Are Roadmaster Bikes Good?

Roadmaster bikes are one of the most renowned bike brands in the market. With a long tradition of bike manufacturing and a large range of bike models, they hold a good position. Who should consider Roadmaster bikes as their personal driver?

It’s anybody who wants to get a good bike deal without spending hundreds and thousands of dollars. The next obvious question is; are roadmaster bikes good?

Yes! They are one of the better budget bikes around. The brand even has different ranges of bikes available, and all of them fall in the budget-friendly category.

The bikes also have a great level of durability, which is not something that is common in budget offerings. But those are not all of the things that make Roadmaster Bikes good. There are other factors too. And you can get to know it all by continuing reading!

Who Makes Roadmaster Bikes?

Roadmaster Bike, an American company, manufactures its products under its name. But the ownership has changed hands many times since its inception.

In 1935, the Cleveland Welding Company founded the bike manufacturing plant in Cleveland, Ohio. After WWII, the C.W. Company sold the bike manufacturing plant to AMF, which relocated it to Little Rock, Arkansas.

Since then, it changed hands a couple more times up to 2000 when Pacific Cycle bought the Roadmaster Bicycle division and the whole company. It exists as one of the most beloved American brands. And much to their credit, they earned it through high-value products.

Are Roadmaster Bikes Worth It?

There’s no absolute answer to this question. But I can confidently assume that anyone with a limited budget won’t regret their decisions. Then again, it’s my word against yours. You should decide based on the features of the bikes. That is what we’ll be discussing in the next.

Overall Features of Roadmaster Bikes

Since we’re covering lots of models, we’ll not be mentioning the specifics of every model. It’s only to give you an overview of what these bikes offer.

Types of Bikes

Roadmaster bicycles have for both kids and adults, as well as mountain and road bikes. They all have different specifications depending on the user and the road it’s designed for.


When it comes to suspension, only mountain bike models have them. But not all Roadmaster MTBs have them. For example, the RM-555 model has a steel MIG V-brake instead of a suspension fork on the front wheel.

Some road bikes have a Tanry Shox suspension system which has proven to be quite effective.

Build Material

If you look at each of the current Roadmaster bike models, you will be disappointed if you were expecting lightweight aluminum bikes. All the bikes manufactured by Roadmaster are made of heat-treated steel.

There is little doubt about the build quality of the bikes. The lack of aluminum can be explained by the reasonable price point. It’d be hard to maintain such a low price otherwise.


On the other hand, the tires are perfectly fitted to the bikes. Mountain bike tires are threaded beautifully to handle rough terrain. And the road bikes have a much smoother pair on each bike to glide through the paved city roads and highways.

Speed And Gears

Roadmaster bikes are fitted with quality Shimano freewheels to maintain their speed. Most models come with a Shimano 7-speed 14/28T freewheel, while others come with a 5-speed 16T.


In terms of breaks, both V-brakes and Disc brakes can be seen in various models of the brand. Disc brakes are found in the higher-priced models, while the V-brakes are in more entry-level bikes.

Benefits of Roadmaster Bikes

  • Super affordable
  • Heat-treated steel for durability
  • Tread marked tires and smooth tires for different roads
  • Suspension forks in the MTB series make trail biking enjoyable
  • Different ranges of bikes available

Negatives of Roadmaster Bikes

  • Only for casual and beginner riders
  • It’s not fit for daily driving on rough terrain and long rides on paved roads
  • They are primarily heavy due to the steel frame
  • The joints of the frame will become weaker much sooner than its premium competitors

Can I Find Roadmaster Bikes at Goodwill?

Goodwill’s bike selling capabilities often include a variety of brands and models, but it might be challenging to find specific ones like Roadmaster bikes. While Goodwill receives donations, bikes availability may vary by location. It’s recommended to contact your local Goodwill store to inquire about their current inventory and if they have any Roadmaster bikes for sale.

Which Is The Best Roadmaster Bike?

The most popular roadmaster bike is their Granite Peak Mountain Bike. Both the adult and kids versions are bought much more frequently than any other models.

Final Words

Are Roadmaster Bikes good? I think we can all agree that Roadmaster bikes are value products in terms of the price you’re paying. Admittedly, the brand is not the most premium. But I think that is even better since most people do not want a premium product at the cost of money. That’s why budget-oriented brands like Roadmaster have flourished.

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