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BMX rider Nathan Glade hits the Lumberyard and throws down some amazing riding for this week’s 20 Second Tuesday.

Here’s our After School Shred Academy Hot Shots Video. The kids in this 10 week class learn some amazing bike skills as well as participate in a video shoot to show off their riding skills to everybody.

Shane Mckenzie put together this awesome video showing how you can improve your trail riding with a private lesson or two from one of our excellent instructors. Check out our Private Instruction page for more details.

Here’s 4 year old Rylee shredding the Lumberyard once again proving the old adage; Start a kid on a push bike and they’ll be shredding before you know it. Start a kid on training wheels and they’ll be stuck on them for years.

Tanner shreds the Lumberyard on his BMX bike. Tanner is in the After School Shred Academy and he’s gained some awesome skills since joining up.  

Wick shows off her riding skills and the park! Source: Lumberyard

This week’s 20 Second Tuesday features Dex hitting the blue line on the BMX. Source: Lumberyard

Shaun shows us some new lines to try out at the Lumberyard! Source: Lumberyard

Brandon hits The Bunker in this week’s 20 Second Tuesday Installment. Source: Lumberyard

  Max and Wyatt shred the ‘yard for this week’s installment of 20 Second Tuesday. Source: Lumberyard