Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike under $2000 in 2023

Having a mountain bike gives you the freedom to move around the city or hit the trails. A new adventure is coming, and you should prepare for it.

Searching for the Best full-suspension mountain bike under $2000 may be a bit confusing for some, especially beginners. If you are having these difficulties, you should check out these reviews.

There are a lot of options available for you in the market. And, for your budget, you shouldn’t be settling for anything less either. You have to judge each mountain bike for its quality, performance, and features. To make this search easier, we have narrowed it down to three choices.

Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike under $2000 Review

These carefully crafted, reliable, durable, dependable, and fast mountain bikes are the best of their kind. Each boasts numerous features that make them stand out.

1. Atroz Mountain Bike By Diamondback Bicycles

Atroz Mountain Bike By Diamondback Bicycles

Are you searching for the best full-suspension mountain bike under 2000? You can’t go wrong with Diamondback’s new line of mountain bikes. They are one of the leading manufacturers very well-known for their durability, robustness, practicality, and high-performance.

These models are entry-level bikes designed for both beginners and experienced riders. It has all the components that you need for conquering rugged terrains with ease. You get all the best features and components for a reasonable price tag.

Engineered aluminum alloy full-suspension frame is strong, durable, and lightweight. Coupled with 27.5-inched quick-release thru-axle wheels, it provides exceptional traction and better momentum.

For added stability, the underbars are made thicker. It allows the rider to gain better control during maneuvering. Besides looking good, the frame is also designed to provide great comfort for the rider, even on challenging trails.

It can accommodate riders of different heights. For suspension, it has a 5-inch travel Recon RL air-sprung fork and 32mm stanchions. You get both the durability and simplicity of the single-ring SRAM’s NX 11-speed drivetrain, as well.

The reliable Shimano hydraulic disc braking system works well in all types of landscapes and weather conditions. Both front and rear disc brakes provide enough force to regulate the speed while tackling the steep downward slope and stopping at high rates.

This mountain bike is excellent for enjoying a leisure ride or braving rugged trails. So, if you are looking for a full-suspension bike that is within your budget, you should check this one out.


  • Sturdy full-suspension frame made with aluminum alloy
  • Hard-wearing sealed cartridge bearings would last for years
  • The 11-speed drivetrain is simple but has a broad range of gears
  • Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes enhance control and safety
  • An excellent choice for both new and experienced riders


  • Weight is a little heavier for some riders

2. Schwinn’s Traxion Mountain Bike

Schwinn's Traxion Mountain Bike

Get the advantage of a high-end dual-suspension mountain bike for less with this model from Schwinn. Their products are famous for their exceptional quality and better performance.

This model, in particular, is just one of their own that comes at a reasonable price. Its features make sure you enjoy riding your bike across all terrains and varying conditions.

Lightweight but long-lasting, the aluminum dual suspension frames are sturdy and durable. Its design delivers sufficient shock absorption and weather resistance.

The Shimano Fire Shifter has 24 available speeds. Combined with alloy cranks, it ensures quick and reliable gear changes and effortless maintenance. These components are both well-made and resilient. You get a smooth and comfortable ride for a very long time.

Front and rear mechanical disc brakes give you an impressive stopping power. Feel a lot safer having a dependable responsive brake system. It is pretty effortless to engage even at high speed.

This mountain bike uses 29″ wheels with wide double alloy rims. These features are best for mountain trails. It also has 2.25″ knobby mountain tires, and double-wall alloy rims meant to ride smoothly over rough terrains or pavements.

And it is the best dual-suspension mountain bike under 2000 that you can ride in all terrains. The bike also comes to you pre-built, so you wouldn’t have a problem assembling it.


  • Lightweight aluminum full dual-suspension frame
  • Easy gear change with 24-speed trigger shifters and two derailleurs
  • Front and rear mechanical disc brakes with excellent stopping power
  • Durable dual-suspension fork ensures a smooth and comfortable ride
  • Sturdy 29-inch wheels with knobby mountain tires
  • Heavy-duty double-wall alloy rims
  • Alloy cranks provide reliable and steady gearing


  • The seat is not fit to provide enough comfort for long rides

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3. Northwoods Aluminum Mountain Bike

Northwoods Aluminum Mountain Bike

When taking on the trails, you need a perfect mountain bike that can take on the challenge. This model by Northwoods has a lightweight full-suspension frame made from high-quality aluminum. It is easy to control and performs well on rocky mountain terrains.

The 50mm steel crown fork in both front and rear suspensions absorbs shock, making sure you have a smooth ride. It also has 24-inch wheels with wider tires that give you added traction and stability. And its materials guarantee a long service life.

