Attracting Big Buck: Top Corn Varieties for Deer Browsing

Many deer enthusiasts struggle with the frustrating dilemma of insatiable deer appetite. Traditional corn varieties often prove insufficient, devoured before reaching maturity, leaving farmers and gardeners with empty fields and depleted resources. Finding the right corn to plant for deer requires careful consideration, as it must be palatable, nutritious, and able to withstand heavy browsing pressure. Simply planting any corn variety will likely result in disappointment. The key is to identify corn varieties specifically bred for wildlife, offering superior taste, nutritional value, and resilience to browsing.

Continue reading to discover the best corn to plant for deer and ensure a successful harvest every season.

Herron Outdoors 4-4-2 Persimmon Flavored Protein Pellets, Whole Corn & Original – Deer Attractants for Whitetail Deer and Feed Enhancer Bait for All Hunters All Seasons – 5lbs


Herron Outdoors 4-4-2 Deer Feed is a revolutionary attractant and feed enhancer specifically designed to attract and nourish whitetail deer throughout the entire hunting season. This unique blend of protein pellets, whole corn, and persimmon fruit is packed with the sweet proteins, vitamins, and minerals that deer crave.

Why choose Herron Outdoors 4-4-2?

  • Patented-pending formula with proven attraction power.
  • Provides both attraction and nutrition for healthy growth and antler development.
  • Highly attractive to deer throughout all hunting seasons.
  • Safe for animal consumption.

Key Features

  • Persimmon Protein Pellets: Proprietary blend with a sweet corn flavor, highly attractive to deer.
  • High Protein Content: 40% protein, essential for healthy growth and antler development.
  • Whole Corn: Provides energy and fiber for optimal digestion.
  • All-Natural Ingredients: Free from artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.

Pros & Cons


  • Powerful attraction for bucks and does
  • Provides essential nutrients
  • Promotes healthy growth and antler development
  • Safe for animal consumption
  • Odor-controlled resealable packaging for freshness


  • May attract unwanted wildlife
  • Not suitable for use in enclosed areas


1. How do I use Herron Outdoors 4-4-2?

  • Hang in a Scent Sak on a tree stand or limb.
  • Mix in a feeder or pour on the ground.

2. What is the best time of day to use Herron Outdoors 4-4-2?

  • Early morning or late evening when deer are most active.

3. How long does one bag of Herron Outdoors 4-4-2 last?

  • Approximately 2-3 weeks depending on usage and deer population.


  • Weight: 5lbs
  • Ingredients: Protein Pellets, Whole Corn, Persimmon Fruit, Vitamins, Minerals
  • Scent: Sweet, corn-like
  • Packaging: Odor-controlled resealable bag

Order now and experience the power of Herron Outdoors 4-4-2 to enhance your hunting success!

25 Peaches & Cream Corn Seeds | Hybrid | Instant Latch Garden Seeds


Experience the sweet delight of summer with the juicy, colorful kernels of our 25 Peaches & Cream Corn Seeds. These hybrid seeds produce vibrant, sweet corn plants that will fill your garden with the fresh scent of summer. With a mature size of 8 inches and a sweet, buttery flavor, these corn seeds are perfect for salads, grilling, roasting, or enjoying as a delicious snack.

Key Features

  • Hybrid Variety: Enjoy the perfect balance of sweetness and tenderness.
  • Early Maturity: Ready to harvest in just 75 days.
  • Full Sun Requirements: Thrives in warm, sunny conditions.
  • Easy-to-Grow: Sow directly or indoors for a hassle-free experience.
  • Versatile Usage: Ideal for salads, grilling, roasting, or snacking.


  • Sweet, buttery flavor
  • Vibrant, colorful kernels
  • Consistent sweetness throughout the cob
  • Disease-resistant
  • High-yielding plants


  • May not be suitable for colder climates
  • Requires ample sunlight for optimal growth


1. What is the maturity size of these corn plants?
The plants will reach a mature height of approximately 8 inches.

2. How many seeds are included in a packet?
Each packet contains 25 seeds.

3. What is the best planting time for these seeds?
These seeds are best sown during the warm season, after the last frost.


  • Name: Peaches & Cream Corn Seed
  • Type: Hybrid
  • Size at Maturity: 8″
  • Days to Maturity: 75 Days
  • Light Requirement: Full Sun
  • Planting Time: Warm Season
  • Sowing Method: Direct or Indoor Sow
  • Planting Depth: 1/2″
  • Plant Spacing: 6″
  • Hardiness Zones: All

Order your pack of 25 Peaches & Cream Corn Seeds today and enjoy the sweet taste of summer in your own garden!

KINGLAKE Green Garden Bird Netting & Plant Fencing Mesh

Product Overview

KINGLAKE Green Garden Bird Netting is a versatile and lightweight netting solution designed to protect your precious fruits, vegetables, and plants from unwanted birds and insects. Its sturdy but breathable weave allows air circulation while effectively deterring pests.

