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Tanner shreds the Lumberyard on his BMX bike. Tanner is in the After School Shred Academy and he’s gained some awesome skills since joining up.  

Wick shows off her riding skills and the park! Source: Lumberyard

This week’s 20 Second Tuesday features Dex hitting the blue line on the BMX. Source: Lumberyard

Shaun shows us some new lines to try out at the Lumberyard! Source: Lumberyard

Brandon hits The Bunker in this week’s 20 Second Tuesday Installment. Source: Lumberyard

  Max and Wyatt shred the ‘yard for this week’s installment of 20 Second Tuesday. Source: Lumberyard

The first 20 Second Tuesday for 2015 featuring Christian hitting the Blue line on his trusty BMX. Source: Lumberyard

Here’s the last 20 Second Tuesday for 2014. It features Britt and Mark making their way through the Lumberyard. Source: Lumberyard

Here’s Levi hitting some sweet tricks in the bunker for this brand new 20 Second Tuesday! Source: Lumberyard

Case Taylor and Isaac Waits riding at the Lumberyard for this fun, banger, split edit. Sometimes you just have to let the riding speak for itself. No fancy cameras, no professional editing. Just some awesome riding. Source: Lumberyard