You can shift between gears effortlessly with its Speed Twist shifters with 21 speeds. The Shimano rear derailleur ensures superb transition when shifting. For added safety, the bike uses 24-inch alloy rims, alloy seat clamp, and a steel triple crank.

A mountain bike that rides at speeds like this needs reliable brakes. With their mechanical brakes, you get the stopping power that you need while on the trails.

This bike allows you to take on climbs and descents easily. It is made possible with its three gear options set up upfront and seven gears at the back. You get all the power you need to ride through different terrains without a problem.

Whether it’s cruising through the neighborhood or an adventurous ride through rough terrains, this mountain bike is for you. It is sturdy, powerful, and worth every penny.


  • Lightweight but heavy-duty full-suspension aluminum frame
  • More stable and traction with 26-inch wheels and 24-inch alloy rims
  • 21 Speed Twist Shifters enables easy gear shifting
  • Shimano rear derailleur provides added control
  • Sturdy steel triple crank and alloy seat clamp
  • Easy to assemble and adjust to your needs


  • Size may be too small for adults

What to Consider Before Buying Any MTB Bike

Mountain Bikes review

When choosing the best full suspension mountain bike, there are many essential features you should be considering. This quick guide should help you pick the perfect mountain bike that can make you look forward to your next ride.

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Type of Mountain Bike

There are four key categories of mountain bikes, which consists of all-mountain, downhill, cross-country, and trail bikes. They vary depending on the type of riding it serves. The Enduro or all-mountain bike is ideal for long-distance riding. It has a head angle of about 66 degrees, 73-75-degree seat tube angle, and 140-160mm suspension.

A cross-country bike, on the other hand, is more lightweight and has minimum suspension.

Its angles make descents more difficult with this bike. The downhill bike, engineered to handle drops and jumps, is very durable. It gets its optimum brake power from its disc rotors. Trail bikes are the most versatile. They are all-purpose and can perform well on both climbs and descents.

Difference Between Hardtail and Full Suspension

Difference between Hardtail and Full Suspension

The suspension is responsible for making your ride smoother even on rough trails. A hardtail mountain bike only has a front fork suspension. It can handle smooth to moderate rough trails. But it is not as well as a full-suspension.

Mountain bikes with full-suspension utilize both front and rear suspensions on its frame. For easy terrains, they use 50mm suspension. The purpose of 200mm suspensions is meant for handling rugged descending trails.

Choosing Wheel Sizes

The usual wheel sizes for mountain bikes are 26, 27.5, and 29 inches. Larger wheels ensure faster, smoother, and a much comfortable ride. 29-inch wheels can ride over rough terrains effortlessly. They are also best for climbing and descending.

For children and smaller riders, a 27.5-inch wheel provides the same benefits as a 29-inch does to a taller rider. They feel quick and snappy. Its size makes it easier to control compared to a larger wheel.

Most trail and Enduro mountain bikes use 27.5″ wheels because of their agility even on difficult terrains.

Gear Ratio and Setup

The most common mountain bike gear setup has a front and rear derailleur. Bikes with 24-speed options typically have three gear setup at the front and eight at the back.

But then again, more gears do not mean it has a broader range of gears. Compared to a 3×8, the 1×12 gear setup have a smaller gear option, which is useful for climbing steep and challenging trails.

Types of Brake Systems

Rim brakes use a caliper, which squeezes the rim of the wheel. They provide enough speed-regulating power for moderately rugged terrains. It doesn’t perform well on wet or muddy conditions. They don’t offer as much control and strength needed for stopping at high speed.

A safer option for challenging trails and steep descents is a disc brake. This brake system is more powerful than the rim brakes. It allows you to stop quickly, even downhill at high speeds. It also works great in all terrains and weather conditions.

Heavy or Lightweight

The weight of a mountain bike varies depending on its materials. You’ll find that the standard weight ranges from 30 to 38 pounds. A more expensive mountain bike tends to be heavier than mid-range bikes.

Frames made with alloy and aluminum are lighter compared to steel. It is best if you intend to carry your bike for miles so that you wouldn’t get tired. Heavyweight mountain bikes, however, are more durable and can handle extreme riding conditions.

Features to Look for Before Buying Full Suspension Bikes

As a seasoned cyclist with countless miles under my wheels, I know firsthand the vital importance of choosing the perfect full suspension bike to tackle any terrain with confidence and ease. Your bike should not only be an extension of your body but also a reliable companion on your journeys, capable of conquering the most formidable routes with effortless finesse.

Selecting the right full suspension bike goes beyond mere aesthetics and brand loyalty – it requires careful consideration of several critical factors to ensure peak performance, unparalleled comfort, and unwavering durability. Let’s delve you into the essential features you must prioritize when scouting the market for a full suspension bike, from sophisticated suspension systems to innovative frame materials.