Key Features

  • Durable & Lightweight: Crafted from high-quality, strong but lightweight woven fabric for long-lasting performance and easy handling.
  • Fine Mesh: Precise netting holes of 1.5×1.5 cm ensure effective pest control without harming birds or beneficial insects.
  • Versatile Protection: Perfect for covering fruit trees, vegetable gardens, greenhouses, and other outdoor spaces.
  • Easy Installation: Simple and secure installation with reinforced edges and reinforced corners.
  • Multifunctional Design: Ideal for protecting plants from birds, insects, and other pests.


  • Keeps fruits and vegetables free from bird damage.
  • Protects young plants from wind damage and browsing animals.
  • Creates a bird-free zone in your garden, allowing plants to thrive.
  • Adds a decorative touch to your outdoor space with its natural green color.


  • Strong and durable construction.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Fine mesh for effective pest control.
  • Versatile and practical for various garden uses.


  • May require stakes or cages for larger plants.
  • Not suitable for enclosing animals.


1. What is the size of the netting?

The netting is 33 feet (10 meters) long and 13 feet (4 meters) wide.

2. What is the mesh size?

The netting has a mesh size of 1.5×1.5 cm.

3. What are the benefits of using this netting?

This netting provides protection from birds, insects, and other pests, while allowing air circulation and preventing plant damage.


  • Size: 33ft x 13ft (10m x 4m)
  • Mesh Size: 1.5×1.5cm
  • Color: Green
  • Material: Woven fabric
  • Weight: Lightweight

Order your KINGLAKE Green Garden Bird Netting today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your plants are protected!

Buying Guide: Choosing the Best Corn for Deer

1. Variety Selection

  • Different corn varieties offer varying nutritional values and palatability.
  • High-protein varieties attract more deer, while high-carbohydrate varieties provide energy.
  • Consider local weather and growing conditions for optimal growth.

– Increased protein and energy intake
– Improved antler development
– Enhanced immune system in deer

– May attract unwanted wildlife
– Can lead to overpopulation and habitat damage

2. Planting Method and Timing

  • Direct seeding is cost-effective, but requires more space.
  • Transplants offer a faster start but are more expensive.
  • Plant corn in early spring or late summer for best results.

– Faster germination and growth
– Improved root development
– Increased yield per acre

– More susceptible to pests and diseases
– May not establish well in harsh weather conditions

3. Growth Habit and Maturity Date

  • Determinate varieties grow to a specific height and stop.
  • Indeterminate varieties continue growing until frost.
  • Choose a variety with a maturity date suitable for your growing season.

– Easier to manage height and prevent lodging
– Consistent yield throughout the season
– More time for browsing by deer

– May produce less biomass overall
– Less palatable to deer in early stages of growth

4. Disease and Pest Resistance

  • Look for varieties with resistance to common diseases and pests.
  • Consider your local climate and potential threats.

– Reduces losses due to disease and pests
– Saves money on additional protection measures
– More consistent yield

– May be more expensive than non-resistant varieties
– May not be fully resistant to all potential threats

5. Yield and Biomass Production

  • High-yielding varieties produce more biomass per acre.
  • More biomass attracts more deer and provides more food.

– More energy and protein for deer
– Improved habitat quality
– Increased carrying capacity for your property

– May be more expensive to produce
– Can lead to overpopulation and habitat damage if not managed properly

FAQs about Best Corn to Plant for Deer

1. What is the best type of corn to attract deer?

Answer: Sweet corn varieties with high sugar content, such as ‘Golden Glow,’ ‘Sugary Jim,’ and ‘Early Girl,’ are highly attractive to deer. Choose varieties with soft, sugary kernels that are easy for deer to digest.

2. When is the best time to plant corn for deer?

Answer: Plant corn in early spring when soil temperatures are warm and before the first frost. This ensures the plants have enough time to mature before the hunting season.

3. How many rows of corn should I plant for deer?

Answer: Plant rows of corn that are 4-6 feet apart. This provides ample space for deer to feed without overcrowding the area. Consider planting multiple rows to create a larger feeding area.

4. What is the ideal spacing between corn plants for deer?

Answer: Space corn plants 12-18 inches apart. This density encourages plant growth and provides more food for deer.

5. Should I add fertilizer to the corn planting?

Answer: Apply a balanced fertilizer before planting or during early growth. This helps ensure the plants are healthy and produce abundant kernels. Avoid over-fertilizing, as this can attract unwanted pests and predators.

6. How long does it take for corn to mature for deer?

Answer: Most sweet corn varieties mature in 60-90 days. Ensure the corn is mature before the hunting season to provide a nutritious food source for deer.

7. Can I plant other crops alongside corn for deer?

Answer: Absolutely! Consider planting other deer-friendly crops alongside corn, such as soybeans, peas, and brassicas. This provides a diverse diet and attracts a wider variety of deer.


Choosing the best corn for deterring hungry deer requires a careful consideration of their feeding habits and your local growing conditions. While some hybrids may offer better protection, no single variety guarantees complete freedom from browsing. Implementing additional measures like physical barriers, planting less palatable crops, and encouraging natural predators can further discourage deer from your garden. Remember, a multifaceted approach is often the most effective in deterring these persistent visitors.

Attracting Big Buck: Top Corn Varieties for Deer Browsing

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