly blend style and functionality, adding a touch of greenery to any room.

Set includes:
– 1 Shallow planter: 8″W x 4.5″H, 2.2lb
– 1 Deep planter: 6″W x 5.3″H, 2.4lb

Unique Features

  • Vertical Hanging: Save space and display your plants vertically for a contemporary look.
  • Matte White Glaze: Elegant and versatile, complements any home decor style.
  • Drainage Hole & Rubber Plug: Prevents water accumulation and protects your plants.
  • Polyester Rope Hanger: Strong and durable, easily hangs from ceilings or walls.

Key Benefits

  • Modern minimalist design enhances any space.
  • Versatile size perfect for various plant types.
  • Drainage hole promotes healthy root growth.
  • Easy to hang and display vertically.


  • High-quality ceramic construction ensures durability and elegance.
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable materials.
  • Simple and stylish design complements any decor.


  • Plants not included.
  • May require additional hooks or hangers for installation.


1. What type of plants are best for these planters?

These planters are ideal for a variety of plants, including ivy, herbs, ferns, philodendrons, succulents, flowers, and more.

2. How do I hang the planters?

The planters come with a detachable polyester rope hanger for easy hanging from ceilings or wall-mounted hooks.

3. Are the planters waterproof?

No, the planters are not waterproof. Please ensure proper drainage and protect your plants from excessive moisture.


  • Material: White Ceramic
  • Hanging Rope: Polyester
  • Shallow Dimensions: 8″W x 4.5″H
  • Deep Dimensions: 6″W x 5.3″H
  • Total Height with Rope: 26″

Order your Mkono Ceramic Hanging Planters today and add a touch of vibrant greenery to your home or outdoor space!

LA Jolie Muse Hanging Planter – 10 Inch Hanging Planters for Indoor Plants, Hanging Pots for Plants Indoor Outdoor, Set of 2, White


Bring a touch of greenery to any space with the elegant LA Jolie Muse Hanging Planters. Crafted from durable, lightweight materials, these hanging pots combine contemporary industrial style with natural elements for a captivating display. Adorn your patio, deck, or garden with vibrant blooms, or elevate your indoor decor with these stylish planters.

Key Features

  • Lightweight & Durable: Crafted from recycled plastic and natural stone powder, these planters are incredibly lightweight yet sturdy.
  • Adjustable Hanger: Suspend them at your desired height with the robust triple rope hanger, ensuring perfect placement.
  • Contemporary Design: Featuring a sleek, industrial style, these planters complement various home aesthetics.
  • Practical Drainage: Built-in drainage holes prevent overwatering and ensure healthy plant growth.
  • Weather Resistant: Enjoy these planters outdoors with confidence, as they are designed to withstand all weather conditions.


  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Lightweight and easy to hang
  • Durable and weather-resistant
  • Functional drainage holes
  • Versatile for both indoor and outdoor use


  • Drainage holes may not be suitable for all plant types.


1. What materials are these planters made of?

The planters are made from recycled plastic and natural stone powder, ensuring durability and lightweight construction.

2. How do I adjust the height of the hangers?

Simply tighten or loosen the rope hangers to your desired height.

3. Are these planters suitable for outdoor plants?

Yes, these planters are weather-resistant and can withstand intense sun and harsh winter temperatures.


  • Dimensions: 10” Diameter x 4.7” Height
  • Material: Recycled Plastic & Natural Stone Powder
  • Color: White
  • Hanger: Triple Rope Hanger
  • Drainage Holes: 4 Predrilled Holes

Order the LA Jolie Muse Hanging Planters today and add a touch of vibrant greenery to your home!

Melphoe 2 Pack Self Watering Hanging Planters Indoor Hanging Flower Pots

Product Overview

Melphoe’s 2 Pack Self Watering Hanging Planters are the perfect solution for busy plant lovers who want to keep their indoor plants healthy without constant watering. These stylish and practical planters feature a unique wicking system and transparent water reservoir, allowing you to monitor and replenish water levels easily.

Key Features

  • Self-watering design: Absorbent cotton rope in the tall planter absorbs water from the bottom reservoir and keeps the soil moist, eliminating the need for frequent watering.
  • Visible water level: Premium PET material allows for easy observation of the water level, ensuring you never forget to refill.
  • Double-layered construction: Inner pot with 12 drainage holes ensures proper aeration and drainage, preventing root rot.
  • Versatile hanging system: Removable and adjustable hanging chain allows you to display your plants anywhere, from patios to windowsills.


  • Effortless plant care: Enjoy the beauty of indoor plants without the hassle of constant watering.
  • Peace of mind during travels: Keep your plants hydrated while you’re away on vacations or business trips.
  • Enhanced plant health: Consistent watering and aeration promote healthy root growth and overall plant vitality.
  • Stylish and practical: Add a touch of greenery to your home with these sleek and functional planters.


  • Automatic watering, reducing the risk of over-watering or underwatering.
  • Transparent reservoir for easy monitoring and refill.
  • Double-layered construction for drainage and aeration.
  • Versatile hanging system for multiple display options.


  • Requires occasional refill of the water reservoir.
  • May not be suitable for very large or thirsty plants.