We’ll also shed light on the nuances of bike geometry and the significance of weight optimization. So, join me on this thrilling ride as we navigate the intricate world of full suspension bikes, empowering you to make an informed decision tailored to your unique riding preferences and aspirations.

What Is the Intended Purpose of the Bicycle?

It’s crucial to determine this before making a purchase. Mountain biking encompasses four main disciplines: Cross Country (XC), Trail (All-Mountain), Enduro, and Downhill.

It’s essential to buy a bike that matches the discipline you wish to ride. If you want to mix it up, a trail or Atroz MTB bike will serve you best.

The Frame of the MTB Bike

The frame of a bike comes in various shapes, sizes, and materials. For a budget of under $2000, you’ll likely be using aluminum, which is strong and lightweight. Carbon fiber frames are available, but compromises may have been made elsewhere on a carbon fiber bike at this price point.

The Full Suspension Feature

Suspension options are plentiful. We suggest sticking with popular brands like Schiwnn, Atroz, and Northwood, which will make servicing cheaper and spare parts easier to come by.

The amount of compression a fork or shock can handle is referred to as “Travel.” The more aggressive the trail or course, the more travel you’ll want, but the suspension system will also be heavier.

Carefully Choose Your Gears of Bike

On a mountain bike, gears are critical. They must be able to handle steep climbs and loose terrain. Always opt for a groupset with many low gears from a reputable brand.

The Wheels

Modern bikes usually come with two-wheel sizes: 27.5″ or 29″. The appropriate size depends on the bike’s size. In general, smaller 27.5″ wheels are better for acceleration and maneuvering around objects, while larger 29″ wheels are better for top speed and rolling over obstacles.

Wider tires provide more grip on rough terrain, but they also create extra rolling resistance.

Check for Other Features

Special features are worth considering. Full-suspension mountain bikes come with extras such as dropper posts and suspension that can be locked for road riding. Researching the bike will reveal any additional features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the best full-suspension mountain bikes:

1. What is the right mountain bike for you?

Looking at the top full suspension mountain bikes under 2000, you should find the right one that fits your needs. Choose the right sized frame and wheels that could help you ride comfortably.

2. How to maintain a mountain bike?

You can keep your mountain bike in top condition by making sure that you clean it. Maintenance of other parts should be done by the bike shop if needed.

3. Which safety equipment do you need to wear?

When out for riding through the neighborhood or nature trails, you’ll need a few pieces of equipment to ensure your safety. You should wear a well-fitted helmet and clothing that is comfortable but wouldn’t get snagged on any parts of your bike.

4. When should I shift gears?

It is advisable to shift gears before it is needed. For climbs, you need to change into the small front ring and up for the rear cog. Shift to the big front gear and down the rear cog during descent.

5. Do Gravel Bikes Have Suspension?

Not all gravel bikes have suspension because it would add weight to the bike, slow down your road performance, make it harder to accelerate in a race, and require extra maintenance. But some gravel bikes do have suspension forks. This is because they are designed for more rugged riding conditions and need extra shock absorption to protect the rider from bumps and vibrations.

What is the Quality of Genesis Mountain Bikes Compared to the Best Full Suspension Mountain Bikes under $2000?

When comparing the quality of Genesis mountain bikes to the best full suspension mountain bikes under $2000, conducting a comprehensive review of genesis mountain bikes is crucial. By analyzing their features, components, and customer feedback, one can determine the quality and performance of these bikes in relation to the top contenders in the market. Choose wisely based on your biking requirements, terrain, and budget to make an informed decision.

Final Words

In conclusion, finding the best full suspension mountain bike under $2000 for 2023 may seem like a daunting task, but with proper research and consideration, it can become a thrilling ride in itself. Taking into account the various aspects of an MTB such as frame, suspension, gears, wheels, brakes, and the intended purpose, we can ascertain which bikes will tick all the right boxes in our search.

The top picks mentioned above – Atroz Mountain Bike by Diamondback Bicycles, Schwinn’s Traxion Mountain Bike, and Northwoods Aluminum Mountain Bike – are excellent starting points for any cyclist looking to make a well-informed investment in their passion.

Keep in mind that technology and innovation will undoubtedly bring further improvements and developments even within the next year, so staying updated with the latest trends and models will give you an edge in finding the perfect mountain bike that meets all your riding needs.

And remember, safety should always be a priority: invest in proper safety equipment and maintain your bike regularly to ensure a smooth and enjoyable ride.

Ultimately, it’s the passion, determination, and the love of the trail that will elevate your mountain biking experience to even greater heights in 2023 and beyond. Happy trails!

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