1. How do I know when to refill the water reservoir?

The water level is clearly visible through the transparent reservoir. Simply refill the reservoir when the water level drops below the desired height.

2. What types of plants are suitable for these planters?

These planters are perfect for various indoor plants, including succulents, cacti, orchids, ivy, kitchen herbs, flowers, tomatoes, ferns, begonias, impatiens, petunias, pothos, and other cascading plants.

3. How do I assemble the hanging planters?

The hanging chain is removable and easily adjustable. Simply connect the hooks to the planter and hang it from your desired location.


  • Material: PET
  • Color: Gray
  • Size: 6.5 inches (diameter)
  • Weight: 0.5 pounds (per planter)

Order your Melphoe 2 Pack Self Watering Hanging Planters today and enjoy the beauty of lush indoor plants with minimal effort!

Buying Guide: Choosing the Best Hanging Indoor Plant

1. Light Requirements

  • High-light: Suitable for sunny balconies, living rooms.
  • Pros: Vibrant foliage, rapid growth.
  • Cons: Sensitive to too much direct sunlight, risk of leaf burn.
  • Low-light: Perfect for shadowy corners, bedrooms.
  • Pros: Adaptable to low-light conditions, easy to care for.
  • Cons: Foliage may be less vibrant, growth may be slower.

2. Plant Size and Shape

  • Small/Compact: Ideal for smaller spaces, tabletop displays.
  • Pros: Easy to manage, less prone to overgrowth.
  • Cons: Limited foliage coverage.
  • Large/Bushy: Creates a dramatic statement, covers more space.
  • Pros: Lush and full appearance, excellent for privacy screening.
  • Cons: Requires more space and support.

3. Watering Needs

  • Frequent Watering: Regular watering required, prone to overwatering.
  • Pros: Keeps foliage fresh and turgid.
  • Cons: More demanding care, risk of root rot if overwatered.
  • Occasional Watering: Less frequent watering, more tolerant of dryness.
  • Pros: Low maintenance, suitable for busy individuals.
  • Cons: Foliage may appear dry, growth may slow down.

4. Toxicity Levels

  • Pet-friendly: Non-toxic to pets.
  • Pros: Safe for households with pets.
  • Cons: Limited plant options.
  • Toxic: May be harmful to pets if ingested.
  • Pros: Wide variety of options, including climbing plants.
  • Cons: Potential danger to pets if chewed or ingested.

5. Growth Habit

  • Climbing: Requires support structure like a trellis or pole.
  • Pros: Creates a unique, vertical display.
  • Cons: More installation and maintenance required.
  • Trailing: Spreads outwards along the ground or surface.
  • Pros: Low-maintenance, spreads easily.
  • Cons: Can become unruly if not contained.

6. Price Range

  • Budget-friendly: Affordable options under $50.
  • Pros: Accessible to most budgets.
  • Cons: May be less established or have smaller foliage.
  • Premium: High-priced plants over $100.
  • Pros: Mature plants with large foliage, often come with guarantees.
  • Cons: More expensive, may not be suitable for beginners.

FAQs about the Best Hanging Indoor Plants

1. Which hanging indoor plants are best for beginners?

Hanging plants can be intimidating for new plant owners, but luckily there are some fantastic options that thrive with minimal care. Popular beginner-friendly hanging plants include:
– Pothos
– Spider plant
– Heartleaf philodendron
– String of pearls

2. What light conditions are best for hanging indoor plants?

Most hanging plants prefer medium to low light conditions. Avoid placing them in direct sunlight, which can scorch the leaves. Consider the specific plant species for any additional lighting requirements.

3. How often should I water hanging indoor plants?

The watering needs of hanging plants vary depending on the plant type and environmental factors. Generally, water when the top few inches of soil feel dry to the touch. Allow excess water to drain out of the bottom of the pot.

4. What is the best soil for hanging indoor plants?

Choose a well-draining potting mix specifically designed for indoor plants. Mix equal parts peat moss, perlite, and orchid bark to create a loose, airy mix that allows excess water to escape.

5. How do I prevent my hanging indoor plant from drooping?

Ensure the plant has adequate support. Use a sturdy hanger or macrame hanger that can hold the weight of the plant. You can also train the plant to climb around a pole or trellis.

6. What are some common pests and diseases for hanging indoor plants?

Common pests include mealybugs, spider mites, and aphids. Watch for signs of disease like yellowing leaves or stunted growth. Treat promptly with organic or insecticidal solutions.

7. What are some of the benefits of hanging indoor plants?

Hanging plants add visual interest and greenery to any space. They also purify the air by absorbing airborne toxins. Additionally, they can help reduce stress, improve mood, and increase productivity.


While choosing the best hanging indoor plants is subjective to individual preferences and lighting situations, the options discussed in this guide offer a diverse range of beauty, resilience, and air-purifying power.

For low-light environments, the trailing beauty of Pothos or the calming vibes of Spider Plant will thrive. If you crave vibrant hues, Golden Pothos or String of Pearls will add a pop of color.

Remember, research each plant’s specific needs and water requirements to ensure healthy growth. With proper care and attention, your hanging indoor plants will transform your space into a calming sanctuary filled with lush greenery.

Best Hanging Plants for Adding Lush Greenery Indoors

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